Spirit Attraction Item

“How did you get in?” Lin Chang`an was baffled.

Su Xi`er only felt her heart palpitating.

Her face was flushed red and she covered her eyes, almost in disbelief at what she had just seen.

Why wasn’t he wearing any clothes?!

Oh god!

However... In that quick glance, he seemed to have an exceptional disposition

This was his first time seeing a man’s n*ked body, and it seemed to be very masculine and charming.

“Pui Pui! What am I thinking?” Su Xi`er quickly scolded herself in her heart. How could she think in that direction

“The door wasn’t closed. I pressed the doorbell for a very long time, but there was no response!”

She felt extremely aggrieved.

It was as if she was the one whose body was seen by Lin Chang`an and not the other way around.

At this moment, the human shadow was also a little stunned.

“This… Could his destiny of bringing prosperity to his wife that I saw be referring to this aspect…”

This person seemed to have a bit of talent in the area of s*x.

Was his destiny because of this

She felt astonished, but she had died and was only left with her innate talent. Therefore, she wasn’t able to discern at a deeper level.

Right now, with Su Xi`er speaking in this tone, Lin Chang`an felt as if he was the one in the wrong.

He realized that Chu Li must have intentionally left the door open.

And he had been cultivating earlier and didn’t hear the doorbell.

“Hurry... Hurry up and put on some clothes!” Su Xi`er opened a small gap between her fingers and then quickly closed it again.

What was with Lin Chang`an? Why was he just standing there in a daze

She came back to her senses and suddenly thought of something.

(To think that he isn’t wearing clothes while he is in his boss’s house?)

(Did he go around n*ked like this?) 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

(Then his relationship with that s*xy lady boss…)

Oh god, she didn’t dare to continue thinking down this line.

(Is he a scumbag?! This scumbag!)

(I thought you liked me.)

(Turns out that you’re someone like this?)

Thinking of that woman’s allure and great beauty, Su Xi`er couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

She felt that she wouldn’t lose out in terms of looks, but that woman was simply too charming. It was as if she was born with features that precisely made men l*st for women. If someone like her were to take the initiative, would there be any men who could hold back

She pouted, feeling like she had lost.

The two of them had completely different styles. One was fresh and elegant, looking like one’s first love.

The other was charming and seductive.

Which type would men like... Mn, men were all bad!

Lin Chang`an looked around and then picked up two pieces of sofa covers to wrap around himself. “It’s fine now.”

This was the only set of clothes he had, and it was burned.

Moreover, there were clearly no men’s clothes in Chu Li’s house.

Su Xi`er slowly opened her eyes. “Mn? Where are your clothes? Why did you wrap yourself up with the sofa covers?”

Did he always not wear clothes when he was in this woman’s house

God, this... this...

“It was burned earlier.”

“B... burned?”

“I was cultivating a Pure Yang art, and my qi and blood circulated to turn into Pure Yang energy. However, my qi leaked out and my clothes were all burned.” Lin Chang`an pointed to the ashes on the floor.

Su Xi`er: “Mn??”

She looked at the ashes and could vaguely see a few cloth materials amongst them.

“Is... is that true?” A feeling of thankfulness as if she had just survived an ordeal rose in her heart.

This feeling then caused her to be stunned again.

To think that she was so nervous just now

She became this nervous just because Lin Chang`an could have some sort of relationship with that alluring woman

A hint of flush then flashed on her fair, exquisite face once again.

Under the sunlight that came in through the window, this clear and beautiful face unknowingly revealed a hint of a smile.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Why didn’t you go to school?”

“I was cultivating. The spirit qi density here is 2.5 times that in the school.”

Su Xi`er quietly sensed and then nodded. “Given your qi and blood value, in addition to combat experience, you should be able to get into an A-Grade academy if you work hard.”

Through her senses, she noticed that Lin Chang`an’s qi and blood value was quite close to the lowest standard for becoming a first-realm cultivator.

As for the two S-Grade academies—Huaxia Martial Academy and Huaxia Cultivation Academy, the difficulty was too high.

These two academies had different areas of focus. Huaxia Martial Academy was more focused on unraveling one’s limits within a given realm, taking each step to the extent whereby no further progress was possible.

On the other hand, Huaxia Cultivation Academy encouraged its students to level up as fast as possible, breaking through the limits of life endlessly and exploring the higher cultivating domains.

The higher the grade of the academy meant that they would have higher authority and more resources.

The two academies were the pinnacle amongst the academies in the entire Huaxia.

Moreover, they had an extraordinary status that couldn’t just be referred to as mere academies.

In the entire Huaxia, there were countless cities, but the two academies only accepted a few thousand students each year.

This society had compulsory birth laws.

The planet’s environment had decided that the human race needed to have a high birth rate to go up against demonic beasts, explore dungeons, and clear the strange occurrences.

As a result, compulsory birth laws were formed.

Those who failed the unified examinations had the mission to give birth.

Those who couldn’t reach 1,000 in qi and blood value before the age of 22 also had to forcibly accept the task of childbirth.

Moreover, cultivators who couldn’t open up their spirit sea before the age of 30 would also have the mission to give birth.

If they didn’t take the initiative to complete the mission, the country would enforce forceful pairing.

This led to the Huaxia today, with the population being multiple folds more than it was before spirit qi came back.

As a result, resources were scarce and it was extremely hard to fight for any quota.

In the entire Qindao City, there’d only be at most one person getting into an S-Grade academy each year. Most of the time, there might not even be any.

In recent years, there hadn’t been any geniuses that managed to get into an S-Grade academy.

“The Southeast University has the sunstone spirit attraction item. It will be very helpful when you’re opening up a Pure Yang spirit sea,” Su Xi`er said.

Opening up the spirit sea required the aid of spirit attraction items.

Spirit attraction items were the foundations of spirit seas.

The higher the level of the spirit attraction item, the stronger the spirituality and the more powerful the spirit sea would be when opened.

It could also produce various profound changes.

Spirit attraction items were basically retained by the various academies. The higher the grade of the academies, the higher the level of the spirit items of varying attributes.

The spirit attraction item’s level was a strong determining factor for the academy’s grade!

This was also the main reason why everyone tried so hard to get into an academy of a higher grade.

Other than the quality of the teachers and the resources available, the spirit attraction items were the most important factor of them all!

Lin Chang`an nodded. However, his target wasn’t the Southeast University but the two S-Grade academies.

The S-Grade academies’ spirit attraction items were ranked at the highest, S-Grade!

And rumor had it that they were going to set up an evaluation test for people who wants to join their departments!

This showed how amazing their spirit attraction items must be.


The two of them chatted for a while, and Su Xi`er shared the interesting things that had happened in the class recently.

However, she purposely avoided the matter of how the form teacher had used Lin Chang`an as an example for the others.

“Do you guys want to be like Lin Chang`an? Do you want to be dragged to engage in forceful pairing after you graduate?”

“If you don’t want that to happen, work hard in your studies!”

“If you guys can bring up the results of your culture class by just a little, the results of the ballot may turn out to be completely different!”

“If you don’t study well, you will end up with the same fate as Lin Chang`an! Do you understand?”

When Lin Chang`an wasn’t around, he was the perfect negative example.

The two of them hadn’t been chatting for long when Chu Li returned, looking dejected. “There wasn’t a single customer again today...”

She hadn’t thought of what to do for her 93rd attempt in entrepreneurship, and her 92nd attempt ended in complete failure.

When she saw Su Xi`er, she was stunned for a moment. “Oh, little sister, you’ve come?”

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