Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl
Chapter 22: friendly neighbor too rich

  Chapter 22 Friendly neighbors are too rich

  The door was ajar, so it was difficult for her to open it and go in.

   "Daughter-in-law Daxing, come in quickly, I'm feeding the livestock." A loud voice came from inside, and I recognized Jiang Xinghua's voice accurately.

  With permission, Jiang Xinghua pushed open the door.

  The first thing I saw was a woman standing in the chicken coop spreading the feed, and a group of chickens were clucking around her.

   "Eat everything, don't grab it, don't grab it."

   Immediately afterwards, he went to feed the ewes tied to the tree to graze, and he never stopped working.

   This person is Wang Hua, Mrs. Fu's best friend, and they are about the same age.

   Dressed plainly, with benign eyebrows and black and white hair.

   Years of hard work seems to be vicissitudes, but the spirit is particularly good, with a rosy face, which belongs to the kind of agile skills.

   "Daughter-in-law Daxing, you came just in time. I just picked up a few eggs and warmed them up. I will use them to nourish your mother-in-law."

  Wang Hua walked out of the chicken coop and handed over the eggs she just picked up.

  Giving things without blinking an eye, being too extravagant.

  Always thinking about Mrs. Fu's confinement, "By the way, just now my eldest son brought a jar of medicinal wine and said that the effect is very good. It is specially used to treat backache and leg pain.

  I'm going to pour half an altar for you right now, let your mother-in-law take a bath and put some down, it's good for your health. "

  Looking like them, they have worked at their age, so back pain is inevitable, not to mention that the old sisters have worked hard to have a baby, so they have to take good care of it.

   "No, Aunt Wang..."

  She came to return the things, not to pick them up.

  Give what you say, without hesitation.

   "I'm going to pour it right now." Without waiting for Jiang Xinghua to say anything, Wang Hua went to the kitchen in a hurry.

   When she comes out, there is no half a jug of wine. I wish I could bring out all the food at home for her.

   "There are also red dates, wolfberry, astragalus and other medicinal herbs that are also very good. I can't eat that much by myself, so I will bring some to your mother-in-law."

  All are supplements sent by her eldest son and second son. She can't eat that much by herself, so she might as well give her old sister a boost.

  In the future, I still hope to live in the village with my old sisters and walk the flower road together.

   "No, Aunt Wang, we can't take your stuff anymore..."

   "What stupid things are you talking about? I don't know how strong my relationship with your mother-in-law is." Wang Hua didn't allow being rejected, and her domineering tone was exactly the same as that of Mrs. Fu. "Besides, your mother-in-law is getting old, so she must sit well during this confinement."

   "Don't worry, Aunt Wang, I will take good care of my mother-in-law."

   No wonder the mother-in-law said without even thinking about sending a pigeon, Aunt Wang is worth it.

   "But I can't take these things from Aunt Wang. Today, my mother-in-law asked me to return the eggs and brown sugar..."

  Jiang Xinghua was interrupted halfway through her speech.


"Give it back to me!" Wang Hua was furious when she heard that Wang Hua said, "Isn't this old woman a fool for giving birth to a child for three years? What's the relationship between the two of us! If you don't want to pay it back, I have to ask her what she means. Good sister?"

  There is no reason to take back what she gave away.

   To be so alien to her.

   I really owe this.

   Said Wang Hua angrily went to Fu's house to find Mrs. Fu, and wanted to ask her what she meant.

   Did you regard her as a good sister?

  Mr. Fu and Wang Hua are the kind of people who will explode at the slightest temper.

   Afraid of a conflict between the two, Jiang Xinghua hurriedly stopped them.

  Moving it with emotion and reason: "No, no, my mother-in-law, Aunt Wang, didn't mean that. It's just that she always takes your things, and she feels very sorry for fear of affecting your friendship.

   It’s not that there are a lot of things in the house, she wants to give you some back, and she said that this pigeon is for your body.

  You don't know my mother-in-law's temperament, she doesn't like to owe too much favor, especially a good friend. "

  Wang Huazheng.

  She can't understand Mrs. Fu's temper very well.

  I don’t like to trouble others, unless it’s a last resort, and I’m so stubborn that ten cows can’t pull it back.

   He has his own style of doing things.

  The two of them couldn't be more alike in this respect.

  Thinking differently, could it be that the old sister thought she was giving her alms?

   "Who am I with her? I really don't know what she thinks."

   Wang Hua is angry, but calm down.

   Nothing is as important as the old sister's confinement.

  Looking at the pigeons in the basket, she was surprised.

   "No, Daxing daughter-in-law, where did your pigeons come from?"

   It’s not that she has never eaten pigeons, her two sons bought them for her.

  Death is expensive and death is expensive.

   It is said that one is worth several hundred liters, and there is no meat, so it is better to eat a chicken.

   Every time she ate it, she felt very distressed, and kept telling their two sons not to waste the money.

  Wang Hua couldn't understand the situation of Fu's family very well. Where did she get the money to buy pigeons?

   "Aunt Wang's situation is like this... So my mother-in-law tells you not to worry about her confinement, the family can get through it for the time being." Jiang Xinghua explained in detail.

  Wang Hua is very happy to hear that, there is nothing more gratifying than the improvement of the life of the old sister.

  On weekdays, she also wants to help, but the old sister refuses to ask for her money.

   Said they were insulting their friendship.

   Said that if this happened again, the relationship would be severed, which made her afraid to mention this matter again.

  I can only find various excuses to send something from time to time.

   "It seems that this girl is right, good luck is coming for your Fu family." Wang Hua said with a smile.

   There is no one who can still drop pigeons from the sky.

  Looks like the half bucket of water fortune teller finally got it right this time.

  Hope Fujia can transfer.

   Don't be unlucky again.

   "I think so too. Ever since my sister-in-law was born, good things have happened in the family. My father-in-law named her Fu Xing'er, and her nickname is Fu Bao." Jiang Xinghua nodded heavily.

   "Fubao, it's not bad."

  Just listening to it makes me feel very blessed.

"By the way, Aunt Wang, my mother-in-law is old and has no milk, and my sister-in-law will have to drink goat milk with you for a long time in the future. My mother-in-law said that you can sell it to us as you usually sell it to others, otherwise she won't want it. "

   "I don't care if she loves it or not. I don't drink it for her, I drink it for Fubao."

  Wang Hua became angry when she heard that money was being offered.

   Seeing her like this.

   Wait until she is out of confinement to see if she doesn't punish her.

As she said that, Wang Hua went to bring out another bowl of goat's milk, "I still have this goat's milk to take back for Fu Bao to eat. If your mother-in-law says anything else, just say I'll beat her when she comes out. Wait for Fu Bao to eat for ten days. I'll go see her again."

   "But Aunt Wang, I, I..."

   "Just don't say anything like this, you should go back and take care of your mother-in-law and me before it's too early." Without waiting for Jiang Xinghua to say anything, Wang Hua took her basket and put a lot of things in it.

  Finally, Wang Hua accepted the pigeon and the wedding candy. As for the eggs, there were only a few more eggs, but Jiang Xinghua went back with a full basket.

   On the way back, many people came to celebrate.

   "Your Fu family finally gave birth to a daughter, good luck is coming for your Fu family."

  Jiang Xinghua smiled and said thanks one by one.

  Suddenly something seemed to be on the sole of the foot, so I had to stop and take a look.

  (end of this chapter)

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Everyone Wants to Pamper the Peasant Girl Chapter 22: friendly neighbor too rich