Combat Maid Harem
Chapter 1 - The Shadow Atop The Windowsill

[Author's Note: Read the Auxillary chapter(Chapter 0) first. It will provide insight into the plot. ]

"Lawrend, I will leave things here to you. And don't think about getting maids!"

A red-haired man eyed his son with a solemn face. He was wearing a brown sleeveless tuxedo and a white undershirt. The man fixed his necktie as he walked toward the large metal gates of the mansion.

"Yes, father…"

The son's name was Lawrend, and he had no choice but to obey his father. His father is also the wealthiest merchant in the city. He was also 17-years old this year.

Lawrend had a red hair and a handsome face. His body was sort of fit for his age.

This was a bright morning in the city of Lanika. The brick roads were busy as horse carriages passed through and fro to transfer their goods in and out of the city. Incessant chatter can be heard from the streets as passersby talked with each other.

This scene took place in front of a mansion inside the noble district of the city.


Lawrend's father nodded his head in satisfaction. This son of his suddenly grew interested in maids. He ought to continue the family line and become a successful merchant.

"I'll see you in 6 months then."

The red-haired man bid farewell to his son and rode the carriage waiting outside. Many of the guards followed, leaving only a few left. They rode the carriage in front and behind the red-haired man's carriage.

They formed a 5 carriage caravan. Together with the 2 carriages carrying goods at the far back.



The coachman whipped the horses. The horses neighed and started to move forward. They soon disappeared from Lawrend's view.

Lawrend stared at the closing gates and sighed bleakly. He remembered the stacks of books waiting for him inside his room.

He thought about what his father just said to him. Reluctance filled his heart when he thought about it.

Ever since Lawrend reached 7-years old, he had been having dreams of a modern civilization. In that dream, he was living and eating whatever he wanted. There were no monsters while towering buildings scattered around him.

There was even an instance when he saw lightning escape from a black string. It filled Lawrend's mind with awe. It felt so vivid yet so alien to him. It was as if it was his past life.

He woke up full of excitement only to realize that it was just a dream.

In this world, mages can manipulate the weather and swordsmen are capable of slicing a leaf 1 kilometer away from them. So Lawrend thought that it was a divine revelation for him that points to a powerful form of magic.

He researched about the subject, and his interest in magic grew stronger for each day that passed. The next time he dreamed. He saw a row of dozen maids bowing towards him. The dream quickly cut off at that point, but somehow, it stuck inside Lawrend's mind more than the lightning did.

Ever since then, he begged his father to hire him a maid. To no avail did his father budge. No means no.

10 years passed and Lawrend is now a 17-year old adult. His father put him through a lot of merchant lessons. Several tutors came and taught him day and night. Lawrend didn't know why his father never tried testing him for magic or swords.

His last lessons were inside his room. It will last till he turns 18. After that, he can finally be given a shop by his father. A shop that he was destined to manage.

But Lawrend did not want to live such a bland life. He wanted to have rows and rows of beautiful maids that would bow to him whenever he wanted. Alas, his father put him on a tight leash. Any attempts were quickly discovered and put off.

He even wondered why his father is so against getting maids. He knew other nobles who only have maids, but his father chose to only have butlers inside the mansion. His father doesn't swing that way, right?

Lawrend was horrified when that thought entered his mind. The image of his strict and hardworking father inside of his mind broke into pieces.

His father was rather well-endowed when it comes to looks. So it was rather surprising for him that his father hadn't gotten another wife after his mother passed away.


Lawrend didn't want to continue heading towards that thought anymore. He shook his head and entered the mansion.

When he entered the mansion he saw a row of butlers greeting him.

"Young Master, we will be in your care."

All of the butlers bowed in sync. Their postures were all professional and respectful.

A vein popped on Lawrend's forehead when he saw this familiar yet not so familiar scene. He wanted maids, not some stinky butlers!


Lawrend walked around them and walked upwards the stairs leading to his room.

The butlers all smiled wryly at each other. It was not a secret that Lawrend was very fond of maids. They just didn't expect that he would be upset with seeing a row of butlers bowing to him in respect.

Lawrend closed the door with a bang, and he flopped himself onto his bed. He wanted to puke when he saw them bow to him. They were old and stinky men. They were not the cute, beautiful, and big-breasted maids that he dreamed of!


Lawrend screamed to the pillow in frustration. He stared at the chandelier hanging on the ceiling blankly.

A few minutes later, he got out of bed and walked towards the desk in his room. He looked at the stack of books on top of it and sighed.

He wanted to finish this soon and leave this mansion to get his own maids.

Lawrend read through the books till it was nighttime. He only got up to have a quick dinner.

It was midnight and Lawrend's mind was tired. He stared outside into the moon, and a shadow suddenly appeared on top of the windowsill. The black cloak worn by the shadow swayed with the cold wind of the night.

A sudden foreboding feeling entered Lawrend's heart.

[Extra Note: The MC's character and intellect change every time he increases in strength. His first change will be in Chapter 38. Please bear with me and endure his stupidity and cowardness.]

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Combat Maid Harem Chapter 1 - The Shadow Atop The Windowsill