Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 11: The support of the Sea Wolf Pirates has arrived

"Mega Particle Cannon is overheating, insufficient power supply."

"Gatling machine gun, zero bullets."

The Gundam's strongest weapon driven by the two sisters can no longer be used, and the two sisters can only shoot with beam rifles.

In just two minutes, my sister fired three mega particle cannons, which consumed most of the energy. Now I have to return to the mothership to replenish it. The same goes for my sister, who fired the Gatling machine gun bullets in just two minutes. Finished, fortunately Gatling is a live ammunition and does not consume any energy.

Although the "random" consumption of the two sisters, it also caused unimaginable damage to the enemy.

In these two minutes, a total of ten modified spaceships, nearly 200 mobile suits and 40 fighter planes were destroyed by the two sisters.

Looking at the situation on the battlefield, Taro Sayama transferred part of the troops to the position of sister Zhou Ya. Taro Sayama's transfer was not to let his subordinates die.

The reason is that the two sisters have already penetrated the line of defense. If other troops are not immediately mobilized to defend, the enemy will use this to rush into their abandoned space transfer station.

"Damn it, the enemy is mobilizing their troops."

"Sister, you first withdraw to the mothership to replenish energy."

Zhou Ya looked at the screen to check the current status of her Gundam. The mega particle cannon had finished cooling down and was unable to use it due to insufficient energy.

"Sister, I'll connect the tube cable of the mega particle cannon to your Gundam."

The mega particle cannon tube is connected to the Yuanzu Gundam No. 5 machine. Zhou Ya looks at the screen display, and the mega particle cannon shows that it can be fired. Zhou Ya looks at the enemy in front of the screen.

Zhou Ya licked her tongue: "Good night, babies." Pressed the launch button and swept across.

A wave of beam rays tore through more than 20 MSs and three modified spaceships.

At this time, the internal communication channel in the cockpit of the two sisters rang, and a video of Aviana wearing a helmet popped up on the communication channel.

"The two of you sisters return to the mothership for supplies, and leave it to me here."

"Received." x2

The two sisters immediately controlled their own Gundam and returned to the mothership.

Aviana drives Yuanzu Gundam No. 6 (Rx78-6) with missile launchers on her wrists (4 rounds on one wrist, 8 rounds on both wrists); two 300mm low-recoil cannons on her shoulders, He holds a shield in his left hand, a beam rifle in his right, and a bazooka behind his waist.

The number of missiles from the wrist missile launcher was zero, Aviana looked at the two locked ms targets in front of the screen, pressed the launch button, and the two recoil cannons on the shoulders fired, and the moment they hit the target, a formation was formed. Two fireballs.

"Colleagues with damaged bodies return to the mothership immediately and repair them immediately." Aviana instructed her colleagues in the same area as Jim MS.

Several GM MS with broken arms or legs immediately returned to the mothership.

"Come on, I will kill as many pirates as you come. As long as I have my ancestor Gundam No. 6, I will never be defeated by you." Aviana said confidently. From the battle until now, she has shot down the pirates. The regiment's 40 ms and three fighters and a modified spaceship.

As time passed bit by bit, Taro Sayama looked at the radar, feeling very anxious in his heart. He had lost more than 400 mobile suits, the fighter planes seemed to be completely wiped out, and more than 20 modified spaceships had been shot down.

It has only been ten minutes since the start of the battle, and he has suffered such a huge loss. The enemy has just received the results. Not a single battleship was shot down, and only three mobile suits were lost.

"Notify the deputy head that they should come back quickly."

"Yes, Captain."

Pani drives Yuanzu Gundam to fight in another area. He shoots with a beam rifle in his left hand and a beam saber in his right hand. Once an enemy bullies him, he will use the beam saber to fight. The electromagnetic cannon bullets on his shoulders are zero. The rocket launcher, after firing the rocket, I don't know where to throw it.

Pani drives Yuanzu Gundam, where is Li Xiucheng?

Li Xiucheng is now driving another newly developed Gundam.

Pani controlled Yuan Zu Gundam to rush under a modified spaceship, and fired several beam guns, causing continuous violent explosions under the modified spaceship.

Several pirate mobile suits surrounded Yuan Zu Gundam.

Pani pedaled the lever, and the ancestor Gundam quickly sprinted to a pirate mobile suit in front of him.

Seeing the Gundam pirate mobile suit driver coming towards him, he immediately changed to a melee weapon.

But before he could switch to a weapon, he was cut in half by the middle.

After Yuanzu Gundam cut off a mobile suit, he turned around and fired several shots, directly blasting the pirate mobile suits besieging him, then sprinted upwards, and blasted the console of the modified spaceship with one shot.

Looking at the radar monitor, Pani found that a breach had been made here, and immediately opened the internal communication line to contact the captain of the Albion aircraft carrier, Captain Fix, who was also the person in charge of this operation.

Captain Fix got Penny's report.

"Listen, captains of the entire fleet, order all the suppressors to invade the enemy camp."

The entire fleet ejected small airships, and all of them headed towards the broken defense line reported by Pani before, and broke into the abandoned space transfer station of the Sea Wolf Pirates.

"Comrades, cover our brothers and break into the enemy camp." Pani gave instructions to his troops.

Pani looked at the on-screen display, and in the area near him was another newly developed Gundam piloted by another companion, and it was another series.

"I didn't expect the gp series gp01 developed by the boss to be as powerful as the little ghost of the white orchid."

The remote function of the screen captures the newly developed series of Gundam White Orchids penetrating into the enemy's camp and killing each other.

White Orchid gp01 (the appearance is the same as Gp01fb, with the improvement of Long Fei, it is 10% higher than the original data, and can be dispatched in the universe and environments with gravity), with a beam gun in one hand and a beam saber in the other, There is a laser cannon hanging on the back waist. With superb mobility, it jumps to the left and to the right like a rabbit. Not only can the pirate's ms fail to lock, but it can also shoot down the enemy while moving fast. square.

The White Orchid GP01 Gundam has shot down a total of 10 modified pirate spaceships, 100 mobile suits and 20 fighter planes.

The battle has been over half an hour, and Sayama Taro's forehead is already sweating. Looking at the radar display, there are only more than 30 modified spaceships left on his side, and less than 500 MSs left, and the fighters are confirmed to be completely wiped out.

Sayama Taro reached out to wipe the sweat from his forehead, and then looked at his slightly fatter figure, and found that he was sweating all over his body. Sayama Taro knew that he was nervous.

The pirate group that he took over from his father has developed and expanded a lot under his leadership, and has never encountered what it is today.

"Head, the opponent has entered our camp. There are a total of 60 small airships, all of which are in these three places."

The announcer projected the image of the abandoned space transfer station in front of the leader.

Taro Sayama saw three red dots, and immediately mobilized the pirates in the transfer station to meet them.

"Connect the camera images of these three places to me."

"What's the matter, man?"

Taro Sayama looked at the images of the three cameras, his eyes widened and he was confused, because only the small airship was captured by the camera, and no human figure was seen.

"The head, the deputy head has rushed back with his troops." An announcer looked at the instrument and reported excitedly to the head.

Sayama Taro didn't feel any excitement, let alone a sigh of relief. Sayama Taro immediately contacted the deputy head and asked him to transfer the pirates in charge of the suppression battle back to the abandoned space transfer station.

Compared with the battle outside, Taro Sayama felt even more uneasy in the abandoned space transfer station.

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 11: The support of the Sea Wolf Pirates has arrived