Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam
Chapter 9: Conference of the Democratic Republic of Festam

In a huge conference hall, in front of a huge projection video, the battle scenes of Yuanzu Gundam No. 4 and No. 5 are being played.

There are figures in military uniforms and suits in the parliament hall, all of them are dignitaries and senior military officers of the country.

The country where the parliament is held is one of the powerful countries among the space colonies, the Festam Democratic Republic.

The big shots at the scene were frowning, watching the battle in the video with solemn expressions.

The Yuanzu Gundam No. 5 used the Gatling machine gun to sweep across the enemy mobile suits, destroying more than a dozen mobile suits in an instant.

Many people covered their mouths, too scared to speak by the powerful combat power.

When Yuanzu Gundam No. 4 swept with the Mega Particle Cannon, many people on the scene exclaimed. When the Mega Particle Cannon swept, they watched the battleship be torn apart like pieces of paper.

At the end of the video, the lights of the parliament went on.

Many people at the scene were so shocked that they couldn't recover their senses. Where did this ms come from? How could it have such a powerful force?

One of the members of Congress at the scene asked the Minister of Military Intelligence: "Minister, may I ask which country's MS is this? Is it the MS from one of the three major powers on Earth?"

The Minister of Intelligence is Lieutenant General Adili, a middle-aged, blond, white-haired man who is slightly fat.

"No, this is a mobile phone owned by a private mercenary group in the small marginal country of Mika Subaru among the colonial countries."

Everyone at the scene revealed a look that you are joking with me.

Adili continued to explain: "At the beginning, I and everyone present didn't believe it either. I also thought it was developed by a certain big country. The ms is real, and the battle is real. At first, our intelligence team thought that a certain big country put the ms developed by a small country on the edge of the country to test its performance. After a long period of investigation, the two ms were actually the private mercenaries regiment's private property."

The Minister of Defense asked: "Lieutenant General, when is the plot of this video battle?"

"Your Excellency, the Minister of Defense, the date of this battle video has been three months since today."

"Lieutenant General, why did your intelligence department take so long to bring this matter up!" a congressman asked loudly.

"Dear Senator, it's not that our military intelligence department took so long to bring this matter up, but that we have to verify the authenticity of the video, and who would have thought that such a powerful ms would appear in the private armed forces of a small marginal country force."

The member of Congress who had just questioned loudly was about to refute Lieutenant General Adili's explanation, but the Minister of Defense raised his hand and interrupted. "

"Lieutenant General, have you found out where this private armed force came from?"

"Minister of Defense, according to the information we have at present, this private armed force is called the Tianyi Mercenary Group, and their armed forces come from an arms manufacturing company with the same name. We currently know that the Tianyi Mercenary Group and the Tianyi Arms Manufacturing Company are the same owner. .”

"Where is that boss from and what's his name?"

"I'm sorry, Your Excellency the Minister of National Defense. At present, we can only know that the boss is named Long Fei, and he is from Hanxia Kingdom. As for the age and appearance, we are still unable to know."

"Han Xiaguo, surnamed Long..." the president sitting on the main seat touched his chin and spoke.

All eyes in parliament turned to the president.

Amdandi, the bald president of the Mediterranean Sea, asked everyone to say: "There are not many people with the surname Long in the Hanxia Kingdom, but there is a family named Long in the Hanxia Kingdom. If I remember correctly, this big family named Long is a big business family. They There is a company called Long's arms manufacturing company."

Everyone looked at Lieutenant General Adili.

"My lord president, at the beginning I also thought about this and investigated this aspect. The information I have so far has nothing to do with the Long family. If the Long's arms manufacturing company really has such an advanced mobile phone, why not take it?" Come out and beat their competitors."

"Lieutenant General, what you said makes sense. Does your intelligence department have any information?"

At this time, Lieutenant General Adili asked the parliament to turn off the lights.

After the lights of the parliament were turned off, Lieutenant General Adili turned on the projection video again, and a photo of Yuan Zu Gundam appeared in the video.

"Everyone, the ms in this photo are the early models of the previous two ms. One of these ms is called Gundam, and they can also be called Gundam. At present, we have new information that they are still developing newer models. Gundam."

"Lieutenant General, please interrupt." The president asked, "Why don't they mass-produce but develop new models?"

"Your Excellency, this is where I'm going to explain." Adili changed the video.

The screen in the video shows Yuanzu Gundam being attacked by live ammunition. After being attacked, the video stops, and then the attacked part is enlarged.

"Everyone, take a closer look, has there been any change in the armor of the part that was hit?"

After seeing clearly, everyone at the scene took a breath.

"As you can see, the part of the Gundam that was hit was hit by a 135mm live ammunition, but the entire armor was not damaged, not even a dent."

The president asked again: "Lieutenant General, this has nothing to do with mass production, right?"

"No, Mr. President, it is related. Our current intelligence analysis has two possibilities. The first possibility is that they develop a new model, take out the final data in the battle, and then develop a mass-produced real model after finalization. The Gundam model, the second possibility is that it will not be mass-produced. The first is that the armor of the Gundam is difficult to manufacture. The second is that the hardware in the armor is not easy to manufacture. The purpose of developing a stronger model is to give it to an excellent driver. For example, the ace ms pilot drives a Gundam."

"Lieutenant General, in your opinion, which one is more likely?"

"President, according to my subordinates' estimates, the second possibility is more likely."

The member of Congress who questioned loudly before asked loudly again: "Please explain, Lieutenant General, why you think the second possibility is more important. If it is the first possibility, wouldn't it plunge the country into an unimaginable situation?" Is it a crisis?"

"Dear Members of Congress, I think the second possibility is more likely, mainly from the perspective of our military. Generally speaking, compared with ordinary mass-produced ms, the cost of maintenance and replacement of damaged parts is relatively high. It’s not very high. If it’s a ms with high driving performance for elite drivers or a special ms for ace drivers, the maintenance cost can be quite different from that of ordinary mass-produced ms, and another important point is that it consumes material resources And manpower is more, so think about it for a while, the ms called Gundam is so excellent and powerful, so wouldn't it require more financial resources for maintenance?"

Many people at the scene accepted Lieutenant General Adili's explanation, as Lieutenant General Adili said, no matter the more powerful MS fighters and warships, the more they need to spend.

Even if the ms called Gundam can be mass-produced, the question is which country dares to mass-produce it?

The answer is no country.

Because the cost of manufacturing and maintenance is enough to destroy the economy of the country.

"Lieutenant General Adili, your intelligence department will continue to monitor the Tianyi mercenary group." President Amdandi ordered.

"Yes, Mr. President."

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Crossing the Other World to Build Gundam Chapter 9: Conference of the Democratic Republic of Festam