The resounding growl that escaped his lips rumbled like thunder, echoing across the vast expanse of the Vrymath Kingdom and soaring upward toward the frozen forest as if beckoning to something - or someone - beyond.

[ What are you doing? ] Ag'na queried with a tone of inquiry.

However, Bones remained mute, not uttering a word with his gaze fixed upon the horizon.

In mere moments, a cacophony of growls, calls, and squeaks resounded in their vicinity, heralding the approach of a herd of some unknown creatures

​ [ You sly little rat..] Ag'na spoke, disbelief evident in his voice. [ You requested me to demonstrate that technique not out of fascination, but to master it for yourself.]

At last, Bones broke his silence, saying "Yes. If I cannot overcome the challenge, I'll seek out someone who can".

A sudden hush fell upon his thoughts, as if the world had stopped moving. The stillness was uneasy, until a light chuckle echoed within his mind.

[ If you can't handle it on your own, you'll find someone who can.] Ag'na approved with a chuckle. [ You're truly becoming a 'revered beast' by delegating your duties to others.]

As beasts of varying magnitudes and power encircled them, Ag'na continued [ But I'll allow it... Congratulations, you've passed the first test.]

Bones voiced his doubt, asking, "How many tests are there?".

[ Only two.] Ag'na answered simply.

"And what is the second one?" Bones pressed on.

Ag'na dramatically cleared his throat [ Initially, I just wanted to see you defeat my other self and send it into retreat by instinct. But now that you have it cornered, what do you think the outcome will be?]

Bones bared his teeth with ferocity and replied "Fight."

[ Correct... Your second trial, my little rat, is to vanquish me before I eradicate you.] Ag'na announced.

As predicted, the feral Ag'na snarled in a frenzy, his body emitting a tremendous amount of white mist that obscured the air around him. The mist transformed into snowflakes, freezing any surface it came into contact with.

The temperature dropped so significantly that even a breath of fog would solidify into ice, and that's when it happened. From seemingly nowhere, dozens of ice sculptures resembling Ag'na appeared out of thin air, multiplying until there were 60 living ice sculptures that bore a striking resemblance to Ag'na.

While their numbers were small compared to the hundreds of beasts surrounding them, a mere glance at the 60 towering behemoths facing off against the masses of mutated ice beasts was enough to convey the sheer magnitude of the threat posed by both sides. A threat that defied description. One single misstep or opportunity was all it would take to tip the balance in favour of either the behemoths or the beasts.

[ I warned you.] Ag'na stated with a weary sigh. [The harder you drive him into a corner, the more you'll witness the true power of a revered beast. And if you keep pushing instead of finding a way to retreat, everyone, including your master, will either die or become a frozen wasteland of ice and snow.]

At this point, Bones was so irritated by Ag'na's constant nagging that he let out a roaring growl. "SHUT UP!" His jaws were wide open as he exhaled foggy breaths that instantly turned into snowflakes before they landed in the crater below.

With even greater ferocity, Bones fixed his gaze upon the sleepy behemoth. "If you won't help me, then just keep quiet". He expressed, channelling his words directly towards Ag'na.

With a huff of disdain, Ag'na retorted [ If that is the level of respect you hold for your predecessor, then very well. I shall leave you to your inevitable downfall and hope that your passing is painless.]

And with that, his voice faded from Bones' mind, leaving behind a palpable emptiness.

Bones took a deep breath, attempting to steady himself amidst the void left by Ag'na. With a focused mind, he issued a simple command to the horde of mutated beasts that surrounded them.

The command was clear and concise - "Attack".

In an instant, the air was filled with the deafening growls of the beasts, both large and small, as they surged forward into the crater like a tidal wave, their jaws open wide with the intention of tearing the behemoths apart.

The expressions on the faces of the several feral behemoths were impassive as they gazed upon the stampeding horde. With synchronized movements, they advanced, branching out in different directions, driven by a singular, vicious thought.



