Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 85 Join the First Team

Chapter 85 Join the First Team

The Golden foot of the salamander

Quality: Golden

Equipment type: plate armor shoes

Equipment level: 15

Equipment Requirement: the spirit is not less than 75


Transitional speed +15%

Strength +18

Agility +18

Constitution +18

Spirit +23



Heat resistance: reduce the damages by 10% when the player is attacked by fire attributes

Burning step: After this skill is turned on, flames will appear at the feet of the player. The path the player passes will continue to burn. The enemy on the path of the fire will suffer from damages of 50% of his/her INT pery second. The path of fire can last 30 second and consume 10 Magic Points per second after you turn it on.

Everyone gasped in astonishment. This was definitely a piece of golden equipment!

It had five strong basic attributes, besides, it also had a powerful ranged attack skill. With this equipment, a priest could kill a large group of monsters more quickly and level up more efficiently.

“It’s a pair of plate armor shoes. We’d better give this to a priest.”

Lao Xu said with hesitation. Plate armor mainly improved the player’s spirit, therefore, it suited the priest the best.

“Thank you. It’s very kind of you to give it to me.”

Xiaofeng rubbed his hands together and was about to come forward. He was think-skinned and took it for granted.

“Why does it belong to you? I’m also a priest.”

War Spirit Ziyi was the first to come forward. She crossed her arms over her chest and said with dissatisfaction. Xiaofeng immediately became speechless after hearing her words.

“I’m also a priest and have the right to use it.”

In addition to War Spirit Ziyi, Midsummer Rose also came forward to compete for the shoes, which made Xiaofeng discontent. She was just a Passer-by. Shame on her!

“Players of every profession can wear this pair of shoes. Why does it belong to your priests?”

“Yes! He’s right. It’s obvious that mage can make use of its skills.”

17-Year-Old Archer and Immortal Fire also said one after another. Their eyes were fixed on the Golden foot of the salamander and they didn’t even blink.

“Well, I also want golden equipment.”

War Spirit Knife also said in a low voice. As the best shield warrior of his guild, he got priority in choosing the equipment when the War Spirit Hall finished the mission of the instance zone. But he didn’t have much say in this group of elite players.

Lao Xu shook his head with resignation. They were facing a thorny issue. Players of every profession could wear golden shoes and it was difficult to allocate them.

“Shut up! Let’s decide the owner by lot!”

Xiaofeng rolled up his sleeves and agreed without hesitation. He didn’t lack golden equipment but he was attracted to the skills of this pair of shoes. The ranged DPS skill which lasted 30 seconds could greatly improve his ability to cause damages.

“Let’s get started. I’m not afraid of you.”

In the wild, the equipment belonged to the player who found it. The same was true for the instance zone. But usually, the players would form a team to enter the instance zone, therefore, it was common that teammates of the same profession would fight for the equipment. Casting lots was a fair way to allocate the drops. Each player participating in the mission could randomly select a number between 1 to 100 and the player who chose the largest number would be the owner of the equipment.

Lao Xu didn’t need the equipment, therefore, Xiaofeng and the other 8 players would participate in the activity. This was the golden equipment, after all. Players could use it or sell it at a sky-high price. Therefore, no one gave up this opportunity except for Lao Xu.

“The top five places on the equipment list are occupied by you! Why do you fight with us for this low-level equipment?” War Spirit Ziyi said to Xiaofeng with disdain.

“The good equipment is eye-catching and goes against my low-key style. So I want to wear low-level equipment sometimes,” Xiaofeng said sharply.

“Why do you fight with us for this low-level equipment since you’ve already had good equipment?”

“Why do you have lunch since you’ve already had breakfast?”

“Bitch!” Night Cooer typed.

“All right. Stop arguing with each other. Hurry up and allocate this equipment. We should join the second team as soon as possible.” Lao Xu was tired of their dispute.

“I come first!” Xiaofeng took the lead and said. He opened the system’s function to cast lots and a huge dice appeared and turned madly in front of them. Then it suddenly stopped and they saw a double-digit number.


Everyone stared at it in amazement as if looking at the ghosts.


Xiaofeng was also stunned and then became ecstatic and said, “It seems that you don’t need to throw dice. Well, I regret to inform you that this equipment belongs to me.”

“I disagree! I can have 100!” War Spirit Ziyi held her breath and threw the dice. The dice also turned madly and then stopped suddenly. They saw a single figure.


“Haha, rubbish.” Xiaofeng was the first to laugh out loud and said sharply.

Looking at the lonely single figure, War Spirit Ziyi’s beautiful and charming face became rigid and her ample bosom went up and down in anger.

Other people also looked at the figure strangely. And then 17-Year-Old Archer who was the youngest among all these players present also came forward in dissatisfaction.

“It’s my turn!”

The dice suddenly stopped and another small figure appeared.


“Haha, rubbish.” Xiaofeng crossed his arms over his chest and watched them with interests.

Night Cooer silently came forward and threw the dice. The figure quickly appeared.


This was even smaller than that of 17-Year-Old Archer.


Xiaofeng became more and more complacent. Night Cooer’s hands were shaking and she gripped her daggers and started at Xiaofeng as if she wanted to skin him alive.

