Crimson Overlord
Chapter 121

In a distant place, in a world located in another dimension, two times the size of Orpheus’s world.

In this world, the sky was dull and gloomy; the sun was nowhere to be found; instead, there were two bloody moons in the sky.

Blood-colored mist filled the air with a brutal aura. The scent of death was strong; everywhere you looked, it was filled with a mountain of bones of various shapes and sizes, some were from gigantic beasts reaching twelve meters long, some were from small beasts, and some were from what looked like humans. You could even see fresh corpses with lots of scavengers feasting on them. Some monstrosities like beasts were fighting over the corpses, brutally slaughtering each other; they even ate their fallen brethren. The earth had consumed so much blood that it changed into blood-red color. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

Only one sentence could be used to describe this world: This is a brutal dog-eating dog world, a world where the strong prey on the weak, you kill, or you get killed.

The violent nature of this world was so devastating it might one day mean the end of the moons and its inhabitants.


In another place, a continent with many flying beasts in the air, all are black in color; one could see a lot of gigantic western black dragons radiating evil aura flying and circling a big dark red castle of hundred and fifty meters (150m) tall. The castle was emitting an extremely eerie presence; the evil energy in the air was so thick that any weak-willed person would faint upon approaching the castle.

In the Throne room, sitting on a gigantic throne made of dragon bone, was a giant man at least three meters( 3m) tall, extremely muscular frame; he had three horns on his head, two from each side of his head and the remaining one was in the front, he had giant bat-like wings, a long dark tail with a pointed end. Strangely his skin color is purple; he also has purple-colored eyes. The giant man was dressed in dark red battle armor.

In front kneeling was a man, he’s two meters tall, one pair of horns, his skin color was light purple

”Report the situation, Aalgol,” said the giant man in a rough voice that shakes space itself. Algol quickly replied.

”Yes, your infernal lord, our realm situation is becoming more and more chaotic, the weather is constantly changing, and many of our lands are transforming into deserts, forcing our brethren to migrate from place to place. Water is scarce because of the drought. Many of our people are dying; overall, the situation is bad. In a few thousand years, our realm situation will worsen so much that we can no longer live here. We must quickly migrate elsewhere.”

”Umu, We understand. Nothing else?” The giant man inquired.

”Yes, your infernal lord, there is a rather good piece of news,” Aalgol replied in a high-pitched voice, not hiding his joy.

”Oho! Carry on. We would like to know what piece of news that was so good that made the cold and calculative Aalgol be this happy.” The giant man said, amused.

”We learn from one of our last spies before he got caught and probably killed that the crown prince of the True dragon race, Arthur Dragoneel, is about to inherit the Dragon God’s power to complete his advancement in the Level 0, after he tries to break the unbreakable wall. It was said that he had a fifty percent chance of inheriting the Dragon God’s power. If one were to compare him to his predecessors, it’s indeed true that he will probably inherit it. He’s dangerous; If I could, I would eliminate him immediately; alas, it’s impossible.”

Algol took a deep breath before looking at his lord but noticing the lack of interest on his face, he continued:

”He also managed to tell us before getting caught, that the whereabouts of the Holy daughter, the next Goddess of the Earth and Life, are known. She and others have found another world in another dimension living there. There are preparing to send some men to go there, catch and bring them back, especially the two girls; even the Holy Daughter’s fiancé Arthur Dragoneel send some men. We must also use this chance to eliminate the two girls, especially the Holy Daughter, quickly. Our oracle had divined that if we wanted to accomplish our goals, only the holy daughter would be the thorn on our side, making it impossible to accomplish it because she would undoubtedly break that wall. Also, she is the key to producing another like her; for this reason, they bestowed her to Arthur Dragoneel, the crown prince of True Dragon Race, the Absolute First Race in the Heaven Realm. They wanted the couple to be at least the two Overlords like they are sure not to lose facing us because we also have the chance to produce Two Overlords. We must eliminate her to ensure that there will be no variable in the future; this is our last chance.”

”I see, do as you see fit, Don’t disappoint us.” The infernal lord said in a flat tone. Knowing what Algol was capable of, there was no to say anything else.

”Certainly, my infernal Lord,” Algol said, then he bowed and left the throne room, leaving the giant man alone.

”Interesting, four new Overlords are about to appear in this Era since the last Primal War where it was said that all the Overlords vanished. We can’t let them produce it, because the survival of our species is on the line. We are waiting for those two to come out from their seclusion; another war is approaching, and this will probably be the last war. We will win and seizes the Heaven Realm, using it as our new home. We can wait to slaughter them all and take their world, their resources, and women, Hyahahahaha.” The giant man said while laughing.

This man is the absolute ruler of this world, the Infernal Realm, the one, and only monarch:

Thagaroth Belphégor.

Like those in Elysium, they also received a prophecy announcing the birth of two beyond Level 0 origin. The true immortal

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Crimson Overlord Chapter 121