Established Pinnacle: The Enigma
Chapter 23 Descent To Terra, Unforseen Errors V

"At most, five yirs. I'll go back after five yirs, no, ten yirs, they would surely have reunited by then. And hopefully forgive me." He said to himself as he opened another portal towards the Palace. Been long since he visited his parents.

He wondered how they were doing and whether they'd be happy to welcome him back. As for his death, he will accumulate a hundred million faith points or a hundred thousand units of faith power to be able to survive a couple of deaths without losing his strength at all.

Though true gods can't truly die in mortal worlds or anywhere else, there was still a very large price to pay for Revival. As for a fight between true gods, as long as one was willing to pay a price of faith points, they could permanently kill the other party back to their Palace.

One million for juvenile true gods, ten million for young true gods and a hundred million for high true gods, Rank 1 to Rank 3 respectively.

Though true gods who are under the managing god can not die no matter how much faith power the invading side pays. It was just the rules, useless rules.

For example, if Jin invaded another world, he could truly be killed. But as long as he stayed in Terra, then he was as Immortal as the wind itself.

Though there were probably at most two native managers in Terra, totalling to eighteen in all the nine Greater Worlds. Managers which were Gods that had special authorities.

Then if you include the two true god neutral managers within each world, there would be a total of thirty-six managers, that could not die regardless of what.

'Okay, perhaps this was all unnecessary information for now. But at least I know I'm not going to really die... I really need to sleep.' Jin thought as he left the small deserted world.

• • • • •

Middle Realm

Eastern Seas

"Why am I this unlucky?" Takashi was swept by the waves as his body drifted within the ocean. He didn't know what actually happened and when would a deific beast or monster from the sea come to swallow him.

But one thing was for sure, he really was unlucky. Being a Storm related god, he would not die by drowning, not like any god could to be honest. But they still couldn't stay underwater forever as well.

Thus despite being swept by the water here and there, Takashi knew that he will die sooner or later if he did not find shore anytime soon. Why wasn't he doing anything about it then?

Unfortunately, he was strangled by a small white snake, it was so tough that it kept even a god like him at bay. No no no, to be precise, there were nine of this little rascals tying down his body and using his lightning to evolve.

And just as he used his little amount of faith from his Samurai believers, the snakes fed off half of it and strengthened themselves during the process. This act was instinct to them.

But Takashi suffered due to it nonetheless. According to his guess, he would reach shore by at least five to six years. Until then, he might have to stay just like this until he found a place to perfectly fight it out with them.

But he was still one of the one hundred twenty top geniuses of this batch. While the little rascals fed off from him, he used them to comprehend the element of water, which he had an Affinity with.

He would use it to retaliate when the time comes, to transform it into a Law. Until then, five years was enough for a god genius like him to comprehend the water element to R5 or above.

• • • • •

Middle Realm

World Forest, Home of the World Tree

A small beauty could be seen casually walking through the plains with a pissed off expression on her face. Well, being thrown from High above and crashing into a mud pit would get any old goddess pissed off, let alone a young one.

She was cursing Jin with every step she took, because it was his fault that her day was this bad. But most importantly, she was all dirty and couldn't find any lake's or water sources nearby.

And the fact that water affinity was not one of her elements, she felt even more pissed off. Her face was red from anger and steam, literal steam was being released from her head. She was really, really reaching boiling point.


While she was still walking in anger, she felt a Roar right above her head. Unfortunately the one who roared, chose the wrong time to roar, because it only fouled her mood even more.

But what was worse was that, when she looked up to curse at that blasphemous thing up there, a gigantic fireball was already falling on towards her directions.

Caught off guard, she just stood there and stared at the fireball oozing closer and closer to her. But soon after, she clenched her fist and lowered her head, trying so much to reign in her anger, just like how Athena taught her to.

But she still wouldn't let the fireball hit her. Purple aura glowed around her body for a moment, it then expanded outwardly and started taking shape.

Not long after, the aura spread out its wings and looked up high with its small lizard head. The purple aura then materialized into a red wyvern, also known as an epic-grade demon wyvern, which were obviously at the Epic rank.

The wyvern roared at the fireball, releasing a powerful Shockwave that took on the giant fireball head on.


The fireball finally exploded and the beast suspended up in the air, curiously looked down to see if it's target was dead. It was also a wyvern, an epic-grade ordinary wyvern at the Grandmaster rank even.

It felt Mimi's presence, which was obviously godly and pressurizing and thought she was a warrior who was here to hunt down its race. The wyvern then immediately attacked without a second thought, regardless of its fear.

That was what led to this small episode. It first thought the other party was a half deity but now, it thought they were dead. It probably exaggerated its fear.

But while it was still content with itself, a red flash blitzed past the flames of explosion and grabbed the black wyvern by the neck at extreme speeds.

Caught off guard, the black wyvern let out a desperate roar of struggle.

But it was already too late. Demon wyverns were known for their speed and power instead of their magic. Plus, it was an Epic while the target was a Grandmaster-level.

With its speed that could outrun other Epic wyvern, how could it fail to catch one that was a level lower than itself?

With its bite strength, the black wyvern was dead with just one snap. But it seems that it's desperate roar alerted the other wyvern families nearby.




Roars after roars came out of the mountain not far away from the plains as tens of black shadows rushed towards this place. If that first wyvern was tens of meters tall, this one's were at least twenty meters.

And the one at the lead was thirty meters tall, Probably the leader of this place. Mimi looked at this and guessed that a wyvern nest of at most a hundred was nearby.

At least this harvest could alleviate her mood, but not as much as killing these bastards. She whistled to the Demon wyvern to charge towards the black wyverns. Of course one demon wyvern could not take on more than twenty ordinary wyverns.

But what about ten? She smiled confidently and maliciously as purple shadow after purple shadow manifested behind her, before materializing into nine other red wyverns at the Epic rank as well.

An Epic demon wyverns could easily kill three ordinary wyverns at the Epic rank, let alone a bunch which mixed both Epic and Grandmasters.

As for the Legendary black wyvern. Mimi's hands materialized into draconic dragon claws, which acted more like gauntlets. The same also happened to her legs, and two long horns materiallized above her head.

Even as a new goddess, she could still fight Saints and Sages, and as she is a true goddess, she could even kill them as long as they didn't have any slaying gear/artifacts on. Let alone a lone Legendary wyvern that couldn't compare to a dragon at all.

"Ha!!" She kicked off the ground and blitzed past the demon wyverns, her speed much faster than them, who were famed for their speed in the sky. But a god was still a god after all.

She instantly appeared before the wyvern king and proceeded to clash with him head on. Her smile demonic, and filled with malicious intent. She was clearly out for murder.


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Established Pinnacle: The Enigma Chapter 23 Descent To Terra, Unforseen Errors V