Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 173 Ag’na Meets The Prince

Gideon saw this and exhaled another sigh of exhaustion, noting the Queen's growing impatience. "She is growing more reckless and intolerant" He whispered with an aged expression.

However, Gideon was all too aware of the dire situation that faced the Vrymath Kingdom. With the kingdom now brought to its knees, chaos was the only thing left to let loose. Dreadfully, he knew that his Queen would be at the centre of it all, as they braced themselves for what was to come.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

With my eyes shut tight, I focused intently on the immense influx of mana that Bones had generously infused within me.

Well, even though it almost killed me, a blessing is still a blessing.

Breathe in.

Breath out.

Despite the absence of any prior encounter with Orion or any out-of-body experience, the sudden surge of strength coursing through my veins was almost mystical, imbuing me with a sense of commanding presence that felt both strange and exhilarating.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

"Uhmm! Master".

Breathe in.

I could hear Bones's squeaky voice, clearer, better, and more articulated than before. It felt like listening to the chipmunks for the first time, and in a strange and illogical way, In a strange and illogical twist, I found myself contemplating abandoning the life of a pirate and instead embarking on a musical journey, touring the world with a band.

I inwardly shook my head and almost laughed at the nonsense that I had just thought about... Why should I go through the stress of transmigrating, and miss the thrilling adventure of being a pirate just to create a band?

Breath out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

'So this is your master? He looks and behaves like a simple-minded fool!'.

My eyes snapped open.

I stared at Bones. No, I wasn't looking at him, but at the smaller-sized figurine of the pokemon that chased us yesterday standing close to him.

"What are you looking at human?".

Sure, I might have been a little bit scared after noticing his presence when I first woke up and thought that I was suffering from a traumatic experience of what had happened yesterday. But now that I looked at him again, it seems ---

"Huh! Are you ignoring me?" The pokemon growled. No, I think that was what he would sound like if I gave him a mic. "Do you think that I am not dangerous just because the other half of my soul isn't present?".

Although I found his grumblings more like an annoyance than a threat, I choose the only action I bothered doing and ignored him. Focusing my attention on Bones, I found myself liking the new look.

I once thought that he needed to get bigger to look more threatening and dangerous, but it seems like I was wrong, and all he really needed was a new redesign.

"I like it" I nodded my head at Bones with my eyes still trailing around his figure.

Bones snapped his head to the side confusingly before he shifted his gaze back to mine.

"But, I know that you weren't able to do this by yourself, so it means that the 'Fantastic Beasts Of Records' worked, and made you somehow, ridiculously stronger".

Added to the fact that he had the magical beast equivalent of a grandpa trapped in a soul form, but is somehow op in one thing or the other.


Now that I think about it, Bones was once a useless common rat. However, after a series of disappointments and scrapes at the bottom of the barrel, he was transformed by a magical artefact, which was mostly my doing through the power of the 'Fantastic Beasts Of Records'. He obtained a sealed, formerly insanely strong granddaddy soul, became stronger, and then immediately battled a beast several times stronger than himself. He emerged as the winner and escaped without a single bruise.

I re-evaluated Bones.

"You've really undergone some major main-character development, haven't you?" I mistakenly blurted out.

Nice! Even if he wasn't a dragon or some big terrifying figure like Toothless, I felt like I can sleep easy now knowing that I have an 'MC' by my side.

Regardless, Bones looked at me weirdly, as he was still unable to understand my strange actions and words.

Understandable He has gotten intelligent, but he still needs time to learn.

However --

"Are you ignoring me human?" Who is that pokemon yelled again.

Regardless, I ignored him once more. Yes, I was doing it on purpose. After what I had experienced during yesterday's attack, being petty was the only action I could take against the immaterial beast in front of me.

Of course, I know how grumpy and selfish those sealed strong granddaddies can be. But, since this feels somehow like Bones cheat, I wouldn't try, or even attempt to do anything to his soul as long as he helped Bones to grow strong.

However, even if I wanted to, I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to do anything without using the 'Fantastic Beasts Of Records'.

'Hey, Bones?' I sent a message through our link.

Bones immediately responded. 'Yes, Master Prince Wyatt'.

Okay, that was a long title. Especially since he only addresses me as 'master' previously. Well, as long as he continues to remain respectful and is aware of who is in control, then I don't really care whatever title he chooses to call me.

'Can anyone else hear us? I questioned. Above all, this was one of the most important answers that I wanted to know.

I needed to know if he can eavesdrop on my thoughts with Bones the same way I can eavesdrop on theirs.

'Rat, it seems that I won't be getting along with this master of yours' The beast's voice immediately sounded amid our conversation.

Yes, that was also part of the reason I was brushing up my petty skills. Although I wasn't well versed in how things worked out among magical beasts, I was certain that being called 'rat' was the same as racism or Speciesism- something like that.

Nonetheless, I had a whole —-

With a furious and commanding tone, he uttered "Enough! Enough!! Cease this nonsense at once! If you persist in your unresponsiveness, mark my words, you will rue this day for the rest of your life".

My head snapped toward his direction before my mind could fully process his words. And by the time I did…

"Excellent, it appears that I have finally captured your attention" Declared the beast with a discernible hint of vexation in his piercing gaze. He continued, "As you may have gathered, given that I have chosen to reveal myself to you, I am Ag'na, the sleepy behemoth. And I have a proposition to make: I desire to appoint this rat as my successor, and therefore, request that you renounce any claims you may have on him".

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Are you threatening me?". The tone and manner in which he heard spoken were not hard to miss.

The Pokémon responded "Indirectly, yes. However, I am merely acting in the best interests of my successor. Having a master, be it human or ascendant, may hinder his progress. If you genuinely wish for him to reach his full potential, then I...".

"Shut ". My words were clear and concise.

Ag'na, or whatever his bullshit terrifying title was, stared at me briefly in stupefaction before his expression morphed into the hideous imitation of the beast that had attacked us last night.

"If I were you, I would consider addressing the human sitting before you with more respect. Additionally..." I pointed a finger towards Bones. "His name is Bones, not rat! So unless you don't want me to tear out your soul the same way I had sealed it in, and allow it to wither away until you cease to exist, I suggest you refrain from referring to him in such an insulting manner".

I didn't need to take a good look at his expression to know that he understood everything I has just said.

He blinked. His eyes widened as understanding dawned on him the moment he comprehended my words."Are you threatening me?". His immaterial jaws were clenched together as his form once again looked like a wide beast ready to pounce on his prey.

I responded, "Directly, yes".

He growled. His anger burned hot at those words. But before he could talk, Bones directly cut into our conversation.

"Ag'n —".

"Silence!!" But the pokemon was quick to cut him off. Without breaking eye contact, he levitated upwards until his eyes met mine. 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

"Human!" The Pokémon declared. "For the love of all that is unexpected!" His body began to expand, and the room grew smaller with each passing moment. "No one... no one has ever dared to threaten the sleepy behemoth in his entire existence!" His growth didn't stop; he kept expanding until he filled my entire room, as though attempting to revert to his original form.

At least, that was what I believed until his ever-expanding body came to a halt, having filled up the entire room.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 173 Ag’na Meets The Prince