At this moment, the skinny man truly viewed death as a homecoming. Hence, his qi and blood churned, brimming with a dark gloomy power as purple light was emitted all around his body.

In a short time, he directly exploded forth with strength that surpassed his limits!

It was because he had discovered the flying vehicles and knew that his identity had been thoroughly exposed.

Under this situation, he could only stake his life and go all out!

The terrifying impact surpassed all of his attacks from before.

Su Xi`er started.

This man’s target was actually her

Was the reason why Lin Chang`an attacked for the sake of protecting her

She continued shooting beams of light, but this man seemed as though he didn’t know what pain was. He directly barged over.

His dagger stabbed forward, and its sharp edge caused the sound of ripping the air to ring out!

When facing such a close-distance all-out attack by the man, Su Xi`er felt that she could only forcibly try to defend.

The edge of the dagger emitted purple qi. Even before it came in contact with her, she already felt a bit of pain on her face.

His combat experience far surpassed hers. After all, he had been rolling around in darkness and was used to all sorts of dangerous and despicable concealed moves. And at this moment, his many years of immersion were all combined into this single attack.

This man knew that he would die for sure.

Let alone the police, he wasn’t even able to defeat that male student. The latter’s qi and blood were too thick and majestic, being able to suppress him easily.

On the other hand, this little girl was a little weak, and her combat experience seemed extremely deficient!

Hence, all his emotions boiled down to a single determination to kill her with one attack!

After this attack, he would die for sure.

But right now, he was exhausting all energy in the fibers of his body, concentrating them into this one strike!

Watching the dagger slashing over, Su Xi`er thought about evading, but the distance was just too close.

Could it be that she would die here

Waves of fear then gushed forth in her heart. Given her age, she naturally wasn’t able to reach the mental state of having no fear of death.

At this moment, her entire body was shivering due to terror.

After all, she had never experienced something like this before. She was merely a student.

When facing such a situation, it already wasn’t easy for someone like her to have a little reaction.

An ordinary person would probably have long since been frightened silly.

At this moment, the powerful force surged forth wildly. When she gathered her power, the dagger was already before her eyes!

But in the midst of despair, she suddenly saw a figure charging over rapidly!

He brimmed with invincible might, like a ray of shining light colliding against the security guard and sending him flying away!

“Foolish dream!”

The dagger strike missed, and the skinny monkey-like man felt like his entire body was about to crumble from the impact.

Too ridiculous!

Despite shaking him off, this brat could actually forcibly catch up and send him flying with a charge. Also, the impact from the collision made the skinny man feel like his inner organs were on the verge of shattering!

(Based on what?!)

(I’ll f*ck your mom!)

(Why would a genius like you have such thick qi and blood at such a young age?)

(I’ve cultivated for tens of years, but my qi and blood value is only around 400!)

(But you actually have the power to suppress me!)

Now that he was flung away, he already had no more strength to fight.

He clearly possessed the advantage in all aspects, but the difference in their qi and blood value was just too great.

Hence, the feeling of rage climbed to a peak in his heart, and his mental energy suddenly felt like it was being destroyed. After that, his qi and blood roiled around wildly in his body and started to fall out of control.

His sternum even cracked and the man coughed up a mouthful of blood.

However, his expression was one of malice, and he actually began to laugh.

He then ignored his condition and directly rushed over, punching out!

“This man has gone mad.”

Lin Chang`an started. He then recalled the cultivation theory in the textbook.

If one’s mind suddenly lost control or if one’s mental energy abruptly declined rapidly, their control of qi and blood would soon be forced to the limits, and once the limit was broken, that person would go crazy!

A mad man could already no longer be called a human.

Such a person was better known as a zombie or a wild beast.

Anyone who encountered one could kill them with impunity.

Naturally, it was still best to flee far away quickly if you encountered one.

This was because humans who had gone crazy didn’t have any sense of pain. They only felt crazed and would often erupt forth with fearsome strength. Hence, they were very tough to deal with.

Upon seeing this man rushing over, Lin Chang`an aimed another fist strike at his chest!

A huge boom then echoed out and the man’s bones instantly cracked!

Lin Chang`an only felt a wind brushing past his scalp as that person tumbled backward. However, the latter actually hadn’t died!

“The lifeforce of a madman is actually so strong?!”

“However, his reaction ability has evidently declined due to his madness. He is just a spent arrow at the end of its flight!”

Lin Chang`an was strangely calm. He already discovered that he could fully dominate the man.

When he looked at the man again, he saw the man picking himself up and charging over with a malevolent expression.

“Ahhhh~ FOR…ME…DIE!”

The madman had lost all coherence in his speech and was like a zombie. He was only left with his obsession.

(Based on what!)

(Based on what?!)

(All of you geniuses should die for me!)

His entire existence performed a last-ditched futile struggle. His spirit dagger was also trembling madly.

Lin Chang`an saw that the man’s chest was badly injured. At most, he only needed one more strike to destroy the man’s heart and stop his churning qi and blood.

However, before he could act, Su Xi`er took the initiative to run forward.

Evidently, she overestimated this madman’s danger level and wanted to rescue Lin Chang`an.

This little doll’s heart was too kind.

With an explosive bang, the dagger collided with a finger beam!

Su Xi`er only felt a sense of sweetness down her throat as she instantly tumbled back from the impact.

A feeling of softness then drifted over as Lin Chang`an caught hold of her.

Her body was light and her skin was silky smooth.

Not only so, but her skin also felt very supple, fair, and tender, even emitting the warmth of jade.

“So, this is the body of a woman?”

Lin Chang`an sighed.

It was truly much smoother compared to his coarse skin.

At this moment, he didn’t think too much and placed Su Xi`er down lightly on the ground.

“Are you not making trouble? Heh heh.”

After that, he stomped down with force, and his body dashed forward while aiming a kick at the man.

He then charged over and slammed his foot down. The man’s sternum which was on the verge of cracking completely caved in!

Even for a ‘zombie’, he could no longer persist and finally died with an explosive bang!

His sternum had been continuously smashed apart, leading to his heart directly rupturing. As a result, the source of his qi and blood was cut off, and he had no way to move anymore.


Su Xi`er sighed with relief but felt like her face was burning again.

Earlier, she had been held tightly by Lin Chang`an.

That was her first time having such close contact with a male.

“However, why did he place me down so quickly? Why didn’t he look at me? Could it be that he doesn’t like me? It can’t be, right…?”

“Could it be that he feels I’m…too flirty? Aiya…he won’t hate me, right…he…mn…”

Many nonsensical thoughts started filling her head. She then abruptly discovered that…something was off. Why was Lin Chang`an so powerful

(This can’t be, right? His qi and blood value is even more vigorous than mine? How can this be possible?)

(Isn’t his qi and blood value only 100+?)

Before she could think further, a blade-wielding man already rushed over. This was none other than Sun Shiyong.

“M…Miss Su!”

(Oh god!)

After confirming that nothing bad had happened and she was only slightly injured, Sun Shiyong heaved a sigh of relief.

The bloody scene before his eyes had almost frightened him to death earlier.

He breathed easier as he stared at Lin Chang`an.

(Luckily, this person is here, or how great of a problem would it be?) 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

(Seeing the state of the battle scene, if Miss Su faced the assailant alone, she most probably would have died!)

(However, this little fellow is really strong.)

(His qi and blood are so vigorous!)

When he was in the distance earlier, he saw that this little fellow had completely suppressed the other party.

(Maybe this guy could even enter academies that are of the B-Grade and above?)

(This little fellow isn’t ordinary.)

(Although he isn’t a unique monster in terms of cultivation, he can still be considered a genius.)

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