Hu Family Village was in the northernmost part of Dachang. It was more than 30 miles away from the nearest town and over 60 miles away from the nearest county.

Usually, a round trip would take 12 hours. After Wang Chuanman and Wang Chuanfu set off, the villagers were on guard against the people from Shangyang Village.

After all, they were going to report the matter of snatching children to the officials. The Shangyang villagers were most likely very anxious and might even be driven to desperation.

The villagers did not know that the two brothers had been stopped on the way.

When Old Madam Wang finished brewing the soy milk, Village Chief Hu heard the news and rushed over. He saw that the Wang family had made a large jar of soy milk.

“Hey, you guys are…” Elder Hu’s eyes moistened.” You can’t even take care of yourselves, so why are you still taking this out? ”

He had originally discussed with the elders that he would chase the people of Shanyang Village away tomorrow and send a few juniors to the town and county city to exchange for some food.

Old man Wang’s family was the poorest in the village. How could he let them continue doing this?

Old Madam Wang waved her hand. “It doesn’t matter. We can always accumulate more things if we lose them, but we can’t replace the lives of people. We still have some food left. We can survive for two days.”

At most, the adults would tighten their belts and drink a bowl of soy milk every day to feed the children.

There were more than 20 injured villagers. Even a bit of soy milk would be significant in aiding their recovery.

Moreover, to them, these soybeans were like the python meat. They came out of thin air, so their hearts did not ache so much if they gave them away.

In fact, Old Madam Wang felt that these things were too unusual and completely exceeded their original understanding.

There must be a reason for this abnormality. If someone with ulterior motives found out, it was inevitable that they would investigate Ah Yu.

They could not protect this child with their current ability.

After Old Madam Wang thought about it, she roughly reminded the women in the family.

The women did not think too deeply about it, but since their mother-in-law had decided, they had no right to refute. They might as well listen.

To avoid being scolded.

“Alright, I’ll accept this favor on their behalf. In the future, the villagers will support each other and be more united. It’s just that your family has suffered for the time being. When this matter is over, I’ll get the villagers to plow for your family first.”

At first, when the Wang Family fled here from the wastelands, they had no land and had to reclaim a plot for themselves. Later on, after they settled down and their three grandsons became servants in the city, they were given 60 mu of mountainous land and 15 mu of farmland. It was enough for them to barely survive.

Old Madam Wang nodded. “That’s good. I won’t refuse.”

Village Chief Hu said, “Don’t say where these things came from. I’ll do the explanations myself. The little kid is still young. Don’t cause trouble for her again.”

“I know.” Old Madam Wang stopped smiling and nodded solemnly.

Actually, Village Chief Hu also considered that the python’s arrival was too strange, and he had been worried.

Moreover, that was a 100-foot-long python!

It weighed over 3,000 catties. The largest python that they had heard of before was only about 1,000 catties in weight.

And this soybean. It was too big and grew too quickly.

Village Chief Hu had never read much, but he knew that this matter was very strange and could not be investigated deeply.

He looked meaningfully at Little Ah Yu beside him and sighed. “This child is a Blessed Child. Don’t mistreat her.” And don’t scare her away.

Old Madam Wang patted Little Ah Yu’s head. “This is our Wang family’s child, she naturally won’t be mistreated.”

At this moment, Madam Ma brought out a small bowl from the house. It was filled with soy milk with a little sugar. It was half chilled before she handed it to Little Ah Yu.

“Come, Ah Yu, have some soy milk.”

That was specially left for her. It was not mixed with much water. The version given to the other villagers was very diluted and only served to moisturize their mouths.

Even if the patient’s portion was slightly thicker, it could not compare to what Ah Yu received.

Seeing that everyone had some, Little Ah Yu did not insist on giving it to the others. She obediently took it and drank it mouthful by mouthful.

After drinking it, she patted her stomach as usual and smiled sweetly. “It’s finished. It’s so delicious!”

She still wanted to lick the bowl like her Seventh Brother, but Madam Ma quickly took it away and tapped her forehead with her index finger. “Don’t imitate your Seventh Brother’s silly appearance.”

Little Ah Yu: “Oh.” But she clearly saw Second Aunt lick the bowl after drinking the soy milk.

[They’re hungry. They’re licking the bowl because there’s not enough.] Seeing that Ah Yu was about to go astray again, Meatball hurriedly educated her.

Little Ah Yu did not understand. “But I’m not hungry.”

[Because they left all their food for you.] Also, in a sense, the Myriad Spirit Water could fill the stomach.

Meatball felt that this was a good opportunity. It took the chance to tell Ah Yu to work hard to upgrade the spatial pocket. When the spatial pocket’s level was high enough, it would be able to bring her more good things.

Now, Ah Yu’s intelligence had increased, but she still could not control her thoughts. From time to time, some strange imaginations appeared in the spatial pocket.

For example, now, the spatial pocket was filled with snakes, each one larger than the last. These snakes were even wearing human clothes!

There were also hundreds of little lambs running around inside.

Because Ah Yu currently felt that snakes and lambs were the cutest things, the spatial pocket was filled with them. Meatball felt like it was really going to suffocate.

It was better when the spatial pocket was filled with steamed buns and egg soup!

After leveling up, there was no need for Ah Yu to control her imagination, and the spatial pocket would no longer have those illusions.

As expected, Little Ah Yu asked, “What’s an upgrade? Will there be a lot of delicious food?”


Little Ah Yu clenched her fists. “Alright, upgrade! But, Elf, how do I upgrade it?”

Meatball was excited. Wow, this kid actually took the initiative to say that she wanted to upgrade the spatial pocket. It began to scroll through the upgrade strategy happily.

[…Uh, improving the people’s livelihood… Resolving a war… Eliminating plagues…]

What was going on?! Was this something a four-year-old brat could do?!


Finally, from the long series of guides, Meatball found a mission that gave enough experience to level up: [Planting, accumulated value of 500 taels!]

This was too simple!

Little Ah Yu seemed to understand. Before she could ask Meatball what to do, Wang Wulang came over to pull her aside.

“Sister Ah Yu, let’s go and deliver soy milk to everyone.”


Little Ah Yu skipped away. As for planting vegetables?

She had tossed the thought into the clouds.


Everyone from Shanyang Village was on the dam. After Doctor Hu treated the injured people from Hu Family Village, they were all lying in their homes.

Old man Wang’s family gave each family a large bowl of soy milk. They did not have that many bowls, so each family brought their own bowls to fill.

At first, the people of Shanyang Village did not know what it was and thought that it was some kind of medicine. In the end, they saw a large bowl of milk-white soy milk and drooled.


They could actually see soy milk at this time of year?!

“Old Wang, give us some too. The children are about to cry from hunger.” An old auntie shouted.

Old Madam Wang glanced at the other party. “Sure, 100 coins for a bowl. It’s an honest price.”

“Why don’t you go and rob someone!” The old woman almost vomited blood.

At this moment, Little Ah Yu followed behind with a worried expression. She whispered to Wang Wulang, “They’re good at robbery. What if we can’t win against them?”

The people from Shanyang Village: “…” Please lower your voice. We heard you!

Just as the soy milk was delivered, a gong hanging on a yellow-horned tree at the entrance of the village was suddenly knocked.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

“The Imperial Court is distributing food!!!”

“The Imperial Court is distributing food!”

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