Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 23: Unmanned Gundam Gerbera

"This reaction is really fast and flexible. I haven't increased the acceleration to the highest level. The speed is so fast and terrifying. I haven't even activated the additional propellant tank. My reaction can't keep up." Zhou Yashou A Gundam Gerbera that is driven with the remote control stick and pedals.

Zhou Ya used the Gundam Gerbera to conduct simulated battles and verify the technology, and quickly avoided the attacks of the drones controlled by md and the Jim ms.

In the case of instant counter-shooting to avoid, Zhou Ya couldn't hit all of them, and nearly half of the counter-attack targets failed to hit.

Zhou Ya found that her vision was a little blurred. She knew that her body was about to reach its limit. She knew that her current physical condition could not control Gundam Gerbera at all.

"Second Lieutenant Zhou Ya, can you continue?" A query came from the command room through the communication channel.

Zhou Ya knew it was not time to be a hero, so she gave up on her own initiative.

Zhou Ya took off her helmet, with sweat on her forehead and face, panting palely.

After returning to the base, I opened the cockpit. When Zhou Ya came out, her legs were a little weak and she couldn't walk normally, and she had to be supported by others.

The other mobile suit drivers watching the Gundam Gerbera, although they didn't see other simulated battles of the Gundam Gerbera, but they all saw the speed of the Gundam Gerbera attacking, and in a short time, it turned into a monster from their eyes. starlight.

"The speed of the new Gundam developed by the boss is not as fast as I expected."

"That's right, it turned into starlight in front of our eyes."

"Second Lieutenant Zhou Ya is one of our MS ace pilots, even she can't control her."

"We ordinary MS drivers don't even need to drive that Gundam."

"Look, now it's Lieutenant Li Xiucheng's turn to test that new Gundam."

"Lieutenant Li Xiucheng, he is also the ace pilot of MS and he is even better than Second Lieutenant Zhou Ya. I wonder if he can control that newly developed Gundam."

Suddenly there was a dry coughing sound from behind.

The ms driver turned around and saluted immediately.

"Okay, don't look, it's time to work, we have to go."

"Yes, Captain." x4

After Gundam Gerbera completed supplementing the Hurricane Thruster with the new additional propellant tank, Li Xiucheng held the remote control to attack.

During the initial sprint, Li Xiucheng felt that the speed of the Gundam Gerbera far surpassed what MS should have.

In the simulated battle, Li Xiucheng was able to operate the Gundam Gerbera at the beginning, avoiding all the drones and ms attacks controlled by the Md system.

"The speed of this Gundam is so ridiculously fast without the use of additional propellant tanks. The Gundam I'm driving doesn't have such a terrifying speed."

"Lieutenant, the next stage of the mock battle has begun."

Li Xiucheng began to dodge and counterattack at the same time.

The people in the command room looked at the test verification of the instruments and Gundam Gerbera.

"Lieutenant Li Xiucheng dodged, and now he has dodged all the attacks, and the hit rate of the counterattack target has reached more than 70%."

Looking at the Gundam Gerbera in the command room, Long Fei didn't have any expression fluctuations.

"Boss, do you want to continue in the next stage?"

"Don't ask me, ask the driver."

"I can go on to the next stage."

Dozens of missiles (collision bombs) locked onto the Gundam Gerbera, and quickly attacked the Gundam Gerbera.

Li Xiucheng immediately controlled the Gundam Gerbera to flee immediately, because it was not a test to shoot down the missile, but to test whether the Gundam Gerbera could throw off the missile.

Li Xiucheng accelerated to the highest speed, and even turned on the Hurricane Thruster of the additional propellant tank, and the speed increased by more than three times the speed in the previous test.

"The chest is so uncomfortable, the speed is too fast."

"The missile has been thrown away." An announcer in the command room said looking at the results on the instrument.

"The missile has lost its target, and now it has become a headless chicken. Now the missile is controlled remotely, the missile is turned off, and the missile is recovered."

At this time, Li Xiucheng turned off the additional thrusters, and then reduced the speed back to the original level.

"A few more seconds, and I will almost feel that my whole chest is about to be crushed." Li Xiucheng took off his helmet and panted.

In the next test stage, Li Xiucheng did not continue the test, but terminated and returned to the base.

Li Xiucheng, who stepped out of the cockpit, leaned on the railing and panted.

After the completion of Gundam Gerbera, the next tester is Yue Yangchun.

The test result was the same as that of Li Xiucheng. After throwing off the missile, the next test could not be carried out.

When he returned to the base, he opened the cockpit, and Yue Yangchun vomited directly, throwing up everything he had eaten before.

Next, other Gundam pilots tested Gundam Gerbera, and the test results were similar to those of Second Lieutenant Zhou Ya.

Long Fei left the command room when Yue Yangchun finished the test.

He knew that the driver's performance next time would not exceed the results of Yue Yangchun and Li Xiucheng.

"It seems that we have to think of a training plan and find out how to improve their physical fitness. Should we use the method of strengthening people in the UC era, or the surgery that transforms human physique in other science fiction novels, or rely on some drugs to enhance their physical fitness? .” Long Fei’s brain kept thinking about what method to use.

At this time, the person in charge of the command room walked out of the command room towards Long Fei and called Long Fei to stop.

"Boss, wait a minute, you should look at the results first." The person in charge held the tablet and showed the test results to Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the results and found that the hardware of Gundam Gerbera did not have any problems in the continuous test, the problem was that the coordination and continuity were not smooth, and the problem was in the software.

Although in terms of locking the enemy, it is necessary to rely on the skills of the driver, but the programming of the software has caused the operation of the hardware to be somewhat behind, and it is necessary to arrange and adjust this point.

"Leave it to the people in the software engineering department to adjust, write and arrange."

In the recent period of time, Long Fei has handed over many detailed adjustments to the staff below.

Long Fei himself is researching and developing some new technologies.

Since he got the power plant for nuclear fission ms, he has some inspiration, although there is currently no way to manufacture a Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor like the Gundam plot.

The self-developed super energy furnace technology and the nuclear fission ms power plant obtained, partially dismantled the Minovsky-type thermonuclear reactor technology and combined the above two technologies to design.

"If you can't take the road, find a way to find another way. There is always a road to reach the final point."

Long Fei went to his office to continue researching and developing new technologies.

While Long Fei was doing research, Li Jiaming came to Long Fei's office to discuss something with him.

"Boss, there have been international news reports recently. Wars and turmoil have occurred in several countries, causing many refugees to spread out. Many refugees have nowhere to go. We can select some of these refugees to join our servants. corps."

"Are these refugees all refugees from subjugated countries?"

"There is a country that has been destroyed, and those refugees don't want to become citizens of the empire. What they want is a democratic system, so they refuse to surrender to the empire. For this reason, the empire directly drives out all the refugees who do not want to surrender."

"Okay, commander-in-chief, you can arrange this matter."

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 23: Unmanned Gundam Gerbera