Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 26: Minovs super energy thermonuclear reactor

One month after the visit of the King of Thrace, there were two production lines in the production department of the factory, one for chariots and one for drones.

The King of Thrace didn't come home empty-handed last month either. Although he couldn't buy what he wanted, he bought two good things.

In particular, he is very satisfied with the combat efficiency of drones, which can be used as a whole to fight as a whole, and can also be used as a swarm tactic.

When the King of Thrace left, he left behind his beloved daughter, Princess Robina, and three female guards to take care of her.

Although Princess Robina is a princess, she is very interested in military things, especially MS, she can't put it down.

In a month, she has become one with many people in the general base.

"Wow, the cookies baked by Her Royal Highness are delicious. Zhou Ya looked at the cookie tray held by Robina and looked at the cookies of different shapes.

"Miss Zhou, please come and have a taste."

"Okay, Your Royal Highness, I'm sorry, um, it's delicious and crispy."

Others ate a cookie too.

Robina looked around and asked, "Where did your boss go?"

"Boss personally tested up to Gerbera."

"Hey, come and see, the boss's driving skills are really good."

All the ace pilots, including Robina, watched the test of Gundam Gerbera in the tablet video in Aviana's hand.

Everyone watched as the speed of Gundam Gerbera increased to the highest value, and a series of evasions were carried out in the meteorite area. The drone photography at the top could hardly keep up with the speed of Gundam Gerbera.

The drone camera above can only capture the meteor-like trajectory of the Gundam Gerbera, turning back and dodging turns among the meteorites, and so on.

At the front end of the meteor, blue light beams were seen erupting from time to time, hitting the rakes on the meteorites everywhere.

Entering the meteorite area in another area, there are many drones and Jim ms controlled by md system on the scene, attacking the gerbera.

Under Long Fei's control, Gundam Gerbera not only evaded the meteorite, but dodged the attack and counterattacked. The drone and GM MS that were hit automatically exited the field.

The relevant personnel in the command room and the ace pilots who were watching with a tablet all exclaimed in amazement.

In the end, Long Fei controlled the Gundam Gerbera to break through the encirclement net and rushed to the target location, the test officially ended.

"The boss is really amazing. We couldn't finish it, but the boss actually finished it."

"The boss is so strange, he can do it himself, why should we test it?"

"If the boss has to do everything by himself, what do we employees do?"

"Let's talk about the new development of the boss..." When Pani was halfway speaking, Li Xiucheng gave him a glare and swallowed back what he wanted to say.

Lin Xiucheng also glanced at Princess Robina.

At this moment, Robina was only engrossed in looking at the screen on the tablet, and didn't pay attention to what they said.

Robina took the biscuit tray in her hand and went to the hangar where Long Fei was going to return.

The three female guards who have been silently following the princess, one of them, Diyana, who is more clever, handed the princess a towel and a bottle of water, and she held the biscuit tray for the princess.

Long Fei drove the Gundam Gerbera back to the hangar and stepped out of the cockpit, while other maintenance personnel prepared to repair the Gundam Gerbera.

Long Fei looked at Princess Robina who was walking towards him.

"You've worked hard." Robina handed the towel and water bottle to Long Fei.

"Thank you." Long Fei took it over, wiping off his sweat with a towel in one hand, and drinking from a water bottle in the other.

Robina takes the cookie tray from Diana.

"Try a cookie I baked."

"Thank you." Long Fei picked up a cookie and ate it, and then prepared to leave the scene.

"That..." Robina stopped Long Fei.

"Your Highness, is there something wrong?"

"I want to... drive... Gundam?"

Long Fei glanced at Robina, then looked around, and saw sister Zhou Ya not far away, looking at him with gossip.

Long Fei pointed directly at Sister Zhou Ya and hooked his fingers.

The two sisters came to Long Fei.

Long Fei pointed to Yuan Zu Gundam not far away, then looked at Luo Mina and shook his head at the two sisters.

The two sisters understood what the boss meant.

"Your Highness, this way please."

Long Fei left the scene directly, and returned to his office to check the data report of Gundam Gerbera.

Sister Zhou Ya brought Princess Robina to the cockpit of Yuanzu Gundam, and Zhou Ya said a few words to the person in charge of the hangar.

"Your Highness, please."

Robina entered the Yuanzu Gundam cockpit, took out her chip card and inserted it into the card slot in the cockpit.

Why does Robina have a chip card?

It turned out that after a few days of staying, Robina wanted to drive MS, and arranged for her to conduct a round of testing in the simulated cockpit, and then came up with a series of programming codes after her driving mode, and the simulated cockpit popped up. Give her a piece of card.

So the driver who has a chip card does not need to make a series of adjustments on the keyboard after inserting the card slot.

After the Yuanzu Gundam was ejected, Robina sat in the cockpit and looked at the standard of the cockpit is the cockpit, which uses more advanced equipment than the Jim MS.

"This propulsion and reaction speed are not comparable to Jim MS."

In the next test, Robina controlled Yuan Zu Gundam to conduct a series of evasive counterattacks, etc., and her performance was very good.

Sister Zhou Ya looked at the tablet.

"Sister, the driving skills of this princess are not bad."

"If the princess is a member of our mercenary group, she might be a candidate for a Gundam pilot."

"The first time I saw the princess driving a Jim mobile phone, I was really shocked. It seems that Her Royal Highness, who is weak, is good at driving a mobile phone, better than many of our mobile phone drivers."

The two spoke highly of Princess Robina's mobile phone driving skills.

"Two, the time for training is almost up, hurry to gather immediately."

Behind the two came the command of the chief.

The two rushed to the gathering place.

"Having said that, the series of training arranged by the boss really improved the physical response of all of us."

"I also heard that the boss is going to let other Ms drivers receive the same training, hoping to give birth to a new ace driver."

"Then we have to work harder and improve, otherwise we might be eliminated from the ranks of ace drivers."

Long Fei, who was watching the report in the office, was very satisfied with the data of Gundam Gerbera.

Since the successful development of the first Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor, loaded on Gundam Gerbera, the all-round performance is 10% higher than the performance on the drawings, and the combat time has also been extended a lot. Energy-based weapons There is also no need to worry about the power failure of the airframe due to excessive launch.

Of course, the Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor is different from the original data. This is the new Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor that incorporates the nuclear fission reactor technology of the super-energy furnace and Ghost Yasha ms.

Although the first Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor was successfully developed, the disadvantage is that it cannot be mass-produced.

Long Fei didn't care, anyway, he didn't plan to mass-produce it, as long as it could be used as high as possible.

"However, this successfully developed Minovs super-energy thermonuclear reactor has the same problem as the original Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor. Minovsky particles will cause the existing radar and search to fail. The report shows that The ms controlled by the md system can only use the camera to search for the enemy. It seems that a new technology must be developed. This technology seems to be called superconducting communication, which can be immune to technology similar to Minovs particles. In this case, the radar search will not be affected, and moreover The important point is that for our side, we can communicate with each other and cooperate with each other in combat. On the contrary, the enemy may become headless chickens after the radar search fails, and their combat will be very difficult at that time."

After Long Fei thought about it, he immediately started researching it.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 26: Minovs super energy thermonuclear reactor