Don't Heal the Others
Chapter 22 Scrounging Free Meal

Chapter 22 Scrounging Free Meal

“Tell me! Who is this woman!”

Xiao Ling directly sat on the back of the sofa in the living room. She held her arms across her chest and looked down at Xiaofeng as if she was interrogating him.

“I don’t know her!”

Xiaofeng sat cross-legged and square on the ground and shook his head to deny.

“Bitch, you didn’t say that when you told me to come to your house.”

Si Yejing sat on the opposite sofa of Xiao Ling, so she was a head shorter than Xiao Ling. She kicked Xiaofeng who was sitting on the ground.

“What? What!!!”

Xiao Ling’s voice became louder and sharper and she shivered with anger and said, “You bring a woman home!”

“No, she is only a customer and we just trade offline.”

Xiaofeng told her the truth immediately.

“Do you mean dirty flesh trade? The one who was fighting with you on the bed this morning was this wicked woman, right?”

Xiao Ling was like a sharp-teeth beast that was furious and she asked sharply.

While Si Yejing smiled and was not irritated by what Xiao Ling had said. She kicked Xiaofeng with her feet constantly. She was wearing the peep toe sandal and cropped three-quarter trouser and shirt. She looked beautiful and trendy with her tall and slender body.

“Hey! It was true that we fought, but not on the bed! It was just normal trade in the game Myth.”

Xiaofeng said weakly.


Xiao Ling’s blue pupils were filled with strong hostility and she stared at Si Yejing.

“The servant is loyal to me forever, and you’d better disappear!”

“Don’t worry, little sister. I want to kill this guy and don’t want to be involved with him.”

It was no exaggeration to describe Si Yejing as beautiful and generous when she was in normal condition. She stretched her numb legs and smiled at Xiao Ling. Her bright eyes kept staring at the pretty blonde of Xiao Ling.

“Well! That’s the best! I’m hungry, and you go to prepare the tribute quickly!”

“Yes Yes Yes.”

Xiaofeng got up and went to the kitchen with resignation.

“Hey, bitch, is she your sister?”

After looking around in the apartment, Si Yejing went to the kitchen and poked Xiaofeng with her fingers and asked.

Xiaofeng ignored her while she continued to say, “I don’t expect that you have sister complex. You are so abnormal.”

“Stop talking! Or I don’t sell the dagger to you.”

Xiaofeng cut the vegetables and cooked a pot of millet gruel. After thinking for a while, he did a little extra for Si Yejing.

“OK, I don’t ask. You have sister complex and you’re afraid of being known by others. Let’s trade quickly. When I am finished, I will leave and promise not to disturb you and your sister.”

“Let’s talk later and Xiao Ling was still hungry.” Xiaofeng didn’t stop and started to make the dishes. Then he thought of something and asked suddenly, “How did you come in? Why didn’t you knock at the door?”

“I found that the door was not closed, so I opened it directly.”

“The door is not closed?” Xiaofeng paused, frowned and asked Xiao Ling, who was in the living room, “Xiao Ling, did anyone come in the afternoon?”


Xiao Ling’s hesitant voice came from the sofa.

Xiaofeng’s brow wrinkled deeper, but then it stretched and she couldn’t see anything.

“Hey, is your sister’s hair dyed?”

Si Yejing was bored and continued to ask him.

“No, it’s natural.”

“Wow! Natural blonde! Then is her blue eyes real? Is she a foreigner?”

“She is a half-blooded; her father is a Chinese, and her mother is British.”

“Hey, can I touch her hair?” Si Yejing’s eyes sparkled.

“It doesn’t matter if she likes it. If she doesn’t want it and you force her, I’ll break your hand.”

Xiaofeng didn’t turn his head and spoke flatly. But it seemed that he was not joking.

“Hey, I don’t really want to touch her, OK?”

Si Yejing felt cold in her heart. She looked at Xiaofeng who was as busy as a house woman and pretended to be indifferent.

Soon, the dinner of millet gruel with fried meatballs and two greens was served.

“Wow, I didn’t expect that you can cook and it smells good.”

The seductive scent floated in the living room after the food was served on the table. Si Yejing praised him, which was rare.

It was time for dinner and she was eager to come here to buy the Scarlet Tusk, so she had not eaten anything.

Xiao Ling had already started to eat and the fried pork meatballs were crispy and yellow. When she ate, they could hear the crisp sound, which made Si Yejing even more hungry.

But she was shy to eat with them before Xiaofeng invited her.

“Go get the bowls and chopsticks if you want to eat. It’s enough for three of us.”

Xiaofeng nearly laughed. This woman was standing at the table and swallowed, but she still pretended to be reserved.

“Great! Then I’m gonna eat!”

This was what she had waited for. She quickly rushed to the kitchen to get a bowl of millet gruel, sat down and then put a meatball into her mouth without considering her image.

A crisp sound.

The fried golden meatballs were crispy. She took a bite, and the rich scent immediately spilled through her mouth with the delicious sauce and her taste buds bloomed in an instant.

Si Yejing was stunned, and immediately swallowed the meatballs in her mouth and she even wanted to swallow her tongue. And then she quickly picked up the second and third meatballs.

It was still delicious and she enjoyed every one of them. She had never had such an experience.

“Ah! Don’t eat any more! This is the tribute of my servant!”

Xiao Ling was almost mad, and half of the meatballs were eaten by Si Yejing in a short time, so she quickly took over the plate and protected her meatballs.

“You are so petty.”

But Xiao Ling was no match for Si Yejing, who stole the meatballs from time to time.

However, Xiaofeng also wanted Xiao Ling to eat more vegetables and gave her vegetables non-stop.

The well-cooked millet gruel was fragrant, and the meatballs were also delicious while the refreshing and delicious vegetables happened to neutralize the oil.

Usually, Si Yejing only ate an apple as dinner, but today, she was full and ate more than Xiaofeng and Xiao Ling put together.

“OK, let’s log in and trade.”

She nearly couldn’t move. She sat on the sofa for a while before she remembered the real purpose of today. She took the game helmet and borrowed the network port of the apartment and logged in with Xiaofeng.

Si Yejing knew where Xiaofeng had logged off, so she arrived here quickly and finally got the Scarlet Tusk.

“Stop looking at it; give me money.” 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

Xiaofeng urged her, but after all, Si Yejing was standing beside him and he was not afraid that she might run away.

“Humph! You care for nothing but money.”

Si Yejing who was excited ignored Xiaofeng and she rolled her eyes before logging off. So did Xiaofeng.

“Give me your account.”

They were still on the sofa. Si Yejing took out her mobile phone, entered the transfer page, and entered Xiaofeng’s account.

“Wait? Why do you only give me 2,000 yuan?”

Xiaofeng looked at the reminder and asked strangely.

“20 gold coins are 2,000 yuan. What’s wrong with that?” Si Yejing said weakly.

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Don't Heal the Others Chapter 22 Scrounging Free Meal