Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 69 The Temple of Light

Chapter 69 The Temple of Light

The ladders towered into the clouds and seemed to reach the sky. It was made of white jade.

Above the ladder was a magnificent Holy City. Standing on the ground, Xiaofeng could only see the rolling walls and the magic tower that towered into the clouds.

“Bright Apostle, welcome to the Bright Mountain.”

Under the ladder, there were rows of silver armor knights. After Xiaofeng arrived, two knights came over and said to him friendly.

“I need to see the Goddess of Light. The Tianlong City branch is in trouble.”

Xiaofeng said. He also couldn’t see the levels of these bright knights. But they were better equipped and should be at a higher level than the knights of the Tianlong City branch.

“Tianlong City is also in trouble... It seems that these dark races are getting more undisciplined...” The leading knight said. Xiaofeng was surprised at his words.

“Other main cities are also in trouble?”

“Yes. During the advent ceremony in the Bright Mountain, the Bright Mountain will be in the space blockade. The transmission array with other branches will be temporarily disconnected. Many dark races will take the opportunity to attack the major halls. This is not the first time.”

The knight explained. Xiaofeng nodded with understanding and the knight continued to say.

“The Goddess of Light is in the temple. You can walk into the temple to find her. Only the Goddess of Light can use the transmission magic in the space blockade.”

Xiaofeng nodded and thanked the knight. It was late at night and he only had one hour to finish the task. So he directly climbed the white jade ladder without delay.

War Spirit Ziyi was still following him with a puzzled look on her beautiful face. But she believed that this was a great task because she noticed that Xiaofeng and the bright knight were talking about the Goddess of Light and the dark races.

At this moment, Xiaofeng was climbing the Bright Mountain. She immediately followed him without hesitation. Based on her many years of experience in online games, she was sure that this was a high-level task and she could get considerable benefits by getting a small piece of the reward.

“The adventurers are not allowed to enter this place. The Bright Mountain is not open to you. Please come here after you reach level 50.”

But two tall knights stopped her as she was about to climb the ladder.

“What? Why can’t I climb the Holy Mountain? He’s also an adventurer!”

War Spirit Ziyi pointed at Xiaofeng who kept climbing the mountain and retorted.

“There are also apostles who believe in light among the adventurers. They are devout and the Bright Mountain will welcome them.” The leading knight explained.

“I also believe in the light! I’m a ritualist! I must be more devout than him! Please let me enter this place!”

War Spirit Ziyi immediately said. But this time, the leading knight became silent and directly ignored her.

“Hey! Master Healer! Bright Apostle! Please tell them that we come here together!”

After finding that the knights didn’t believe her, War Spirit Ziyi shouted at Xiaofeng.

But Xiaofeng was eager to shake her off. He didn’t say anything and quickened his pace. Soon he could not hear the voice of War Spirit Ziyi.

The ladder was very long. But luckily, the players would not become tired. Besides, the mountain was only a hundred meters high. Xiaofeng soon reached the peak and saw the majestic Holy City.

“Hey! You’ve found the Temple of Light–Asia Headquarters! Fame points +100!”

Xiaofeng was surprised at the system prompt. It seemed that the Holy City was just the headquarter of the Huaxia District and other theaters should also have similar temples.

Xiaofeng ignored this fact. The city gate was open and Xiaofeng immediately walked into the Holy City bathed in the holy light.

The Holy City was big but the labels on the map were very simple. It was different from the main city of the player, and there were not many complicated areas. There were only a few important facilities here, and the central temple was in the center of the city. Xiaofeng immediately hurried over.

But it was strange that the Holy City was empty. There were not many NPCs and Xiaofeng didn’t know where they were hiding. But the NPC ritualists he met were all cardinals like the Kaiser Bishop.

Xiaofeng asked a few NPCs passing by about the entrance to the central temple and then immediately hurried over. At the same time, he looked strangely at the sky above the central temple. Outside the city, the player could only see that the entire Holy City was shrouded in the Holy Light. Only when you reached the city can you clearly see that there was a strong light in the center of the city. It was like a light column and fell vertically in the city. But Xiaofeng didn’t know its specific position.

“Bright Apostle? I haven’t seen you before. Are you from the branch?”

A cardinal just came out from inside the temple when Xiaofeng arrived at the entrance of the central temple. He was also an old man and the name on his head was Bishop Renault. He saw Xiaofeng and asked him curiously.

“Yes, I come from Tianlong City...”

“Aha! Tianlong City! How’s Kaiser? We’re old friends!”

Bishop Renault was elated after hearing Xiaofeng’s words. He immediately interrupted Xiaofeng.

“Bishop Kaiser is fine but Tianlong City is in trouble. I come here to ask the Goddess of Light for help.”

