Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 66 Master Player

Chapter 66 Master Player

Xiaofeng was blocking. He was very close to the Ice Giant Guardian and didn’t studiously dodge its attacks. He seemed to be walking at moderate speed, but all the attacks of the BOSS missed him.

It seemed that the ice ax of the Ice Giant Guardian actively avoided hurting Xiaofeng, besides, the ice blocks that flew in all directions also didn’t fall on Xiaofeng.

Hundreds of thousands of players standing around the ice lake were staring at Xiaofeng blankly.

This was definitely a shocking scene! This was a textbook example of blocking!

All senior players had studied the Alleria step and those who had no more than a superficial knowledge of it could become a master player. But no one could be so proficient. Besides, they were in a panoramic virtual world that was somewhat strange to all players.

“Gee! He’s definitely a master!”


“Is he a member of our guild? Why haven’t I heard of his name?”

“He doesn’t have the guild prefix. His name is Bright Apostle. Is he a new member of our guild? I want to hug him close!”

“He’s not a member of our guild. Don’t be happy. He’s a foreign player and the president asks him to help us. I just heard it.”

“It’s strange. Why doesn’t the master attack the BOSS? He’s just running.”

After discussing, everyone found a problem. Xiaofeng didn’t attack the BOSS at all and it seemed that he was playing with the ice giant.

They stared at each other without speaking. It was true that the master could avoid the attacks of the BOSS, but he didn’t attack it to attract hatred. As a result, they also couldn’t fight with the BOSS, otherwise, the hatred might be transferred to them.

“President, what should we do?”

War Spirit Sky was also stunned. He also didn’t understand Xiaofeng’s behavior. So he had to ask War Spirit Ziyi. She was also astonished. Her beautiful face was rigid and her pink lips were open.

“Ziyi, what happened? What did you say when you asked the master to help us?”

War Spirit Sky clearly remembered that Xiaofeng jumped to help him after War Spirit Ziyi had said something to him in great excitement.

But War Spirit Ziyi also had no idea. She nearly wanted to shout at Xiaofeng and asked him to attack the BOSS and attracted its hatred. But then she realized that senior players like him didn’t need her advice, so she just shook her head.

“I also have no idea. Maybe he doesn’t have any attack skills. He’s a priest, after all... Wait! Look at him! Look at the attack position of the BOSS!”

War Spirit Ziyi observed more carefully. She was about to shake her head but she suddenly found something. Her beautiful eyes were fixed on the BOSS and she said loudly.


All the players were looking at the middle of the ice lake questioningly. After hearing War Spirit Ziyi’s words, everyone immediately noticed this point. The ice ax of the BOSS always fell on the same spot on the frozen surface. It was obvious that Xiaofeng did this on purpose.

“What is he doing?”

Everyone was puzzled. They didn’t understand the purpose of Xiaofeng but they dared not question him because they had seen his strength and skills with their own eyes.

But they quickly understood what Xiaofeng was doing.


The ice giant smacked the ice ax against the lake and the frozen surface cracked. The brick-sized ice flew in all directions but they didn’t even touch the clothes of Xiaofeng.


The huge Ice Giant Guardian roared over and over again but it couldn’t even touch Xiaofeng’s clothes. It was controlled by Xiaofeng and smacked the ice ax against the same point.

The frozen lake surface which was as smooth as a mirror had been broken and cracked like the spider web. The frozen surface under the Ice Giant Guardian’s feet was severely damaged. Under the control of Xiaofeng, the ice giant smacked the ax against the same point. A hole appeared and cracks became bigger and bigger.


The ice giant smacked the ax against the surface once again and the ice blocks flew in all directions. The hole and the cracks became bigger but the Ice Giant Guardian obviously ignored this change. It was furious and only wanted to kill this damned bug. Under the deliberate guidance of Xiaofeng, it smacked the ax against the same place on the frozen surface once again.

A crisp sound.

At this time, they clearly head a crisp cracking sound as if something had split open. Centered on the hole at the foot of the Ice Giant Guardian, the ice cracks were already half-meter wide.

But the Ice Giant Guardian didn’t notice these cracks at all. It raised the ice ax once again and tried to hit Xiaofeng on his head.

At this time, Xiaofeng finally stopped playing with it. He backed up quickly before the Ice Giant Guardian smacked the ax against the ground. He was standing far away from the ice giant and watched the Ice Giant Guardian smashing the ax on the broken and cracked frozen surface beneath his feet.

A crisp sound.


The ice surface seemed to have reached its limit of tolerance. The ax fell on the frozen surface and they heard continuous cracking sounds. The frozen surface at the feet of the Ice Giant Guardian directly collapsed like a mirror that had been broken from the middle.

Accompanied by a loud bang and the roar of the Ice Giant Guardian, the hole under its feet split once again and directly turned into a big hole. Without any support, the huge Ice Giant Guardian instantly tilted and fell in the big hole with a splash.

The gurgling sound.

The spray quickly disappeared and they were astonished to realize that the half of the huge three-story body of the ice giant fell into the big hole and half of its body was exposed above the ice!

