Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 80 Set Off

Chapter 80 Set Off

“He’s coming.”

War Spirit Knife suddenly said and interrupted the conversations in the room. Everyone immediately realized that the master that the War Spirit Hall had been waiting for was coming. More than 20 players looked towards the door at the same time.

Then a man dressed in novice clothes pushed the door open and walked in. He was tall and slender. The other players realized that this was Xiaofeng.

Everyone immediately stared at his face at the same time. They looked at the name on his head after finding that they’ve never seen him before. Everyone was surprised by his name of Archbishop. He was not a master that they were familiar with. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

Who was this man?

Perhaps most of the players had this idea. They looked at Xiaofeng and War Spirit Hall with doubts.

Was he in the wrong room? Maybe the War Spirit Hall sent an invitation to the wrong person.

“Hey! There are so many people in this place!”

Everyone was looking blankly at him and Xiaofeng also didn’t expect that there were so many players in this room. There were more than 20 players and could form more than one team. He greeted them casually.

“I thought you wouldn’t come here.”

Night Cooer took the lead and said to Xiaofeng. But she typed instead of speaking to him. She looked at Xiaofeng and it seemed that she didn’t want to expose her gender.

“He’s a perverted man! Why do you come here?”

17-Year-Old Archer, who was hiding in the corner, also stared at Xiaofeng and said. He still remembered the day when he was irritated by Xiaofeng on the farm and gave up his task.

A group of elite players who were preoccupied with their own thoughts suddenly became serious. They looked Xiaofeng up and down. Two masters talked with him one by one and it seemed that he didn’t go to the wrong room. He must be the one that the War Spirit Hall had been waiting for. He must also be a senior player since he knew these two masters.

But they’ve never met him or heard his name of Archbishop before. They looked at Xiaofeng carefully but still failed to connect him with any masters in their minds.

“Oh, wait! His name sounds familiar. You defeated the players of the Doomsday League yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Yes, he seems to be the man. It’s said that Doomsday God and many top managers of the Doomsday League have been put into prison by the NPC. All the members of the Doomsday League are trying to save them now. This is a big event.”

“Yes, I’ve also heard about them. It seems that the name of the player who entrapped Doomsday God is Archbishop. Many people have heard this news and the Doomsday League has become the laughingstock of the game world. We didn’t expect that someone could feign injury to extort money in the game. Hahaha.”

Although most people didn’t know Xiaofeng, they’ve heard of his name of Archbishop.

The Doomsday League had suffered a humiliating defeat yesterday and many top managers of the guild were put into prison by the NPC. This event caused a sensation in the guild forum and they thought that the members of the Doomsday League were too daring. How dare they fight with others in the main city? But after knowing the truth, many players were surprised and broke into demented laughter.

The players of different major guilds whispered and looked at Xiaofeng strangely.

But there were also some players who didn’t browse the guild forum and I’m Therapeutical Paladin was one of them. He ignored the whispers behind him and looked Xiaofeng up and down with disdain.

“Does the War Spirit Hall wait for him? He looks like a wild man! Lao Xu, have you heard of him?”

I’m Therapeutical Paladin had been listed in the Hall of Fame for a long time and he believed that he knew all the masters of the Huaxia District. They’ve been waiting for Xiaofeng for a long time but he realized that he had never seen this man standing in front of him before.

I’m Therapeutical Paladin said with disdain. He disdained to talk with Xiaofeng and deliberately asked Lao Xu instead.

Everyone knew that Lao Xu was experienced and knowledgeable. He must be a nobody if Lao Xu didn’t hear of him.

I’m Therapeutical Paladin thought that Lao Xu might know this guy. He was the master who was invited by the War Spirit Hall, after all. But he was sure that this man was at most in the middle reaches of the players and they shouldn’t wait for him for such a long time.

Therefore, no matter what Lao Xu might say, Therapeutical Paladin was determined to continue to tease him. For the sake of the War Spirit Hall, he would not kick this wild man out of their team, but he has had to teach him a lesson.

However, to his surprise, Lao Xu didn’t answer his question, instead, Lao Xu looked at Xiaofeng thoughtfully.

Lao Xu was wearing the novice suit and he was only at level 10. He didn’t have any attacking capacity but no one doubted his influence. It was obvious that he had enough say.

At this moment, this ordinary middle-aged man was looking at the details of Xiaofeng and his eyes glittered with shrewdness and astonishment.

The fashion dress could indeed conceal the appearance of the equipment, but it couldn’t cover the appearance of jewelry and weapons.

But all the body parts for jewelry were occupied!

There were earrings on his ears and necklace around his neck. Besides, there were two rings on his hands!

Players could choose to conceal the light effect of the equipment, but you could find its grade by observing carefully. Lao Xu was sharp-eyed and could see the faint silver light of Xiaofeng’s weapon and one of the rings. This meant that they were silver equipment. But Xiaofeng was not attracted to them.

Lao Xu was staring at Xiaofeng’s earrings because there was a glimmer of white on it!

Whiteboard equipment was not able to shine and only immortal equipment had the white light!

There was only one piece of immortal equipment in the equipment list of the Huaxia District. It was an earring and its owner was the mysterious player who easily took first place of all the ranking lists of the Huaxia District!