“It’s my turn...”



“It’s my turn!”




The other seven players took turns and threw the dice. Xiaofeng had 99 points while all the other players’ numbers were lower than 30. It was a severe blow to them and they looked at Xiaofeng in amazement.

The last one was Midsummer Rose. But looking at Xiaofeng who was shaking legs, she dared not come forward and gave up this opportunity.

99 was a big number and she didn’t believe that she could have 100 points. Besides, she would be teased by Xiaofeng and suffered a humiliating defeat if she failed. She was proud and arrogant and would never bear the shame. Therefore, she directly gave up the attempt.

“It seems that everyone agrees with it. Then this golden equipment belongs to Master Healer.”

Xiaofeng took the equipment over from Lao Xu and he looked complacent and proud. Other players looked at him in anger and didn’t know what to say.

“You can share the rest of the items. Wow! I’m so generous!”

Xiaofeng shook his head and pretended to be generous. The other players gnashed their teeth in hatred.

The best golden equipment belonged to Xiaofeng and they shared the left three pieces of equipment.

The silver equipment was a scepter and could cause damages of fire attributes. So Immortal Fire took it. The two pieces of rare equipment were heavy armors which mainly improved the player’s strength. War Spirit Knife and Sword of Dynasty took them.

“Let’s go. We should join the second team. They’ve been killed by the second BOSS and are waiting for us at the gate of the second BOSS.”

Lao Xu read the map of the instance zone and found the approximate position of the second team. Then they hurried over.

Midsummer Rose was at the end of the line. She didn’t throw the dice and couldn’t be reconciled. So she threw the dice in secret. The dice quickly stopped in front of her but she was shocked by the three-digit figure.



“We killed the first BOSS on the first try! All of you are killed by the BOSS! You’re weak!”

The second team revived and came back to the entrance of the instance zone. They killed all the little monsters on the road, so Xiaofeng and other teammates arrived at the door of the second BOSS quickly and joined the second team. Sword of Dynasty said to them with complacency.

“Shut up! The second BOSS is definitely stronger than the first one. The first BOSS must be easier to deal with.”

The captain of the second team was Therapeutical Paladin and his face darkened after hearing what he had said.

“Let’s go. We can first enter the room of the BOSS. Master Therapeutical Paladin, please tell the skills of the second BOSS to them.” Lao Xu interrupted them. He didn’t want the two teams to have trouble.

20 players formed a big team and entered the room of the second BOSS. This was also a cave that was smaller than that of the salamander elder. It was not so flat and seemed to be dug out.

At the same time, I’m Therapeutical Paladin said, “The second BOSS is a root of a tree and we only reduced its HP by 20%. Its first skill is easy to deal with and we can escape from it. But its second skill is threatening. If it hits you, it will plant fire poison on your body and will detonate it in subsequent attacks. I separated the two front-row players. The first one was responsible for taking the fire poison and then retreating, and the second player resisted the damages. But the fire poison continued to cause damages and the priest can’t heal the players in time.”

“Do you mean that the front-row players and priests are under the greatest pressure? We can ask more front-row players and priests to resist the damages of the fire poison,” Lao Xu said after thinking for a while.

“No, the continuous damage of fire poison is very high, and it can be planted on the player more than once. The players can’t resist its damages without the purification of the priest.” Therapeutical Paladin shook his head and said.

“Purification should be the 15th-level skill of the priest. This is the 15th-level instance zone, after all. We can’t find a priest who has this skill at the current stage. Let’s first have a try. We will see what we can do when we attack it.”

Lao Xu also shook his head and said. This instance zone was at a higher level than them and it must be a difficult task to challenge it. But there were many elite players and he was sure that they could overcome all the difficulties.

While they were talking, Xiaofeng also saw the appearance of the second BOSS. It was indeed a root that grew from the stonewall. They didn’t know what it was, but they were scared by the root alone. It was thick and looked more threatening than the salamander elder. It was as huge as a train. The tree root was bright red and there were veins on its surface, which made it more horrible and terrifying.

Fire Tree Magical Tentacles

Level: 15

Grade: Rare BOSS

Health Points: 19000/19000

ATN: 104-128

DNF: 95-108

MGD: 90-100


Entangled Roots, Mad Whipping, Root Spurs, Fire Tree Poison, Bloody Growth, Fire Tree Seed, and Life Capture

Introduction: It’s the tentacles of the unknown creature and it grows here by accident, But its fire elements were popular among the salamanders.

Features: It’s a rare BOSS and has a strong ability to attack and defend! It’s almost immune to the magical damages of fire attributes. Besides, it has strong life recovery ability in this environment. It is extremely difficult to deal with!

“It’s a rare BOSS! It’s HP nearly reaches 20,000! It has more skills than the salamander elder!”

“Its attacking force and defense are amazing! Both of them are over 100 points!”

“Do you know why all of us have been killed by it? It’s too strong!”

In fact, the second team was also strong because there was no Passer-by in this team and all the Passers-by were in the first team. So the first team didn’t expect that all the players of the second team would be killed when the BOSS still had 80% of HP.

However, they immediately knew the reason after reading the attributes of this BOSS. It was too horrible and threatening.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 85 Join the First Team