Deleting Browsing History

Lin Chang`an was elated when he heard the description.

Usually, it was impossible to enter a dungeon that wasn’t fully formed.

The spatial turbulence would tear everything apart.

Previously, he was planning on searching for a path to enter through many rounds of simulations. But by the looks of it now, he would be able to enter with his luck-type A-Grade talent, Ignoble Living.

The surroundings were pitch-black. It was as though the area was enveloped by fog.

[You tried hard to discern things and rested for a very long time.]

[A long sigh then suddenly sounded in your ears. You were instantly mesmerized and attracted by the sound.] 𝑖𝗻𝗻𝑟e𝒶𝗱. 𝒄𝑜𝑚

[You walked forward, following the voice’s guidance and entering a swamp that was as dark as ink.]

[You wore a smile on your face as you sank in, suffocating to death.]

Lin Chang`an drew himself out from the simulation.

He let out an exhalation filled with turbid air.

“As expected of a C-Grade dungeon.”

The ratings for dungeons were based on a multitude of assessments, including the danger level and opportunities present. By right, a C-Grade dungeon was one that only cultivators at the third-realm or higher would be able to enter.

Lin Chang`an was mentally prepared for this.

He looked at the options and saw that a D-Grade Mental Defense Talent had appeared.

“Your ability to guard your mind will be 1.1x that of ordinary people.”

He then activated the simulation again.

[The world spun and darkness swallowed you.]

[You were very lucky. A-Grade Ignoble Living Talent took effect, allowing you to surprisingly survive. You successfully entered the dungeon that hadn’t completely nurtured and taken form.]

Lin Chang`an felt assured.

It seemed that his talent could guarantee that he’d enter the dungeon every time. He didn’t have to worry that he’d be torn up by the spatial tempest.

[A long sigh suddenly sounded in your ears. You were instantly mesmerized and attracted by the sound.]

[Even though you tried hard to guard your mind, you still failed.]

[You entered the swamp, suffocating to death.]

Lin Chang`an: “F*ck...!”

To think that he died in the same way.

It seemed that his landing point was the same, and there was no escaping this strange encounter.

He looked at the system interface, and the D-Grade Mental Defense Talent appeared once again.

“Can it be stacked?”

As he thought this, he selected this talent.

“Your ability to guard your mind is 1.21x that of ordinary people.”

Lin Chang`an was astonished.

“To think that it’s not a simple increment but a multiplying increment?!”

It wasn’t a simple 1.2 times, but a 1.1×1.1=1.21 times!

It would only take ten rounds of such a multiplying increment for him to get close to 2.6 times!

After 30 rounds, it’d be over 17 times!

This was enough to make one feel agitated.

What excited Lin Chang`an even more was that there was a high possibility that other talents could be stacked in the same way!

“When I’m bored in the future, I can just grind my talents endlessly!”

At this moment, Chu Li had taken out her phone and was contacting various parties. It seemed that she was trying to find a way to get a pass with her connections.

Her eyes on her beautiful face were gleaming.

Lin Chang`an selected the button to activate a simulation once again.

[The world spun and darkness swallowed you.]

[You were very lucky, A-Grade Ignoble Living Talent took effect...]

[A long sigh suddenly sounded in your ears...]

[Even though you tried hard to guard your mind, you still failed.]

[You entered the swamp, suffocating to death.]

He was still not able to successfully resist. He then picked the talent once again in the options.

“Your ability to guard your mind is 1.33x that of ordinary people.”

Lin Chang`an even hoped a little to be able to get stuck at this stage, only getting past it after at least another eight to ten simulations.

He ran another simulation.

The outcome was exactly the same.

“Your ability to guard your mind is 1.46x that of ordinary people.”

Lin Chang`an felt that his ability to grasp the mind was constantly evolving. In just a short moment, it had gotten close to 1.5x.

He continued with the simulations.

“Your ability to guard your mind is 1.61x that of an ordinary person.”

Another simulation.

[You guarded your mind and finally woke up abruptly just as your foot was about to step into the swamp.]

[You heard a baby’s cry and turned to walk away.]

[A strange wind blew and you felt something on your shoulder.]

[At the instant you turned your head, a cold wind blew and took your life away with it.]

This time around, there wasn’t a talent option. Hence, Lin Chang`an chose the memory fragment.

An eerie and dark scene immediately appeared in his mind.

Lin Chang`an felt as if he had really entered the strange dungeon.

There was endless darkness in the scene, the entire place filled with a cold and eerie aura.

He heard some kind of sound for real.

It sounded hoarse and slow, as if saying something.

It was enticing, slow, and sounded stretched out. “Young man... Young man...”

Lin Chang`an felt his hair standing from the chills he felt.

This memory fragment instantly shattered, and he saw the scene in which his life was taken away by the cold wind.

Who wouldn’t turn their head if there was a ghost lying on their shoulder

Lin Chang`an let out a long breath. After seeing these scenes, he felt that his resistance had increased a little.

He was about to activate another simulation when Chu Li let out a soft cry from the driver’s seat.

“It’s done!”

Her huge boobs moved with her body, knocking into the steering wheel. Lin Chang`an felt a little worried that the steering wheel would break.

“You’ve gotten it?”

“There’s a way to enter now! Make preparations and then get moving immediately!” Chu Li turned and now felt that Lin Chang`an was very pleasing to the eye.

In Chu Li’s eyes, he was literally money with legs.

“Alright,” Lin Chang`an nodded.

“Ah, this isn’t right. It’s so dangerous in the dungeon. Are you able to handle it?” It was only now that Chu Li seemed to realize this.

This woman’s reaction had always been extremely slow in other things when money was concerned.

“I’ll be very careful.” Lin Chang`an smiled and said, “Moreover, I have actually been hiding my strength. Boss, you didn’t notice that, right?”

This was what Lin Chang`an was planning to tell others after the unified examination.

Otherwise, it’d be too strange if his qi and blood value suddenly surged to become multiple times higher in just a few days.

It was another matter whether other people believed this or not.

As long as his talent was strengthened, he would be able to explain things.

Chu Li had a doubtful look on her face. She then grabbed Lin Chang`an’s hand.

He felt a cold sensation drifting over. “Don’t risk your life for the sake of money!”

“Do you think that I’m like you?” Lin Chang`an rolled his eyes.

“Alright, I’ll be going to take care of the connections. I’ll be able to get the entry approval in the afternoon.” Chu Li got off the car in a hurry, leaving Lin Chang`an alone here.

Lin Chang`an then continued to activate simulations.

[A strange wind blew, and you felt something on your shoulder.]

[You held back on the impulse to turn your head.]

[You explored silently, advancing in a certain direction based on your intuition.]

[You were discovered by a certain silver spirit. You died.]

He activated the simulation again.

[You were exploring and you made new plans for the route to take.]

[You fell into the spatial tempest and died.]

Lin Chang`an felt that he was experiencing 100 ways to die.

A C-Grade dungeon wasn’t a place that someone of his realm could pass through with ease. He could only make repeated attempts like this.

He kept on changing his routes and directions.

[You were exploring.]

[Finally, you found your own house.]

[You entered the room and switched on the computer, deleting the browsing history.]

[You still felt unsettled and thus decided to format your computer.]

[You then felt at ease and glanced at the mirror.]

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