Xiaofeng held back his anger and tried to be patient. He only had more than ten minutes to finish the task.

“Well, I see. Please follow me.”

Bishop Renault seemed to be talkative, but luckily, he knew that this was the top priority. He immediately led the way to the temple after hearing that Tianlong City was in trouble.

Xiaofeng took this arrangement with delight. The central temple was too big and he had a poor sense of direction here. Therefore, he followed Bishop Renault without hesitation.

“Recently, the dark races in the Land of God are restless and cause trouble one after another. The Goddess of Light predicted that the Dark Army would come back to life, so she held the ceremony to gain the initiative. But we didn’t expect that the damned dark races still found the opportunity and attacked several branches. Tianlong City must be one of them.”

“But the dark races will be purified by the light after the advent ceremony successfully comes to an end. The dark races will be no match for the light forces even if the Demons are resuscitated and the Devil Emperor appears once again. The space blockade of the Bright Mountain is caused by the strong space power of the advent ceremony, but it is also used to protect the advent ceremony from being destroyed.”

Bishop Renault was talking non-stop. Xiaofeng and he finally arrived at the inside of the central temple. Xiaofeng was curious about the advent ceremony the Bishop had mentioned, but he knew that he didn’t have the time to ask. He could only ask Bishop Renault later.

Because Xiaofeng was attracted to a woman. Oh no, she was a goddess.

“This is the Goddess of Light!”

Xiaofeng had already noticed the striking name before Bishop Renault told him.

The temple was empty and spacious while the light power was strong. There were knights standing on both sides and their entire body was covered by the armor. Event their face was covered by the metal helmet.

There was a gorgeous white jade throne in the middle of the temple. This throne of god suspended in mid-air and the Goddess of Light mentioned by the NPCs was lying in it. She looked lazy.

Xiaofeng didn’t know how to describe this Goddess of Light. She seemed to be a perfect woman!

She must be simulated by the system! She was perfect and her beauty was without flaw!

She was an oriental beauty, but Xiaofeng was not sure about her age. She seemed to be only seventeen or eighteen years old but sometimes players may think that she was twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Because she was too perfect and all the features of women, including the figure, facial features, skin were perfect. She possessed all the best parts of the beauty and looked too perfect to be true.

This kind of woman should have been coveted by all men in the world but Xiaofeng felt that she was distant and unapproachable. In addition to her unreal beauty, Xiaofeng was also impressed by her eyes.

She didn’t treat others as equals, instead, she seemed to be arrogant and superior. She was the goddess and she looked at the ordinary people as if they were bugs. She gave him a pitying look and then became indifferent and cold once again. It seemed that everyone who looked up at her was inferior to her.

With her illusory and perfect appearance, she was an otherworldly goddess who was mortal and superior.

She was wearing a white dress, with a silver crown on her head. Her long black hair was flying and spotlessly clean. She looked holy and pure and it seemed that she should be worshipped by the ordinary people.

Yes, this creature should be the goddess. Xiaofeng was captivated by her beauty. Compared with her, Midsummer Rose who had fine and delicate features was just an ordinary and immature girl.

“Goddess of Light, this is the Bright Apostle from Tianlong City.”

Xiaofeng regained his composure after hearing Bishop Renault’s words. He immediately took out the hand-written letter of Bishop Kaiser. He only had several minutes to finish the task and this was his top priority.

Xiaofeng let go of the letter and it suddenly flew and fell into the hands of the Goddess of Light, who was half lying in the throne in the mid-air.

She opened the handwritten letter and read it. Then the letter disappeared out of thin air. Throughout, she looked indifferent and cold and didn’t show any emotions.

“I see.”

Then she finally said something. Her voice was also perfect and had no impurities.

Was this finished?

Xiaofeng was stun and looked blankly at her. Tianlong City was in big trouble. According to the Big Lich, the Dark Army had appeared and Tianlong City was their first target. Why was the goddess so calm?

“You’re the Bright Apostle among the adventurers... You’ve done a good job and destroyed the first plan of the Dark Army. I can give you a reward. What do you want?”

Goddess of Light said once again. She looked down at Xiaofeng arrogantly.

To be honest, Xiaofeng didn’t like her attitude. She looked at him as if he belonged to the lower orders. So Xiaofeng was not so polite when he answered her question.

“I want to baptized.”

Captain Bolton told him that players could transfer his profession and choose a hidden profession after being baptized. Xiaofeng knew nothing about the baptism but he still asked to be baptized.

“Bishop Renault, take him to the holy pool for baptism.”

Goddess of Light said coldly. At the same time, Xiaofeng also heard the system prompt.

“Hey! You’ve completed the storyline task 2 – the Light Conveyance! You’ve got 10,000 points of experience and Baptism for a reward!”

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 69 The Temple of Light