Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 76 The Horrible Scene

Chapter 76 The Horrible Scene

“What do you want? Do you want to fight with me?”

Xiaofeng glanced sideways at her and Night Cooer was irritated by his attitude.


Xiaofeng was walking down a quiet path and there were no players around them. Therefore, Night Cooer didn’t need to conceal her identity. She said to Xiaofeng and her crisp voice was muffled by the mask.

“Why are you following me? I’m still in the Must Kill List of the Midsummer Guild.”

Xiaofeng directly ignored her and walked up to the path without saying anything.

“I don’t work together with the guild.”

Night Cooer said flatly. Xiaofeng realized that she was right. She was an assassin. The warrior, priest, and ranged DPS professions played an important part in the large-scale operation of the guild while the assassin was just on the look-out and wasn’t important.

After all, assassin players intended to work alone instead of working with others.

“What do you want?” Xiaofeng asked once again. He was going to do the task and Night Cooer shouldn’t follow him all the time.

Besides, he couldn’t attack her or shoo her away. If she were Midsummer Rose, Xiaofeng would kill her with his hammer without any hesitation. But Night Cooer was different from others.

Xiaofeng was afraid that she might come to his house. After all, she had done this several times.

“I want to level up with you. As an assassin, I’m not good at killing monsters. You’re a priest and you must be slower than me. So we can work together to kill monsters. You can increase my HP and improve my attacking capacity. This is more efficient than working alone.”

Night Cooer walked behind Xiaofeng and said lightly. She was still wearing night clothes but she was not so bossy and domineering as before.

Her figure also returned to normal after transferring her profession. She looked small in the Novice Village, but now she was higher while her bosom remained flat.

“I have to do the task first instead of leveling up.”

“I’d love to do the task. Please make a team with me. I don’t think it’s a solo mission.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Hurry up and team up with me! I’ll not take your task reward.”

Xiaofeng had no choice but to send her a team invitation.

“Hey! Dad sends you a team invitation, do you accept it?”

Obviously, Night Cooer’s body stiffened before accepting the invitation.

“Your name is so strange. I can’t believe the system can adopt it.”

“Hey! My name is perfect! Please tell me the word in your mind when you see my name.”

“Shut up!”

Night Cooer felt that it was a waste of time to talk to Xiaofeng. Fortunately, she wore a mask and Xiaofeng couldn’t see her emotions.

“Hey! What are you doing in the courier station? Is it the mount task?”

Xiaofeng walked into the courier station after a while and she couldn’t hold back her curiosity and then asked.

“No. The task location is a bit far away. I need to buy a better horse.”

Xiaofeng could still remember being left behind by the white horse of War Spirit Ziyi. Therefore, he decided to buy a better horse, although he had already had a black horse.

He opened the store page of the NPC boss of the courier station and saw a row of horses.

The horse he had bought before was the black horse. The price was one gold coin and its speed was medium.

The white horse had higher speed and its price was ten gold coins.

The red horse had upper speed and its price was 20 gold coins.

Xiaofeng gritted his teeth and bought a red horse. He could be far ahead of War Spirit Ziyi when meeting her the next time. He felt relieved and reassured at the thought.

There was also the Ferghana horse, whose price was 50 gold coins. But Xiaofeng didn’t have so much money at this moment.

“What is the level of your horse?”

Xiaofeng asked Night Cooer just in case. He was afraid that her horse might be of a higher level.

“Red horse. What’s wrong?” Night Cooer asked strangely.

“It’s nothing. I’m just curious.” Their horses were at the same level and Xiaofeng was relieved.

Xiaofeng rode the new horse and rushed to the mission location. It was the mountain range and its distance from Tianlong City was similar to the distance between the Bright Mountain and Shengshui City.

Night Cooer also followed Xiaofeng but she was more experienced than War Spirit Ziyi. They worked together and passed through the territory of monsters easily without being stopped all the way.

“Hey! Bitch! Do you block me once again? Hurry up and cancel it, otherwise, I’ll go to your house and scrounge free meals off you.”

Of course, they quarreled with each other once again. Xiaofeng couldn’t stand her and canceled the screen.