The first wave of the battle was deafening as the forces clashed. The ground shook with the force of the impact, accompanied by the fierce growls of the battling beasts.

Amidst the chaos of both sides determined to end the existence of the other, Bones seized the opportunity to slip into the fray and unleash one of his abilities.

[ Enhanced Smell.]

With this ability, Bones was able to single out Ag'na's main body from the multitude of copies amidst the beasts fighting to the death within the crater. He could feel the strength of his ability grow, allowing him to perceive the faint scent of the sea, along with that of his master, who was still in the hands of the humans who had stopped running to witness the battle and destruction.

[ Enhanced Tracking.]

With the scent firmly in his grasp, Bones took off at a sprint, following an imaginary path that guided him forward. Utilizing his ability to hide his presence and his small body frame, he went unnoticed until he finally came face to face with Ag'na's main body, which was in the process of tearing the limbs off a fox-like mutated beast.

Undeterred, Bones locked his gaze onto the behemoth. Summoning every ounce of magical energy within him, he unleashed it in an explosive burst.


The air around him rippled with invisible force as he charged forward, condensing all of his magical energy into a single, imperishable ice spike. With deadly precision, he aimed it at one of Ag'na's vital spots.


The impact was powerful, sending shockwaves rippling through the air and destabilizing Ag'na's body. The shockwaves spread far and wide, pushing any beast or anything within their path several meters away.


Ignoring Ag'na's painful growls, Bones pushed the icicle deeper into its hindquarters. If he couldn't attack the heart, and eyes, or incapacitate the legs, he would employ one of the greatest lessons his master had ever taught him.

"When fighting a dragon or a beast larger than you in size and greater than you in strength, you can never go wrong by unleashing your most devastating attacks in their ass" His master said.

Bones was aware that his master had only revealed this secret to him because of his own weaknesses. But now, with his newfound strength...

"GRROOOOWWLLL" Ag'na's main body roared to the sky as its legs gave out, and with a loud "Bam", its massive form collapsed onto the shattered ground.

But that was not the end.

With each strike, Bones pushed his limits and the limits of his magical energy. His determination to vanquish the beast fueled his attacks and made them stronger with each hit.

"BAM!" "BOOM!" The ground shook with each impact, and the behemoth's cries of pain echoed through the crater.

"GROOOOWLL" The behemoth, about to rise again, crumpled to the ground once more, emitting a loud, pained groan.

Bones thought to himself 'Master was right. This is the ultimate technique for defeating any beast'. Despite feeling exhausted, he mustered up his magical energy once more and prepared to strike again.

Meanwhile, within the confines of his mind, the Ag'na watched in disbelief as Bones unrelentingly continued his attack on his main body.

The rat, once again, had taken Ag'na by surprise, accomplishing the impossible in the most unexpected of ways. And with each devastating blow, Ag'na almost felt like he could feel the pain of Bones' attack as it reverberated through his main body.


Meanwhile, a thousand and several hundred meters away from the destruction and chaotic onslaught, Annabelle watched in disbelief as she doubted what she was currently witnessing.

She wasn't the only one seeing this, right?

She'd questioned at first when Prince Wyatt suddenly exploded with raw undiluted magical energy that had rendered him unconscious. She'd questioned when a formless spiral of wind and pure condensed mana appeared beside him and from within it, a mutated ice rat jumped out and clawed its way towards Prince Wyatt's unconscious being.

She'd questioned when she couldn't tell its rank and was even more surprised and aghast when the rat jumped down from mother Andiara's palm, falling headfirst towards the beast that chased them.

And now, as she watched them battle against one another, a rat and a feral enormous beast, with nothing but brute strength and untainted magical energy. And so, she found herself doubting that maybe her eyes were the problem.

Of course, they were, maybe she was tired and had fallen asleep, on---

"Yes, everyone here can see it" A voice penetrated her ears and dispersed her thoughts away.

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