Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 24 Swarming Kill in Novice Village

Chapter 24 Swarming Kill in Novice Village

There were twenty to thirty people in this group of players. It was the Doomsday Law God, who led the group with a face in a haze.

“People who offend Doomsday League will never end well! No matter who you are, there is no exception!”

“Kid, aren’t you equipped very well? You think yourself would be invincible if equipped well, don’t you?”

“I will tell you today that you have provoked people who should never be provoked. Wait to stay in this novice village forever!”

This group had a great number of players, all of whose level was as high as 5th or even 6th grade. This group of players consisted of not only the players with prefixes of Doomsday League, but also some decent solitary players who joined in no guild.

And their equipment had almost been formed. Even if only dressed in white equipment, they had come up a whole suit.

“you are fucking arrogant, aren’t you? How dare you even provoke our Doomsday League? Do you know that our Doomsday League is in the top 50 guilds of Huaxia District? Do you know how many people we have? Saying the number will make you terrified!”

It was still Doomsday Arrow that was shouting.

“We can shut you in just this Novice Village, never letting you go out for a lifetime. Even if you can slip out, we Doomsday League will kill you and let you back to here no matter where you hide!”

“I admit that before the 5th grade, your equipment can indeed offer you some reasons to be arrogant. But do you think that you can always be insolent?”

Doomsday Law God sneered. They converted the equipment that Xiaofeng had gotten by killing the Bloody Wolf King before. However, over ten people of them were killed by Xiao Feng. That was the truth.

However, it was just because they were the newcomers of Novice Village with newbie suits. No matter how many people they had, they even could not break Xiao Feng’s defense. Thus, they were of course not a match for Xiaofeng.

Doomsday Law God regarded that as his greatest disgrace.

But now things were different, they had not only overtaken him in level and equipment, but also learned the basic skills already, more importantly!

The importance of improving skills is self-evident. When they intended to kill Xiaofeng without skills before, they could only fight with a pair of fists, completely like a street fighting.

However, in Doomsday Law God’s eyes, Xiaofeng was a man who could neither be beaten up nor be overtaken by them, just because of his advantage of the equipment.

But now, they all had learned the basic skills, so the new condition was totally different from the previous one.

And Xiao Feng’s profession was a priest, who had only a healing skill even if he had learned skills, too.

This was the reason why Doomsday Law God had no fear.

“Look, the players of Doomsday League are bullying newcomers again.”

“Oh, they claimed themselves as a big guild, but acted despicably and shamelessly. They really had thrown away the faces of big guilds.”

“Hey, down! Be careful to be heard by them, and even be hated.”

“What are you afraid of? It has no punishment to be killed in Novice Village. He can’t give up upgrading only to kill me every day, right? The worst condition is that I need to avoid this rubbish guild after the possession transfer.”

“You said very well! Their guild is rubbish. We upgraded outside comfortably before they came here to clear out and forcibly occupied the map. We had just said a few words, but they killed us all!”

“You see, they are even making troubles for a newcomer who is still in a newbie cloth this time. This group of people is really incredibly shameless !”

It was originally the outlet of Novice Village, so there were a great number of players coming and going. As Doomsday Law God and his companions had blocked the exit, there quickly gathered a large group of players spectating.

However, in all kinds of discussions, the players of Doomsday League were proud, especially under the sights of the surrounding players who dared not say anything, which had leveled up their arrogance.

“Wearing in fashionable dress, do you want to hide? Hey, it is useless for you to hide wherever because you had offended Doomsday League!”

“Oh?” Xiao Feng was a little impatient. “I am just in a bad mood. There’s no need to talk about this nonsense.”

“Very good! Hands-on! Kill him! Every time we see him, we kill him!”

Doomsday Law God instructed coldly.


Suddenly, a rain of arrows poured to Xiaofeng, shot separately by five players of archer profession, which was as strong as an advanced skill of arrows rain when put together.

This was the advantage of numbers. In online games, there was almost no manifestation of personal strength in the face of a quantitative suppression.

At the same time, a round of elemental balls was also started to pound over Xiao Feng’s head.

Meanwhile, several warrior players surrounded also rushed to Xiao Feng, with their weapons exuding the light of skills immediately.

Not to mention that there were still a few assassin players on fire, blocking all the routes that Xiao Feng could escape by.

It was a clutch shot! It had already come to an end to ordinary players!


The Doomsday League surprisingly had sent such a big squad to deal with a newbie. Many female players around could not bear to see it anymore.

“Oh, another victim is bullied by Doomsday League.”

Xiao Feng’s figure was almost inundated at once by the innumerable skills. All the players shook their heads with pity as if they had seen Xiao Feng’s body lying on the ground.

No one could survive under the skill attacks of nearly 30 people.

“Wait! Why there are no damage figures floating?”

The skill rain had drowned the place where Xiao Feng was, but there were no damage figures floating.


Some players exclaimed that the skill rain was fading, but Xiao Feng’s figure was still where he was!

“What! This is impossible!” Doomsday Law God was shocked with an unbelievable face expression. “Continue to attack! Don’t stop!”

The skill rain, which had become weaker just now, covered again. However, Xiao Feng moved suddenly.

