Cornered by the CEO
Chapter 11: Going at Each Others Throat and Playing Dirty

Chapter 11: Going at Each Other's Throat and Playing Dirty

"Thank you," Mo Qingchen repeated, flashing a smile.

Qian Meng wanted to scoff. This block of ice could really act. He was really sucking up to Su Jin like nobody's business. She didn't show any changes on her face lest the cameras pick it up.

Come on, queen of marketing, don't put a blemish on your name.

"Before we jump into debating amongst ourselves, Miss Yun, I would like to briefly discuss the housing and job creation bill that is under scrutiny next week. Why do you think this bill is better than the similar bill that Yun Corporation pushed last year?"

Qian Meng stiffened slightly. She noted with no surprise that Su Jin wasn't going to be on her side. It remained to be seen how much she let go, though.

"Well, Miss Su," she started with a voice dripping sugar. "I will first ask you to resist the temptation to imply that Yun Corporation has been 'pushing' anything. The housing and jobs bill fall in line with the values of Yun Corporation and we believe that it will have a positive effect on the housing industry and in turn the economy." She paused for effect and threw a look at Mo Qingchen as she dragged out the next words. "The passing of this bill will generate employment, and the fact that the opposition disagrees with this is heartwrenching."

'The ball is in your court,' she thought smugly.

"Mr. Mo?" Su Jin turned to the other.

"That bill has no potential to create jobs," he said with a shrug. He seemed so offhanded about it, too. "Some officials may think it will do good, but similar projects have never had a positive outcome. Unemployment is rampant in the industry and the wages are dirt poor. This bill adds no value to the industry without taking into consideration other moving factors that Miss Yun isn't taking into consideration."

Qian Meng does her best not to retort when Mo Qingchen implies that this was all her doing. Once, the bill passed, she would be the one laughing.

"I also wanted to add that, creating jobs and better housing should be seen from a business point of view and not a governmental one." He looked down at the lapel of his coat and smooths it down, coming too close to the mic for Qian Meng's comfort. "Ah, doesn't the bill also have a postulate about mandatory employment schemes for women? Yun Corporation harps on that all the time, but recent reports have shown that the male to female ratio at the company is rather shameful."

Qian Meng tried her hardest to hold back her eye-roll. "I'll answer you in a two-pronged fashion. Gender inclusivity and employment is something Yun Corporation is indeed emphasizing on. It is still a work in progress. Secondly, Mo Building Solutions has one of the worst records of bias against women, especially mothers who are coming back from their maternity leaves."

'Ah, Mo Qingchen, you see? I did my research. I knew you would play dirty and veer the conversation off the main topic, so I came with ammunition,' she thought. Outwardly, she appeared to be gently educating him on the reality of the world, as if she were a saint doing him a favor.

Mo Qingchen's eye flashed with a hidden emotion. "Ask your father about the pay difference in the executive staff," he spat. "I have the stats at hand, as well." Qian Meng wanted to laugh.

"I am one of those women and the money I receive from the company is no less than my male peers." But she was a shareholder and she did know about the wage gap. She had been harping on it and trying to make things better for a while now, but the old men on the board rarely listened to a twenty-something year old.

To them, she said, 'Okay, Boomer.'

Mo Qingchen opened his mouth to say something but then stopped. Qian Meng could tell that he wanted to say something but that it wouldn't be good for his image. She waited for him, leveling him with a piercing stare, taunting him to say what was on his mind.

"Okay," Su Jin interjected, knowing that the conversation had veered off the topic. "Representatives from both sides were on multiple shows last night and policy analysts are calling it a draw. Miss Yun, what are your thoughts on what was said last night?"

Qian Meng thought for a minute, going back to the notes Li Min had made for her. "We are very pleased with the outcome," she replied with a confident smile. Once attacked with this weapon, Su Jin would have to be nice to her or the viewers could cuss her out. "The representatives speaking for the bill laid out the plan clearly, showing us how it would be implemented over the next six years. It was a glimpse of how much potential it holds."

Mo Qingchen folded his hand in front of him, waiting for the right moment to speak. "Well, I personally thought that our representatives wiped the floor with theirs last night." He threw a directive look towards Qian Meng, letting the audience know exactly what he meant.

Su Jin's jaw dropped and Qian Meng stared at Mo Qingchen like he was an alien creature. The bastard had the audacity to smirk at her! He had stepped out of the parameters of civility. Qian Meng wondered if his family and the politicians lobbying for them would be happy with him being rogue. Or was this the strategy? Did he want to want her out to play?

"I'm sure you'll know I am correct when the bill doesn't pass," he said simply.

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Cornered by the CEO Chapter 11: Going at Each Others Throat and Playing Dirty