Therefore, Lao Xu confirmed the identity of Xiaofeng in an instant. He was definitely the best analyst of online games in the Huaxia District.

“I didn’t expect that the War Spirit Hall could ask this master to help them. Haha, it seems that we’re more likely to complete the mission of the instance zone.”

Lao Xu suddenly said with a mysterious smile. The other players looked at him in bewilderment and didn’t know what he was thinking about.

Only War Spirit Sky understood what Lao Xu meant. Lao Xu guessed the identity of Xiaofeng in an instant and War Spirit Sky was deeply impressed by his analytical skills.

War Spirit Ziyi once saw Xiaofeng attack the monsters and clearly knew that he was strong and skilled. But she also didn’t know his character name, let alone his true identity.

Midsummer Rose also understood Lao Xu’s meaning. She had already known that Xiaofeng took first place in the level list of the Huaxia District. But Xiaofeng was still the enemy of the Midsummer Guild, therefore, she directly looked away from him when he arrived. She didn’t want to get involved with this man.

“Lao Xu, what do you mean?”

I’m Therapeutical Paladin frowned and asked him. Everyone present wanted to ask the same question.

“Haha, everyone is here and it’s time to form a team and set out. We shouldn’t waste any time. Don’t worry, he’s a real master.”

Lao Xu said with a smile. He didn’t give them a clear answer.

But Lao Xu was popular among players and his analyses and answers were convincing to them. Other players’ prejudice against Xiaofeng immediately disappeared after they heard Lao Xu’s words. Therapeutical Paladin also stopped talking despite his discontent with Xiaofeng.

The leader of the pioneering team was War Spirit Knife. The War Spirit Hall didn’t tell them the location of the instance zone yet and other players had to follow the War Spirit Hall. War Spirit Sky had already backed out of the team, therefore, War Spirit Knife became the team leader.

War Spirit Knife sent a team application to Xiaofeng and they heard the system prompt after Xiaofeng joined them. But everyone’s face became rigid after hearing the prompt.

“Hey! Dad has joined the team.”

All the other players, who were about to set out, became shocked and stunned. They stared at Xiaofeng with complicated emotions. All the other players were already in the team and he was the only one who just joined them.

All the players present were elite players. They looked at his head and immediately realized that Archbishop was just his title while his real character name was even weirder.

“Gee! He’s at level 13! His profession is the Sacred Ritualist!”

Xiaofeng joined the team and the other 19 players could see his team interface at the same time. They were stunned once again.

“He’s the mysterious player who takes first place of all the ranking lists of the Huaxia District!”

“Fuck! You’re right! He’s the super master! He’s the only player in the Huaxia District and in the entire server who reaches level 13! Besides, he also takes first place of the equipment list, pet list, and fame list! He’s also the first player in the entire server to transfer to the hidden profession!”

“I didn’t expect that he could join our pioneering team! Great! I’ve made the right choice!”

“He has 289 Health Points! I can’t believe this! I’m a shield warrior while his HP is even higher than mine!”


They gasped and exclaimed in astonishment. A group of players looked at his information displayed in the team interface, and then looked at Xiaofeng himself with shocked disbelief. No one doubted his ability anymore.

The core members of the major guilds realized that Xiaofeng was the one who entrapped the senior managers of the Doomsday League. They sighed with complicated emotions and thought that the Doomsday League got what they deserved. How dare they offend this super master?

Therapeutical Paladin was also surprised. He didn’t expect that Xiaofeng was the mysterious player who took first place of all the ranking lists of the Huaxia District. But then he sneered and his eyes glittered with disdain.

“His high level is useless to us. He’s just a priest and can’t resist the attacks or give DPS.”

The players who gasped and exclaimed suddenly became silent at this moment. They were staring at Xiaofeng and Therapeutical Paladin without saying anything.

Everyone noticed the discontent in his tone. But Xiaofeng directly ignored him without making any comments.

“All right. Let’s go. We have no time to lose.”

Lao Xu came forward to ease the situation. He was afraid that these two masters might come into conflict before arriving at the destination. But this group of players clearly knew that this was a critical moment and they couldn’t afford to waste a single minute. Completing the mission of the instance zone was the top priority and they shouldn’t care about other affairs at this moment.

“Let’s set off!”

There were 30 elite players, including the substitute players. They couldn’t pass through Shengshui City in public. There were full of players who wanted to find the entrance to the instance zone. Other players would definitely recognize them as the pioneering team at once and follow them to the instance zone.

The War Spirit Hall didn’t announce the location of the entrance to the instance zone. In fact, they didn’t do this for themselves. For one thing, the honor of being the first to complete the mission was related to the benefits of the major guilds and the ordinary players were not allowed to get involved. For another, their pioneering team was composed of the best players in the Huaxia District. They were definitely stronger than ordinary players.

However, they had to take the honor of the entire Huaxia District into consideration and couldn’t conceal the location of the instance zone, otherwise, they would be abused by the other players. Therefore, they would conventionally announce the location within one hour, which meant that this pioneering team could only arrive at the place an hour in advance.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 80 Set Off