Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 170 Some Thoughts Can Drive You Crazy

Annabelle turned, fixing her gaze upon the mature woman exuding a regal air beside her. She couldn't help but think she was likely one of the captain's women who he has slept with, given how the captain had risked his life to protect them and bring them to safety.

Crisp and resolute, the woman's voice cut through the tense air like a knife. "The rat should be the least of your worries" She stated with a steely gaze fixed on Annabelle.

Annabelle's eyes flickered with uncertainty and unease.

"Please, do not misunderstand" The woman hurried to add as another explosion boomed in the distance. "The creature battling the rat is a far greater threat, and one that you should be wary of." Her conviction faltered, however, as if she was no longer sure of her own words, leaving Annabelle to doubt the truth behind her assertion.

"So apart from the fact that there is a common mutated ice rat which I never even imagined was possible, and also the fact that it is currently fighting and going toe to toe with another mutated Bramoth of that size and calibre, you are saying that I should be more concerned about the Bramoth and its identity than the rat that is currently beating it down to its knees".

She stared dumbly at the woman before sending her eyes back to the unimaginative scene in front of her.

Even nature has its own limits and the fact that she couldn't even begin to fathom the power and rank of the two magical beasts currently engaged in a ferocious battle, made it dawn on her that these creatures -the rat were far beyond her abilities to handle.

As the woman spoke again, Annabelle sensed a regal air about her, a confidence that belied her fear. "I see your point. It is a rare creature indeed, and one that we cannot afford to underestimate". She responded. "But have you ever heard of a Bramoth in this part of the continent?".

Annabelle furrowed her brow, knowing full well she wasn't stupid and quickly comprehended what the woman was attempting to convey. However, the notion was difficult for her to believe, and she asked "What exactly are you trying to imply?".

The woman chuckled softly, but unfortunately, Annabelle found her demeanour rather irksome. Due to the immense stress weighing on her mind and body, combined with the tension of fleeing from a beast that was half the size of Mother Andiara, she struggled to contain her frustration with the woman.

She was tired, and frustrated, and was now getting slowly irritated even though she did her best to hide it.

Regardless, despite her best efforts, Annabelle couldn't contain her emotions, and they seeped out through her words. "I fail to see the humour in our current predicament, but if you don't think it's a matter of life and death, then I'll allow you to lead us out of here while I rest and recuperate". Folding her hands, a mischievous smirk played on Annabelle's lips.

A tired sigh escaped the woman's lips. "I apologize if I've offended you. I didn't mean to trivialize our situation". After taking a deep breath, she continued "May I know your name, please?".

Annabelle responded "I am Annabelle." Even though she knew her frustration and anger were not baseless claims - she could have escaped by herself without any unwanted baggage - she didn't feel the need to continue dwelling on it, especially given the woman's polite and surprisingly serene presence.

"I'm Edna" Edna expressed, extending her hand for a handshake.

Annabelle declined the gesture, instead nodding her head and returning her attention to the devastation. She scrutinized the destruction before her with a keen gaze, taking in every detail, every nuance.

"So, what were you trying to say?" Annabelle asked, eager to understand what Edna had to share about what they were currently witnessing, without any beating around the bush.

Edna nodded and cleared her throat before she asked "What if I told you that Bramoth is not a mutated Bramoth, but Ag'na the sleepy Behemoth?"

And just like that, the bomb was dropped.


"Unbelievable.." Annabelle interrupted "Is that what you wanted to tell me?" She then chuckled, and her chuckle quickly escalated into a booming laugh that sent the other two women reeling backwards in apprehension.

"I actually thought you wanted to say something reasonable. But sure, let's make the unreasonable even more unreasonable by claiming that the renowned sleepy behemoth is currently fighting against a rat" She repeated. "A tell me, does that make any sense to you?".

Without even waiting for Edna's response, Annabelle pressed on "And in case you're not aware, the sleepy behemoth was killed years ago by the renowned three kings". She shot a sidelong glance at Edna. "So if you don't want to be burned to death in a frozen wasteland of ice and snow by the remnants of their kingdom, I suggest you do away with such imaginative thoughts".

Annabelle had expected Edna to quiet down and retreat to her corner, but to her surprise, the woman spoke up, her words tinged with sadness.

"I know" She said. "But I assure you that they would do no such thing, especially since one of them was my husband, after all". Edna's eyes clouded with tears.

Annabelle snapped her head backwards. "Husband" The words kept replaying in her mind on repeat.

The woman smiled. The woman, 'Edna' who had just dropped an inconceivable statement smiled and continued. "Yes, from my hair, you can already tell who I am and guess which of the renowned kings is my husband".

Without her permission, Annabelle's mind recoiled through her memories, scouring them for any shred of evidence that could support or disprove Edna's claim. Her thoughts raced as she tried to make sense of what was happening, her mind a whirlwind of conflicting emotions and ideas.

And for the first time, she took in Edna's overall appearance: the green hair, the green eyes, the silk purple silk gown and...

Annabelle's throat caught as she gulped audibly at the sight of the diamond-carved shield insignia on Edna's gown. While to some it might have seemed a mere decoration, Annabelle recognized it as the emblem of the Eser Kingdom.

Unknowingly, she stumbled backwards, her hands grew cold and clammy, and her eyes widened in disbelief.

Struggling to find her voice, Annabelle managed to stutter out the question that was on her mind. "It can't be that you are...?".

Before she could finish, Edna interrupted with a regal air, confirming her identity. With a dignified bow that spoke of years spent in the company of royalty, she responded. "My name is Edna Kanit, the former queen of the Eser Kingdom".

With a light chuckle, she added. "Although I would not have dared to tell you earlier, especially since I anticipated your reaction. However, considering your closeness with Captain Wyatt, I deemed it wise to disclose my identity to you now, in order to avert any unforeseen troubles that may arise in the future because of me".

Annabelle nodded in understanding, taking in the news with a sense of disbelief. The Queen had been declared dead, and yet here she was, brought back to the land of the living by the infamous Prince Wyatt.

Her gaze shifted to the unconscious captain, her curiosity piqued. With bated breath, she imagined inching closer, her hand hovering over his shoulder as if to shake him awake, eager to hear the full story from his lips.

But she withheld her emotions and posed a very important question. "So, you're saying that the Bramoth is that beast - Ag'na?"

Her eyes were fixed on the mutated ice creature, locked in a fierce battle against the frozen copies of Bramoth, with the authentic Bramoth and the rat lost in the midst of the chaos.

"Despite having not seen it in years, I can tell you with certainty that the Bramoth responsible for my husband's death is none other than Ag'na". Edna responded. "And no, I have no idea how that creature has managed to survive, given that it should have perished along with my husband and the other two renowned kings."

"But... But..." Annabelle was raging to know the truth. If the sleepy behemoth had been alive all the time, then where had it been?

Had it been recuperating?

She wanted to know.

And in heaven's name, why had a revered beast attacked them?

For all she knew, none of the people here had the abilities or capabilities to cross blows with a revered beast. Even Captain Crimson would have to think twice before he called for help if he ever crossed paths with a beast of such rank.

Edna shook her head, and a tired sigh escaped her lips. "I too have a lot of unanswered questions to ask, so don't bother stressing yourself to question it". She said. She paused and then continued, her hand pointing towards Prince Wyatt. "The best we can do now is wait until he is awake".

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 170 Some Thoughts Can Drive You Crazy