Crimson Overlord
Chapter 141

Later that day, Luna, who had seen her big sister having a sister, could not look into the latter eyes without blushing; just by remembering that scene, her lower body would heat up, and she would feel a strange desire building inside her.

”Big sister, are you going out with that student, Kyle?” She gathered her courage and asked; there was a rumor saying Orpheus had come just because of one of the twins, and he kept looking at them. He even went on a date with one of them. So, Luna wondered if her sister didn’t know this and if she knew what her thought was.

”I’m his lover.” Nemesis declared with a smile. She immediately added as if she could read Luna’s thoughts.

”Strong man can’t have one woman, so I don’t mind.”

”It is that so?” Luna was shocked by Nemesis’s declaration. For some unknown reason, she felt relieved.

Looking at Luna, who was trying to hide her happiness. Nemesis chuckled and thought it was time to take another step forward.

Her eyes turned back to her original color, red and gold. Something shot out from them and penetrated Luna’s body, and the latter suddenly felt sleepy.

“Big sister, I’m going to sleep.” She said as she stood up and tried to leave.

”Okay, have a good night. You can ask me anything because I’m your big sister.” Nemesis said, and Luna nodded absentmindedly.

“Fufufu! Have a nice naughty dream.” Nemesis said while enjoying a glass of wine.


Meanwhile, right after she entered the tent, Luna fell asleep.

Luna, who should be sleeping, appeared where she was hiding previously and was spying on her big sister.

Somehow Orpheus, who had disappeared, appeared behind her.

”Hehehe! So, little Luna, do you enjoy the show?”

She slowly turned her head back and looked at him foolishly, still confused about what was happening. Then something surprising happened; without saying anything, Orpheus took her lips, kissing her.

Luna was startled; she quickly jumped back while blushing hard.

”How do your first kiss taste like Little Luna?” Orpheus smiled and asked her.

She blushed hard but still glared at him trying to understand what was happening. However, Orpheus was not going to give her that time; he smirked before saying.

”I wonder how Nemesis will react once knowing that you spied on her, especially when she was having her first time with her beloved.”

Luna visibly trembled; she looked at him for a while before mustering her courage and saying.

”Please don’t say anything to Big sis Nemesis. In exchange, I promise to do anything.”

Orpheus chuckled before appearing in front of her, he retook her lips, but this time, it was a short kiss.

Orpheus smiled before saying.

”Alright, Little Luna, please don’t resist; you will also enjoy it.”

Lunas decided not to think too deeply about what was happening; she decided to enjoy this. After all, she had promised to do anything. She didn’t wish to have Nemesis know what she did.

Orpheus lowered his head and sealed her pink lips again; she reciprocated, and they started kissing, she was clumsy at the start, but he patiently guided her; before long, she got the gist of it and started responding.

After some time that seemed like a few minutes, they stopped kissing because Little Luna started to have difficulty breathing.

Shortly after, they resumed our kissing, but this time, he slid his tongue inside her mouth; she was startled; nonetheless, she followed his lead, and soon their tongues entwined.

Luna wrapped her arms around his neck as their kiss became wild. They battled with their tongues, exchanging saliva. After a few minutes, they stopped kissing again.

”Ah! Ahh !”

Luna panted, mouth agape, her face red as a tomato.

Orpheus chuckled before making her sit on his lap, she turned her head, and they started another kiss battle. His hands started to roam her body through her purple dress; she trembled but continued kissing him.

He slipped one of his hands inside her bra, cupping her breast. He began caressing them, shaping them to his liking.

Suddenly, Orpheus pinched her erected nipples; Luna’s body ached, and she almost broke the kiss, but she endured, continuing kissing him.

Orpheus slipped his remaining hand inside her already soaked panties from her earlier peeping. He used his index to rub her clit, while his middle finger went inside her cave. Luna’s body arched up, and she stopped the kiss before letting out a loud moan.


Orpheus continued fingering her at a fast speed; his finger went inside her pussy in and out repeatedly. Her moans increased, and he suddenly bit hard on her nipple. Like a jolt of electricity passed through her body, Luna bent her body back and let out a loud moan.


Her love juice broke through her pussy like a flood, drenching his hand. He brought his fingers drenched in love juice towards his3 mouth and tasted it.