The Ice Giant Guardian was stuck in the ice hole! No matter how it struggled, it got stuck in the thick ice layers and couldn’t move!


The dull expression appeared on the face of every player of the War Spirit Hall. Hundreds of players were staring at it blankly!

BOSS... was stuck?

Then it was at the mercy of the players! It posed no threat to them from now on matter how strong it was!

“Alright, you can take your time and attack it. But please first help me and ask all your players about my mission location. I have to finish this task in a limited time and I only have a few hours now.”

Xiaofeng clapped his hands and returned to the ice rock. He waved his hand in front of War Spirit Sky who was stunned and called his name. Finally, he came back to earth.

“Oh... Ah! OK!”

War Spirit Sky was still shocked. He nodded blankly at first and then suddenly realized what had happened.

“All players of the ranged professions! DPS! Make the DPS with all your strength! Free attack!”

He immediately shouted with excitement. Under his command, hundreds of players of the War Spirit Hall also regained consciousness. All the players of ranged professions looked at each other without speaking and then they started to attack the BOSS madly. They were crazy and threw all their skills on the Ice Giant Guardian which was stuck. They thought they were still in the dream.

Xiaofeng didn’t intend to join them and attack the BOSS. The major reason was that he didn’t have ranged attack ability. Besides, they also didn’t need his help at this moment. So he was sitting on the ice rock and looking at the time.

It was near dinner time and he only had a few hours to finish the task. Xiaofeng frowned. There were many players of the War Spirit Hall and if no one of them knew the Bright Mountain, he may fail to finish this mission.

“Haha! I’ve never killed the BOSS so easily!”

After a while, War Spirit Sky and War Spirit Knife returned to the ice rock. Both of them were ecstatic. Besides, nearly all the hundreds of players of the War Spirit Hall were relieved. Some of them were even chatting while attacking the BOSS. This BOSS had already become a target and they only needed to attack it mechanically and there was no difficulty at all.

“Does anyone know? Where is the Bright Mountain?”

Xiaofeng got up, patted his robe, and looked at them.

“Well... The mountain...”

Their smiles suddenly disappeared and their faces were rigid. Xiaofeng’s heart sank and he looked at them solemnly.

“Master Healer, in fact, the members of our War Spirit Hall are newcomers of the Shengshui City. Our first player to transfer his profession just arrived here yesterday and we only do tasks in the nearby places of Shengshui City. We have already asked all the members present but no one has ever heard of this place called Bright Mountain.”

War Spirit Knife said in embarrassment. Xiaofeng had helped them to control the BOSS but they didn’t find any information about this mountain.

“You’re useless!”

Xiaofeng’s face darkened and he looked at them in disappointment.

“Well... We can send some players to go to the surrounding regions of Shengshui City to find this mountain. We only need the mage group and the archer group to attack the BOSS. Other professions are useless now. More hands make light work. I believe that we can find this mountain quickly.”

War Spirit Sky also said quickly. In fact, they only need the two DPS groups of the ranged professions at this moment and players of other professions couldn’t make DPS and attack the BOSS which was stuck in the ice.

“Do you want to go to the Bright Mountain?”

But at this moment, War Spirit Ziyi suddenly came towards them elegantly. She was charming and pretty. She looked straight at Xiaofeng in curiosity and blinked her beautiful eyes.

“Do you know this place?” Xiaofeng immediately looked at her.


War Spirit Ziyi shook her head and smiled. Her big and beautiful eyes also narrowed.

War Spirit Sky and War Spirit Knife looked at each other and silently backed up a few steps at the same time. They looked away from War Spirit Ziyi and dared not look her directly in the eye.

“What are you talking...”

Xiaofeng’s face darkened again. But he was interrupted by War Spirit Ziyi once again before finishing speaking.

“But I know who knows this place.”

War Spirit Ziyi smiled softly and looked at Xiaofeng. Her bright eyes gleamed almost wickedly.

Xiaofeng’s face was rigid. He realized that this attractive and charming woman was very difficult to deal with.

“Ziyi, please take Master Healer to the mountain since you know where it is.”

“Yes! Ziyi commander, Master Healer has helped us to control the BOSS. We have to return the favor!”

War Spirit Sky and War Spirit Knife stood away from them and said. They dared not approach and seemed to be afraid of War Spirit Ziyi.


War Spirit Ziyi nodded without any hesitation. She smiled and didn’t refuse them.

“Really? Where is the person?”

Xiaofeng was surprised and didn’t expect that this woman would agree so quickly. He immediately asked her a question.

“That is an NPC. I met him when I was doing the task. He seemed to have mentioned the Bright Mountain. I should be the only one who knows where he is. Do you want me to lead you to the place?”

War Spirit Ziyi’s smile became more attractive. She was a sweet and charming girl and had limpid eyes. When she smiled, her eyes seemed to be full of water, which was fascinating.

“Hurry up and take me to the place! Let’s go!”

Xiaofeng said anxiously. He knew that this woman was very difficult to deal with, but he was not afraid of her at all.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 66 Master Player