“There’s something wrong with this place. There are more and more high-level undead monsters. Are you sure that we are in the right direction? I can’t see the levels of these monsters by using my intermediate scouting.”

They quickly approached the periphery of the mountain range after half an hour. High-level zombies and skeleton monsters also appeared, replacing the ordinary creeps.

Looking at the mountain that was covered in dark clouds and oozed with the gloomy atmosphere, Night Cooer couldn’t help asking him.

“No! We are in the right place! This is excellent!”

But Xiaofeng was ecstatic. Obviously, this mountain range was related to the dark races. This was an excellent place to level up!

This was a huge place and he could kill as many monsters as he liked.

There were countless undead and creeps of the dark races in the mountain and he could kill all of them. Xiaofeng trembled with excitement at the thought and quickened his pace.

“Hey! This map is of a high level! Be careful!”

Night Cooer was the complete opposite of Xiaofeng. She was very careful and cautious.

The entrance to the mountain range was a valley. After bypassing the scattered skeleton monsters, they put away the mount and sneaked in. They passed through the mouth of the valley. Xiaofeng was ecstatic after seeing the scene inside.

There were numerous white skeleton monsters in the valley! Xiaofeng could see a sea of bones of the dead and there were more than thousands of them!

“Haha! We’re going to make huge profits! Let’s go! We can at least move up a level after killing these monsters!”

Xiaofeng grinned with excitement and rushed into the valley.

Xiaofeng was attracted to the numerous points of experience and completely forgot the task of the master of Tianlong City. It was not the time-limited task, after all. He could finish the task later and leveling up was his top priority at this moment.

“Do you want to kill these monsters? They’re 20th-level skeleton soldiers. It has 1200 Health Points and an average defense. But there are many of them and it’s a good place to level up.”

Night Cooer walked behind Xiaofeng and said after seeing the level of the numerous skeleton monsters. Then she came forward and waved. An awe-inspiring Cooing Chicken appeared in front of her. It had golden beak and claws and Xiaofeng realized that this was the Golden Cooing Chicken, which was in tenth place on the pet list.

“Let’s get started. We can first kill the monsters on the left. They are dispersed. Please add a BUFF to me. Where’s your pet? You can summon it now. By the way, does the golden pet in the first place of the pet list belong to you? Its owner conceals the character name and I think it might be you.”

Night Cooer gripped two daggers and said to Xiaofeng without even turning her head. She was waiting for Xiaofeng’s BUFF and was about to rush to kill the monsters.

“What are you doing?”

But Xiaofeng looked at her strangely and asked with doubts. He took out the therapeutic scepter and jumped directly onto the stone. He waved the scepter and all the skeleton soldiers in the valley were covered with the holy light.






Countless damage figures appeared on the head of all the skeleton soldiers at the same time. They formed red clouds and rose from the valley!

Xiaofeng’s Holy Light was only at level 1 and its healing effect was 10 percent of the Health Points of the target plus his own spirit. The damage effect was the same. 10 percent of the Health Points of the skeleton soldiers was 120 points while his spirit was 75 points. Therefore, he could cause 195 points of damage to the monsters!

Night Cooer was about to urge Xiaofeng to add BUFF, but she was suddenly shocked by the red clouds in the valley!

There were more than thousands of monsters! Huge damage points appeared on their heads at the same time. The sea of bones was seething immediately and the HP of all skeleton soldiers dropped!


Xiaofeng looked at them with complacency but his face suddenly darkened. He attracted the hatred of all the skeleton soldiers. Their shouts and screams reverberated in the valley and the skeleton soldiers moved and rushed at him like the sea wave!

Xiaofeng turned to run without any hesitation. He also shouted at Night Cooer who was absent-minded to wake her up.

Night Cooer regained consciousness and her face also darkened. She was shocked by what she saw. Thousands of skeleton soldiers formed the sea and rushed at them. She didn’t know what Xiaofeng had done and why all the skeleton soldiers’ HP dropped at the same time. But she ignored these doubts and turned to run with Xiaofeng.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 76 The Horrible Scene