”Oh! It’s sweet and sour. Little Luna loves juice.”

Orpheus declared with a smile. Luna blushed at this declaration.

He undressed her while she did the same thing. They both became naked when Luna saw Orpheus’s hardened shaft. Her expression looked fearful, but there was expectation mixed in. She would feel the same feeling as her big sister.

”Now, Little Luna, it’s the time to please me. Follow my lead.” Orpheus ordered, and Luna went to her knees, and she used her hands to hold his cock. .

Orpheus grunted before ordering her to use her tongue to lick the tip of his cock before starting to suck it.

She used her pink tongue and wrapped it around the head of his cock and licked it; she then licked until the base of his shaft. She even licked his balls, playing with them.


Orpheus grunted in pleasure. Luna was pleased seeing this; she continued for a few seconds before swallowing his dick inside her mouth. She started to move up and down while wrapping her tongue around the head of Orpheus’s cock like a snake.

”Ooh! My Little Luna, I’m about to cum, swallows everything.”

Orpheus then released his cum inside her throat; she almost choked; he only let her head go after I

he was sure that she had drunk everything.

She panted hard; Orpheus, satisfied with the blowjob, caressed her head for a while before asking her to go on all fours. She blushed but still did it.

He went behind her and aligned his hardened shaft against her cunt; he teased her entrance for a while before piercing her in one thrust.

”Aaaargh! It hurts, Kyle. It hurts so much.”

Luna groaned and shouted, as a jolt of pain struck her, and blood trailed from her broken hymen. Orpheus caressed her body; he asked her to slowly breathe in and out while he continued to caress her, pinching her nipples, as she performed the breathing exercise. Before long, her body relaxed, and he slowly moved in and out.

After a few minutes, the grimace of pain disappeared, and she started to feel an intoxicating pleasure. Orpheus started to increase his pace little by little. Luna started to match the movements of his hips. He used one hand to massage her breasts while his remaining hand smacked her white ass.



Luna moaned repeatedly, and Orpheus smacked her white ass till it became red.

” Ooohh! Oooh…!! ”

The sound of flesh hitting flesh could be heard in the quiet night like a chorus; before long, Luna’s body arched up before she let out a loud moan.

”Ooohh! Kyle, I’m cumming” She shouted before cumming.

Without letting her rest, Orpheus lifted her, with her legs raised high against her head. Her back against his torso before he started to pound her faster; this position offered a deep penetration angle. Luna loved it, she asked her to fuck her harder, and it was what he did.

Luna continued to let out a moan; after moans, she had multiple orgasms. She loved this feeling; she could do anything to experience this feeling forever, Luna thought.

”Ughhh! Soooo Good! cumming again…” She shouted, and at the same time, Orpheus released his cum inside her womb; after releasing everything, his cock slid out of her pussy with a plop sound.

They both fell to the ground, with on top of Orpheus, she had a blissful expression.

”I wish to stay like this forever,” Luna mumbled, but as soon she said that, she woke up.

”What?” She shouted as soon she woke up. Her face turned red; she felt really embarrassed that she had a wet dream; she dreamed of her big sister, a man. The dream was so vivid that even her inside still felt hot.

Her underwear was soaked with love juices. Her nipples were hard.

”What kind of dream could be so real? Almost as if it was not natural.” Luna mumbled. She remembered everything that happened, and the weirdest thing was that it felt too real; she remembered the sensation of Orpheus’s touch. She quickly checked her hymen and sighed in relief after seeing it was still there; still, she was a little disappointed.

‘You can experience the same feeling if you follow my orders.’ Like a Devil’s whispers, a voice identical to her voice talked to her.

”The same thing?” Luna mumbled, tempted.

The voice continued feeling Luna’s hesitation.

‘You just have to be an obedient child, and your sister can give you anything; even sharing her man with you won’t be a problem.’

Unconsciously, Luna nodded. She would become an obedient child, and as Nemesis had said, she would ask for her help, but first she had to find a way to help Nemesis. Maybe she could talk about her fallen family and the dream she once had?

This could bring them together, Nemesis would also share some of her secrets with her, and like this, she could help her.

It was decided then. It was what she would do.

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Crimson Overlord Chapter 141