Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 998: F90T pursuit combat type

No matter how much the Akdila modified meteorite is attacked, it still needs to continue to rush forward.

In the super Mega cannon bombardment just now, Akdilla modified the meteorite commander and ordered his subordinates to immediately calculate the source location of the cannon.

After getting the approximate location, the commander immediately ordered the source of the cannon particle cannon to fire the wing-killing cannon.

As long as the energy of the wing-killing gun is sufficient and the muzzle is not too hot, the effective distance of direct fire can exceed 1,500 kilometers.

The muzzle of the Destroying Wing Cannon ejected an orange-red light beam with lightning towards the position of the second Quasi-Agama battleship.

Although, the second Nyagama battleship evaded immediately after firing the super mega cannon particle cannon.

However, the second Nyagama battleship was still a step too late, and the lightning-orange beam blasted off the left half of the Nyagama battleship, and also destroyed the brigade-class fleet 1/ 3 scale.

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan watched the wing-killing gun pass by about 100 kilometers to his left, and his whole back felt cold.

Unexpectedly, the effective range far exceeded his estimate, and he also received a notification from his subordinates that the second Nyagama battleship was destroyed, and 1/3 of the accompanying fleet was destroyed.

"What is the effective distance of the computer's super laser cannon?"

Lieutenant General Wu Wenyuan hurriedly commanded the troops, issued an order for the next corresponding plan, and immediately notified the superior that the 2nd Argama battleship was destroyed.

Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite is cooling down the second wing-killing cannon fired, and the third wing-killing cannon will take a longer interval this time.

Because several internal cooling facilities failed, the cooling time was prolonged.

Internal staff rushed to make repairs.

Akdilla remodeled the surface defense turrets and missile wells of the meteorite, and more than 15% of them have been destroyed.

In addition to counterattacking the incoming missiles and aircraft, the defense turret also needs to deal with the enemy aircraft that land on the surface.

The Violet Holy Machine is 30% higher than the Amethyst Holy Machine in terms of thrust, speed, and maneuverability.

It can easily suppress the full armor MKⅢ and MkⅣ mass-produced Gundam, and can compete with G-First-DX Gundam and other elites and mass-produced Gundams serving in special forces.

A high-power spiral beam gun dedicated to the Violet Holy Machine pierced Birgo III's planetary defender, and even pierced Birgo III's body.

Immediately afterwards, the Violet Holy Machine launched the eight floating cannons on its main body, attacking the several Richels that had just landed on the surface.

Regardless of Type A or Type B Richel immediately counterattacked and even tried to shoot down the floating cannon.

But the mobility of the floating cannon of the Violet Holy Machine is far better than that of the Amethyst Holy Machine.

Richel couldn't hit the floating cannon at all. Under the driver's mental control, the 8 floating cannons directly formed a three-dimensional attack, instantly turning several Richel into fireworks,

Immediately afterwards, 8 floating cannons chased the serpent that had just destroyed a defensive fort.

The big poisonous snake controlled by Harrow found 8 floating cannons locked on it, and Harrow responded immediately.

With the space perception software system, Harrow has a certain ability to correspond to the mentally controlled floating cannons of new humans, and can calculate the next move of the mentally controlled floating cannons controlled by new humans.

The Viper first launched the 8-mounted missile launcher to attack the floating cannon. The moment the floating cannon dodged, the Gatling machine gun in the right hand fired and attacked the floating cannon that had already calculated the dodge trajectory.

The fuselage of the floating cannon that was continuously hit by the Gatling machine gun emitted countless sparks. Fortunately, both the fuselage and the floating cannon of the Violet Holy Machine adopt a new type of armor [magnetic steel alloy], which has a certain resistance to light beams and has a certain degree of protection against live ammunition weapons. Extremely strong protection ability.

The magnetic steel alloy is 5% heavier than the third-generation Gundamium alloy in terms of the same volume, but it is better than the third-generation Gundamium alloy in terms of protection.

The bullets of Viper's Gatling machine gun are armor-piercing bullets, which have the ability to penetrate the second-generation Gundamium alloy, and shoot like raindrops. Generally, the mass-produced holy machines (blue and blood red) will basically be hit by the Viper's Gatling machine gun by thousands. riddled with sores.

But apart from the sparks from the floating cannon of the Violet Holy Machine, all the bullets were bounced off, leaving some concave bullet holes in the fuselage at most.

Haro, who controls the Viper, immediately uploaded the current information, and the new holy machine adopts a new type of armor.

In addition to uploading the information on one side, Harrow continued to adopt the combat corresponding mode on the other side. The 360mm heavy rocket launcher in the left hand attacked the other floating cannon that was dodging the missile attack.

The 360mm heavy-duty rocket launcher uses high-penetration armor-piercing projectiles, and one projectile directly penetrates a floating cannon.

"Tch, the computer-controlled airframe is more difficult to deal with than ordinary people, and sometimes it is even more difficult to deal with than adjustment people." The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine said a little annoyed.

However, the remaining 7 floating cannons encircled and suppressed the serpent.

Harrow's combat efficiency is higher than that of many ordinary humans and even some combat-type adjusters, but once it exceeds the corresponding range set by the software, its efficiency is not as good as the former two.

Harrow was calculating the trajectory of each floating cannon, and after launching the attack, he found that the opponent was able to dodge its every step to calculate the attack.

Although Harrow quickly switched to the corresponding mode, the new human driver reacted quickly, causing the floating cannon to fly erratically, and Harrow could not capture the trajectory at all.

The big poisonous snake was directly attacked by 7 floating cannons in three dimensions and all directions, and was directly penetrated by 7 chasing beams.

When the pilot of the Violet Holy Plane was about to look for the next target, a sense of crisis came to his back.

The Violet Holy Machine immediately dodged to the side, and a red light beam passed by the position of the Violet Holy Machine just now.

"Damn it, I fell for it!" The pilot of the Violet Holy Machine sensed that two of the floating cannons he was controlling had been shot down.

It turned out that the attack just now was just a trick. The opponent's purpose was to destroy his floating cannons. The driver immediately manipulated the remaining 5 floating cannons to dodge the incoming beams.

The Violet Holy Machine pilot discovers the source of the beam.

"F90, this is new equipment."

The driver of the Violet Holy Machine saw an F90 equipped with new weapons from the screen.

The F90T pursuit battle type is characterized by two shields mounted on the shoulders and a long-distance thruster mounted on the back.

The 5 floating cannons attack the F90T in all directions, but the F90 body is smaller and more flexible than most other mass-produced Gundams, plus the new long-distance thrusters equipped with T-chasing battles.

F90T dexterously dodged the attack of 5 floating cannons, and counterattacked with two beam guns inside the shield, shooting down two floating cannons in an instant.

"Damn it, this F90 mass-produced Gundam is small and flexible, even more flexible and faster than the early days. It seems that the Tianyi Empire has carried out a round of parts upgrades."

"And the pilot is also a new human, from which I can grasp the trajectory and course of my floating cannon."

The F90T driver used the long-distance thrusters to propel with high power, not only quickly dodged the attack of the floating cannon, but also rushed to the front of the violet holy machine in a short time.

Gundam and Holy Machine drew their beam sabers at the same time to fight.

The violet pilot watched the F90T from the screen and instantly circled behind him. The pilot reacted quickly, and the body immediately turned around to block the opponent's fatal blow.

"Damn it, after the F90 has been upgraded, its maneuverability and flexibility are already slightly better than the Violet Holy Machine. Now that it is equipped with this armed thruster, its speed, maneuverability and flexibility have completely surpassed my Violet Holy Machine.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 998: F90T pursuit combat type