His move was very light, looked like a ghost, and seemed elegant with a sense of dancing beauty. However, the skill rain aiming at Xiao Feng seemed to avoid him initiatively. A rain of arrow rubbed the body of Xiao Feng and hit the ground, while a large group of elemental balls fluttering and flickering was also spread out in front of Xiao Feng, letting him passed safely and sound.

“What! He is taking a shower in the skill rain!”

Some of the spectators were shocked and shouted out. Everyone looked at this scene incredulously.

“Is this Alleria step? But it is impossible!”

“What is Alleria step?”

“That one? A blocking skill to avoid attacks that once appeared in the global competition?”

“Right, Alleria step was originated from competitive games, but became famous in online games afterwards. It was a blocking skill that could help the player escape from all the skill attacks by predicting their directions. Even many players of great level could not manage it perfectly. It was an extremely rare seen blocking skill!”

“Because its inventor was an uncrowned king in the world of the online game, whose strength has surpassed the player’s category. He was a legendary figure who had once fought against the world’s top five players at the same time, and completed a mythical penta kill! It is not much to call him the God. !”

“Is him...Alleria, who has disappeared for five years?”

“Yes, even he has disappeared for 5 years, his name is still ranked as number one in both the Hall of Fame of Huaxia District, and the global list of the world! Even he has disappeared for 5 years, his position of the first place is still motionless, no matter how many times the second places of the Hall of Fame and the global list have changed!”

“Because he has become a myth, and for all the players around the world, he is not existing as a target to transcend, but a belief.”

“I can still remember that global final. A team consisted of five global peak players, except Huaxia District, had a desperate strong power. It was regarded as an invincible team, for each of them was standing on the peak of players! But Alleria defeated them just by himself, and drew the whole world’s attention to the name of God for the first time!”

“Since it is a skill of 5 years ago, shouldn’t there be a lot of people now able to use it? After all, the era of online games is developing, and there are more and more players at a great level.” Someone asked.

“Yes, it is true. Many of the top ten players in the Hall of Fame can use Alleria step. Although their proficiency is different, every time when the game video is out, it will make ordinary players marvel. But that is exactly the problem!”

“Why?” that man was puzzled.

“Because Myth is a panoramic virtual world game!”

And some people added with a tone also full of incredibility, “Alleria step, might be used through the operation of keyboard and mouse. However, this game has almost no difference from the real world, so all actions are achieved by people themselves.”

“Unless, some people often use the Alleria step of the game as a sport to practice.”

“Or he had already remembered Alleria step in the bone since a long time ago, and can easily use it whether with fingers or body.”

“Oh my God, how could there be such a person!”

“But it is happening just in front of your eyes. This is definitely a perfect Alleria step! Taking shower in the skill rain, he survived unscathed! Unless the number of Doomsday League players doubles and they leave no dead angle of the skill coverage, otherwise it is completely not enough to stick him!”

“Who is this person? It is no wonder that he is not afraid of Doomsday League with such a strong strength. Is him one of the top ten of the Hall of Fame?”

“Unsure. The top ten of the Hall of Fame has a lot of game videos out there. He doesn’t fit nine of them. And the gods generally don’t change their names because their role names are their logo.”

Yes, there were only nine people in the top ten of the Hall of Fame, because the uncrowned king in the first place had been missing as long as five years.

“Players of Doomsday League have kicked the iron plate this time. Maybe this is their retribution.” The person who spoke at the beginning sighed.

In the field, Xiao Feng’s counterattack had begun.

His body was erratic, which had nothing to do with agility. Because even a clumsy person could shake his hand off to make a leftover shadow.

Skills were released as rain, but could not even touch Xiaofeng’s clothing skirts. Xiao Feng’s figure flashed out of the surroundings of nearly 10 warriors easily, and then directed his attack to Doomsday Law God. 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

“Go to death!”

An assassin, who had been waiting for a long time, suddenly appeared, leaped high, with his dagger stabbing the back of Xiaofeng’s head. This was a skill that hit on the back and had a certain chance to stun the target. It was undoubtedly fatal if Xiao Feng is stunned under the siege of nearly 30 people.

However, Xiao Fengtou did not turn around, as if there was an eye on his back, but hit backhandedly using the wolf bones.


Under the astonishing high damage, the assassin was immediately slain!

“Hurry to block him!”

Panic turned up in the eyes of Doomsday Law God. Until this moment did he remember that the man standing in front of him was the one who killed the first wild BOSS of the whole service.

He hadn’t seen the whole process of that fight. He had always thought that Xiao Feng was just lucky to grab the BOSS, benefited from Night Cooer, and then killed them just because of the advantages of equipment.

At this moment, he suddenly realized something. It was afraid that Night Cooer was not on par with the Bloody Wolf King because of its property, so...

“Peng, Peng...”


“-126! Crit!”

More than ten warriors could not catch up with Xiao Feng. Only two lurking assassins jumped out, but were easily killed by Xiao Feng, as if they were made of paper.

At this moment, the look of Xiao Feng was cold. With one stick, he went into the group of mages alone, using the wolf bones like guns and spears. Under his strikes and whiskings, the fragile mages were slain one after another in seconds.

“Ah! Stay away!”

Doomsday Law God was in a panic, stepping back continuously. He knew that he had got into big trouble this time.

How could a player who had won the first honor of the whole service rely on luck...

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 24 Swarming Kill in Novice Village