19 Look At Me!

Caspian’s hand was already reaching out for the door handle when Anastasia shouted exasperatedly. His hand stopped midair and he raised his brows in amusement.

He turned around to see Anastasia glaring at him. Her lips were still downturned and her chest was heaving furiously.

Caspian bit his lower lips to stop himself from laughing because he finally understood what was going on in his wife’s little head. But he still ended up chuckling. He slowly moved his feet towards the bed while teasing Anastasia, “Oh dear love! Don’t you look cute when you are burning with jealousy?”

Anastasia gasped when he named her sour feeling in her heart. She instantly looked down and tried to deny her true feeling, “I’m not jea- well, maybe a litt- ugh!” she sighed and buried her face in her palms and whispered, “I don’t know...”

Caspian was beaming as he gazed at that sweet and embarrassed little action of Anastasia. He sat down on the bed again and held her wrists to move them away from her face.

Anastasia was still looking down so he firmly ordered her, “Wife, look at me.”

And as if she was under some spell, she instantly obeyed him. Her long lashes gave way to her emerald green eyes and she looked into the pair of longing eyes that were so close to her.

Caspian’s gaze slowly moved down from her beautiful eyes to her plump and soft lips. He parted his lips and let out his cold breath that was burning with desire.

Anastasia could feel his breath softly brushing against her lips and jaw. Her jealous heart found some serenity before it was replaced with sudden panic. She saw Caspian’s tempting lips inching closer and closer to hers.


And in that panic, she pressed her lips into a thin line as if to hide her lips, and she turned away.

A hint of disappointment lingered on Caspian’s face when his wife disobeyed him. “Are you scared of me?” he asked while sounding sad.

Anastasia shook her head but still refused to look at him.

He kept on gazing at her cheek that had turned red because of excessive blushing. And her cheek looked so inviting that his desire to taste her got ever so stronger.

He got this urge to push her back and bite her then and there.

And he did just that. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

He pushed her on the cushion that he had stacked earlier and held her wrists on either side of her head.

“Caspian?” a whisper escaped Anastasia’s lips at that sudden aggression from him.

And before she could think what he was going to do to her, Caspian leaned forward and nibbled Anastasia’s cheek, without his fangs of course.

“Aaah!” Anastasia widened her eyes in surprise and gasped. And she hurriedly asked him, “Caspian, what are you doing?”

Anastasia felt his smirk on her cheek and she heard his ragged whisper laced with craving towards her, “If this is what it takes to make you say my name then I’m willing to do this every day.”

Anastasia inhaled sharply and tightened her fists. His whisper had managed to awaken something deep down in her chest.

Caspian closed his eyes and staggeringly inhaled the sweet lavender scent of his wife. He then bathed her in his cool breath again before sucking her cheek to give a wet kiss.

Anastasia bit her lower lips and she couldn’t help but softly moan when his tongue tickled her cheek. She felt a very new sensation in her body. She felt something running down from her heart to her navel, and she liked it. ‘What is this feeling?’

Before she could get out of her daze, she felt his cold lips kissing the hollow of her neck. A sudden rush of pleasure ran through her body which made her writhe and arch her back.

But when she felt his teeth grazing her neck as he kept on softly nipping her all over her neck, her trauma from yesterday’s incident resurfaced.

She recalled the look on Tilla’s face when she was being bitten by that vampire. She was overwhelmed with the horror that she felt when she was about to get bitten.

“Caspian! Stop! Please!” she pleaded because she was afraid that he would bite her.

Caspian immediately stopped his shenanigans and left his grip on her hands. He gave a guilty look to her and apologized, “I’m-I’m sorry. It was not my intention to scare you.”

Caspian sighed because he was surprised with himself. He was surprised how he would keep on apologizing to her even though he had never done that to anyone else before.

Anastasia’s eyes were full of fear and Caspian felt even guiltier for letting his urges take over him.

And he couldn’t help but think, ‘Why am I like this when I’m with her? She makes me feel all kinds of emotions that I never thought I would ever feel. I get scared for her, I feel so overprotective of her, and I even felt jealous when I saw her dancing with Zenon.’

He gently caressed her ginger hair and finally answered his wife’s questions that were born out of her jealousy, “Anna, I want you to know that there aren’t any other women in my life apart from you. I never believed in love so I never fell in love with anyone.”

Anastasia looked into Caspian’s eyes and she saw nothing but sincerity in his answer. And she felt really happy to know that.

He took her hand and then kissed her on the knuckles. And he said while giving her a loving gaze, “But with you, I’m willing to challenge my own belief. I really want you to make me fall in love with you, Anastasia.”

And he silently thought to himself, ‘In fact, I think I’m already starting to.’

Something blossomed inside Anastasia’s heart when Caspian genuinely asked her to make him fall for her. She could somehow see that he was not asking it as a challenge, it was more like a cry for help. She felt as if he was deprived of love for his whole life and he craved it.

‘I need to know more about his past, and also his family,’ she took a mental note to herself.

And his every action, from giving her the title of the Queen to looking after her all night long, everything suddenly made sense to her. ‘He was doing all that because he wants to be loved in return.’

And to her own surprise, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him in her warm embrace.

Needless to say, Caspian was also surprised by the first sign of affection from his wife. By now, he already knew that she was bold with her words but very timid with her actions. So the hug was a pleasant surprise for him.

The corners of his lips curled up with mirth. He also wrapped her tiny frame and pressed her tightly against his body.

While still hugging, Anastasia asked in a sad whisper, “Caspian, if you don’t love anyone then why do you have mistresses?”

Caspian pulled away from the hug and asked while knitting his brows, “Who told you that I have... Oh, wait! I told that to you...” He chuckled and then playfully pinched Anastasia’s nose.

And then clarified her concerns, “I was just messing with you. I don’t have any mistresses, nor do I have any lovers or wives. As I said, you are the only woman in my life. And you have complete rights over me.”

The moment he said that she had complete rights over him, Anastasia couldn’t even hide how she was feeling. She was gleefully smiling and was radiating joy.

Caspian chuckled and asked whimsically, “Are you that happy?”

“Yes, indeed.” Anastasia kept on grinning and innocently explained the reason for her happiness, “I don’t have to worry about any jealous women coming after my life.”

“That’s what you were happy about?” Caspian scoffed at that answer and tried to correct his jealous wife, “Are you sure that you’re not beaming because you now know that you have me all for yourself?”

Anastasia gave a mischievous look to Caspian and shyly smiled.

And Caspian fell once more. He was one step closer to completely losing himself in the depth of her love.

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