Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 994: Battlestar Bulger

Dio looked at the projection screen on the flat table in front of him, and the screen broadcast the content of the current battle situation on the battlefield.

Akdilla transformed the meteorite and advanced with two army-class fleets in a desperate manner.

When Akdilla modified the meteorite defense energy shield, he was bombarded by hundreds of mobile drill missiles.

It is to blast through one layer, and there is also a layer of defensive energy shield.

However, when Akdilla modified the meteorite to open the defensive energy shield, he couldn't open any defensive turrets or any offensive actions at all, basically taking the entire defense to the extreme.

In addition to the energy used by Akdilla to transform the meteorite, in addition to allowing the body to have enough energy to move forward, basically all the energy has been supplied to the defensive energy shield.

The defensive energy shield just can't get in, and it can't get out at the same time.

After several hours of fierce fighting, the two army-class fleets that guarded Akdilla's transformation of the meteorite had lost nearly half of their size.

But the **** fleet continued to follow Akdilla to transform the meteorite.

The corresponding plan and tactics adopted by the Tianyi Imperial Army is not head-to-head, but a dumpling-making tactic.

Now, the Tianyi Imperial Army has formed an encirclement tactic, dealing heavy blows to the enemy's flanks and rear.

The Tianyi Imperial Army in front either moved sideways to form a side attack, or adopted tactics of fighting while retreating.

Although, Dikla led the troops of the headquarters of the Dion Pirates, advancing forward with a courage that was not afraid of death and breaking the boat.

The Tianyi Imperial Army suffered a lot of losses, but the Dion Pirates Headquarters suffered even more serious damage, almost reaching a damage ratio of 4:1~5:1.

And this is only the Tianyi Imperial Army, border guards, regular troops and a few elite troops.

At present, most of the elite forces and special forces have not dispatched to intercept Akdilla's modified meteorite.

The main elite units and special forces fought against the Hyakki Yakaku forces in other domain locations.

Originally, Kuroda Castle had already ordered the evacuation of all Hyakki Nightwalkers, but when they learned that Dikla was launching the final general attack, they decided to change the order.

Ordering the Hundred Ghosts Night Troop to attack some factories in the Tianyi Empire territory, and at any cost, regardless of success or failure, is to attack or sneak attack the meteorite factory in outer space.

As long as you find it, you will attack immediately. The tactic is to hit and run.

As a result, the Tianyi Imperial Army had to dispatch special forces and elite troops to destroy them.

At the parent base of the Tianyi Mercenary Corps on Mars, Li Jiaming also dispatched troops to assist the Tianyi Imperial Army.

Kuroda City did the same to help Dikla. Most of the members of the Hyakki Night Walking Troop are war orphans or some of their human traffickers are used as cannon fodder after their memory is erased.

No matter how many people died in the Hyakki Night Walking Force, Kuroda City didn't care. Anyway, the dead members could buy human beings from some organizations or buy those children from unscrupulous orphanages.

Kuroda Joya's purpose is to help Dikla succeed, of course it doesn't matter if he doesn't succeed, he doesn't care, anyway, this is a worthless bet, if you bet right, you will lose a powerful enemy, if you bet wrong, there is no loss .

The Tianyi Imperial Army Staff Headquarters is currently watching all the wars in the outer space domain of the Martian circle,

At present, what has caught their attention the most is Akdilla's transformation of meteorites. As for some sporadic battles in other locations, they can be handed over to the local commanders.

Although some of the modified meteorite factories were attacked, and even several modified meteorite factories were destroyed.

However, elite troops or special forces have been sent to track down the sneak attacking enemies.

Moreover, some of the modified meteorite factories have the ability to move, and they have been moved to other locations under the instructions of the staff.

At this moment, the staff decided to dispatch 4 pseudo-Agama warships to prevent Akdilla from transforming the meteorite.

After the Weng Destroyer operation was over, Long Fei incorporated two of the Tianyi Mercenary Corps' Pseudo-Agama warships into the Tianyi Imperial Army, and made another two more Pseudo-Agama warships.

In addition to the 4 Quasi-Agama battleships, there is also a large version of La Kailam with satellite systems, GX9900 and 12 GxBit and Flying Wing 0.

Originally, the Diva was going to be transferred there, but the staff had changed its mind because the Diva was performing a mission with Battlestar Bulger.

Earlier, part of the communication device placed by the expeditionary force suddenly lost contact. After investigation, it was damaged by an object impact.

After that, some devices were also damaged. After investigation and restoration of the images taken before the device was damaged, it was found that three meteorites with a diameter of more than 15 kilometers had crashed.

The restored image shows that the three meteorites are flying very fast. At present, it is impossible to find out what caused the three meteorites to fly so fast.

The troops in charge of the investigation calculated that the direction of flight of the three meteorites was straight towards Mars.

This shocked the entire Tianyi Empire authorities. When Long Fei received this news, he felt even more uneasy.

Long Fei didn't know which meteorite would hit Mars, the only thing he could do was to take a corresponding plan to eliminate the three meteorites.

The authorities have established a corresponding department to calculate the direction of the three meteorites, and after calculation, these three meteorites hit Mars earlier than the Akdilla modified meteorite.

In the trajectory of the meteorite, fire Diva's Photon Ring Ray Yin and Battlestar Bulger's Bulger Cannon.

Meteorites can be destroyed as long as they hit the target, but the distance between the three meteorites is a bit far, so they can only be destroyed one by one.

A brigade-sized fleet escorts the Battlestar Bulger and Diva's relocation site.

Akdilla modified the interior of the meteorite, and Dikla and other important members watched the current situation.

Already more and more Tianyi Imperial Army surrounded Akedila to transform the meteorite.

Akdila transformed the interior of the meteorite and their strongest troops. All the pilots of the airframe are driving the newly developed Violet Holy Machine.

The height of the Violet Holy Machine is 18 meters. The appearance of the fuselage is made of purple crystal. It can be equipped with all the weapons of the Holy Machine. Whether it is thrust, speed, or defense ability, it exceeds the Amethyst Holy Machine.

Almost comparable to G-First-DX Gundam, Oberon Gundam and MkⅤ, but the number is not many, only 200 units.

Moreover, all the pilots are new humans from the former Dion Imperial Army.

Of course, the Violet Holy Machine is the captain machine of the Amethyst Holy Machine team.

There are 5 sets of thermonuclear energy furnaces in Akdilla's modified meteorite, four of which are in operation to supply the navigation and defense energy shields of Akdilla's modified meteorite, and the other set is charging the battery.

The purpose of battery charging is to supply the energy required by the Super Laser Cannon for the first time.

The super laser cannon can be said to be the last super weapon developed by the Dion Empire.

It is also Dikla's hole card and the magic weapon for seeking victory.

"Everyone, this is our last battle. As long as we succeed, our like-minded Martian compatriots will rise up and overthrow the Sky Winged Empire."

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 994: Battlestar Bulger