Has he really lost his mind that he couldn't see the obvious?

Jerry laughed, his boisterous laughter echoed through the stillness of the night, reverberating across the endless sea as his eyes remained steadfastly fixated on the magnificent vessel shimmering in the moonlight

In his eyes, there was no greater captain than his own.

His Captain was a man who grew and learnt from his mistakes and those of others. Jerry had, directly and indirectly, taught him whatever he had to offer. He had guided his growth and watched him mature into the ruler of his sea.

And now, their journey together has come to an end.

It has reached its final port.


"Yes. Sir Jerry".

He would no longer toil endlessly for a king who doesn't care about his happiness and satisfaction.

"Set a course for the 18th fleet. From there, we will sail to the rest and inform them of the plan".

".…Sevens fleets…. Sir Jerry, I am afraid that if the Miracle Queen sees our seven fleets heading towards her shore, then she might mistake it as an act of war".

"So what?" He turned his head to the side and cast a side-long glance from the corner of his eyes at Baston. "Do you think that she would dare attack the Crimson Blackeye crew without first requesting to know what we want?".

"No..". The crewman muttered " She wouldn't dare do such a thing".

Jerry said "Good. The sooner we get to the 18th fleet, the better, so make sure we do" He turned his eyes back to the ship and screamed.


He will pursue his own happiness, and even if he fails, at least he will live the rest of his life knowing that he tried.


There was no man better than his Captain.


He would have sworn to the gods on such words some days ago with an unshakable belief and conviction.

Bostan called out to him, almost frightened by his sudden display "Umm…. Sir Jerry, is everything alright?".

His head snapped back to Bostan. He nodded with a smile arching itself on his lips "I feel much more relieved and better than before".

Once upon a time, whether in heaven or on earth, Jerry once believed.....

He shook his head and scattered such thoughts away.

"Alright" Bostan replied and continued to paddle towards their destination.


"Is every man and woman prepared?" King Ameal stood regally in his modest throne room, where he received important guests and tended to important affairs.

"Yes, my King. All are armed and ready for battle" The soldier replied hesitantly. "But, my King..." He quickly sealed his lips, aware of the treasonous words he was about to utter.

A sigh escaped King Ameal's lips "What is it?" He questioned.

The soldier swallowed. "It's --it's nothing my king".

King Ameal shook his head and walked back to his seat. He sighed and gazed at the soldier once more, "Don't be afraid and speak your mind. I promise that no harm will come to you, no matter what you say".

The soldier nodded. Although he was still unsure of what next to do, he said either way. "I still don't understand why you are summoning the people of the Azuiloth Kingdom this early in the morning and arming them with weapons….." He paused, and then he continued. "…. Are we going to fight a war? If so, who are we fighting against?….. is it perhaps the Sloywoth Kingdom?".

King Ameal breathed deeply before he replied. "I have summoned all my people and armed them with weapons because I can no longer defend nor protect their rights. And also, just a few hours ago, I had an enlightenment".

'Enlightenment' The soldier thought. 'is the King practising some ascendant technique'.

King Ameal saw his soldier's face scrunched up in confusion and continued. "It isn't the kind of enlightenment that you when practising an ascendant's spell or technique. This enlightenment was a result of listening to a young rogue man, whom I initially thought was dimwitted and inexperienced, but in the end, he proved me wrong".

King Ameal chuckled. The scene of Mr Wyatt lecturing him still replayed vividly in his mind as he explained. "Nevertheless, it has come to my realization that as your King, I have failed you. And for that….." He stood up abruptly from his chair and attempted to kneel on the ground, without even bothering to raise his robe up.

"My King!" The soldiers around him exclaimed in shock and immediately gathered around him. They prevented him from prostrating himself on the ground.

"No, let me do this" King Ameal struggled to get away from their grasp. "If I don't, I don't think that I will be able to sleep properly at night".

Suddenly, a voice rang out from one of the guards surrounding him.

"No, we won't allow such a thing"

Another voice rang out.

"Yes, we definitely won't allow such a thing".

King Ameal looked at his soldiers, taking in each of their faces, and felt a surge of emotions within him.

He still shook his head firmly. "No, you don't understand my reasons. Even I..."

Suddenly, a familiar voice interrupted him.

"Yes, we won't understand" The soldier who was assigned to lead the people of Azuiloith and arm them for battle spoke up. "However, If we allow this, doesn't it mean that we have lost everything, including our King's dignity".

King Ameal remembered his conversation with Mr Wyatt and simply stated, "I'm afraid my dignity was lost a long time ago".

The soldier continued, his teethes clashing against the other fiercely "No you haven't. And whether you like or not….. Fallen King Ameal, we won't lose that too".

"I see" Realization struck King Amell's face as he suddenly went through another enlightenment. 'It seems that I am on the right path then' He thought.

Suddenly, he shouted "Free me!" His magical energy filled the room and pushed the soldiers back. Some of them even stumbled until they hit the brick wall behind them.

King Ameal turned and returned to his seat. He sat down and looked at the soldier still on his knees, in front of him. "You wanted to know why I summoned every citizen of the Azuiloth Kingdom and armed them with weapons, right?"

Still shaken by the sudden scene and the dense magical pressure that permeated the air, the soldier swallowed and then responded. "Yes".

King Ameal huffed. "Isn't it obvious that I am arming everyone to be prepared for war?".

"War?… Against who?" Somehow, the pressure in the room worsened.

"War against the Sloywoth Kingdom and the Vrymath Kingdom" King Ameal mused. "Before the Miracle Queen comes for us and slaughters us in our sleep, I think that it should be better we go up her mountain and confront her.… And as for Sloymoth Kingdom, I am sure that every one of us here agrees that there is nothing to talk about with them, and so, since he is currently on Miracle Mountain with every other leader of the fallen kingdoms, then we will do both at the same time".

The soldier and those present didn't know when their breath began to hitch as their King spoke with conviction.

"We shall launch a daring assault on the Mad King, before daring to confront the Miracle Queen."

"My King, forgive me, but isn't this a bit... excessive?" One of the soldiers fell to his knees and asked, his face beading with sweat. 'Fight the Mad King and Confront the Miracle Queen... What kind of joke was that?' The soldier thought. He and every other person in the room shared the same thought.

With an intensifying aura, the heightened magical pressure became nearly unbearable, and with a resounding 'ting', all the soldiers plummeted to the ground, kneeling in their armour.

King Ameal fixed his piercing gaze upon them, his voice filled with rigidity, echoing throughout the chamber despite its moderate volume. "Do you dare to question my commands?".

"...No…. we are not" The Soldier responded. "In fact, after all these years, we are overjoyed that you have finally come to a decision. And even if that decision is war against the Vrymath Kingdom and the Miracle Queen, we have no other but to follow behind you, my King".

King Ameal surveyed the eyes of each of his soldiers present. Every one of them, just like him, was prepared to die. He couldn't help but inwardly sigh. Truly, he has failed his Kingdom.

And now, he was about to lead them into a battle of certain death. A battle that would wipe the bloodline of the Azuiloth Kingdom away from the face of the earth.

Well, there was no turning back now.

King Ameal rose from his seat, dispersing his magical pressure. "Let us go. My subjects have been armed for war and eagerly await my address" He proclaimed as he strode out of the room, and watched as his soldiers rose and saluted in unison.


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