Chapter 21 - Nonstop Libido

Chapter 21: Nonstop Libido

There was a request for medicine from Jiral’s girlfriend – Ferris-san, and it made me a little worried.

The yandere girlfriend Ferris-san came by herself to the store and, without care for the gazes around her, said this to me:

“I want to have Jiral’s child.”

... Yeah.

Won’t it be fine if you go at it constantly every day? Won’t it be fine if riajuus explode?

– Is what I was thinking, but it seems like things aren’t that simple.

“Recently Jiral is ... not really that ...”

Fidget, fidget; it was difficult for Ferris-san to say, but they’ve stopped doing it.

Is there something wrong with Jiral, or is there another woman?

It seems she’s so uneasy uneasy uneasy uneasy uneasy that she can’t sleep at night.

It’s the same pattern as before.

I can see it’s the bad pattern immediately.

Simply saying, she wants me to make Jiral a medicine that will make him want to do it.

An aphrodisiac type.

The fear of being held at knifepoint by a large knife a few days ago flashed through my mind, and when I told her I’d think about whether I could make it or not she left for now.

I haven’t heard anything about another woman other than Ferris-san from Jiral.

When Jiral came in today as well, with a nonchalant look on his face, I immediately asked about the circumstances.

“How are things going with Ferris-san? Good? Have you been fighting or anything?”

“Eh? We haven’t fought. Is there something wrong?”


Would it be fine to tell him that Ferris-san wants me to make a drug that makes him want to do it?

But it involves the private parts of one’s life so ... let’s stop chatting candidly about that kind of thing.

“No. As long as everything’s good. Have you been thinking about the future or marriage or anything?”

“Marriage ... that’s true; I did think about it some? Ferris is the daughter of a wealthy merchant from the neighboring town , and both of our parents have acknowledged it.”

If that’s how it is then it’s just a matter of time, I guess.

When I first heard the request for medicine it sounded like a woman’s scheme to make things official or something, but it looks like it’s simply because they’ve been sexless.

Even though they’re practically married, this kind of situation would probably make her feel anxious.

When I asked half seriously, it looks like Jiral isn’t cheating either.

“Reiji-kun, just what are you going to do after asking all of this?”

“Generally speaking I prefer keeping to the proper order of things, but if it’s mutual love and both of you are properly thinking of the future then it’s probably fine... ? Jiral’s from a rich household and all.”1

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

‘Oh nothing, nothing at all.”


Jiral tilted his head, mystified.

If he’s tired or not feeling well, of course he won’t be vigorous.

It’s probably just a coincidental chain of those kinds of days.

I obscured the discussion and shifted to small-talk, and eventually Jiral went home.

It will be troublesome if they go running through town while swinging a knife around again, so I’ll make some medicine along the lines of the request – the so-called energy-boosting medicine.

Like always, I walked to the forest together with Noela and collected the roots of a plant called muku2 and other ingredients.

We also bought fruits from the marketplace to make it easier to drink and returned to the store.

“Welcome back, Reiji-san. What kind of medicine are you going to make today?”

It seems like Mina, who was watching the store, heard a little bit of the conversation from earlier.

What kind of medicine...

With this kind, it makes it difficult to tell girls...

“Uhh, a medicine that makes you more energetic, I guess.”

“Energetic? ... Is it different from the energy potion?”

“Tasty taste? Energy taste?”

Noela is also interested.

“It’s a little more specific than that ... I guess? I’ll do my best to make it tasty.”

I left that place quickly and entered the medicine room.

When I made the medicine according to the skill, it was quickly finished.

[Emotional Drive: an energy booster that drives the emotions.]

The output is like that, but it’s okay, maybe...?

It says it’s an energy booster so it should be a success, but the explanation looks a little shady somehow.

I could try to drink it and test it, but getting excited without a partner is a little sad.

... ... extremely sad, yes.

Anyway, Jiral will probably come again tomorrow, so I can hand it over and ask him if it’s effective or not afterwards.

“Right. With this, the matter will probably be settled tomorrow night.”

When I returned to the medicine room after using the bathroom, the new medicine that should have been made was gone.

“Huh-? It’s gone! Where did it go...? The ED drug is gone!”

Strange, even though I should have left it on the floor just now...

When I made to search the medicine room, I heard Mina and Noela’s voices from the living room.

“I wonder if I’m worn out from houswork, Noela-san... Recently, my body feels heavy no matter what I do...”

“Master, made. This. Energy taste.”


Tha, wait. By energy taste she can’t mean-?

When I rushed to the living room, just as I thought, Noela was having Mina drink the new medicine I had made.

Just because the name could be abbreviated to ED doesn’t mean it only works on men.

“Mina! You can’t drink that one!”

It was already too late; Mina’s throat sounded as she swallowed.

“Ah, sorry, how foolish of me. I heard it was something that gave you energy, so...”

In the time she took to say it, Mina’s face went red and her eyes became blurry.

Sway; she seemed like she was going to fall so I hugged her in a hurry.

“Re,Reiji-san... wh,what should I do ... I, I ...”

Mina’s pupils were wet and she rubbed her knees togther, averting her eyes in embarassment.

“... I’m feeling extremely aroused ...”

How straight forward!

Saying that with that kind of face is unfair.

Carrying her to the bed in a princess carry and getting down with it – that kind of development didn’t happen of course.

Ah, that’s right.

Previously there was that detox agent I made for the kodra.

That also has a calming effect.

I should still have a few in the store inventory.

When I laid Mina on the sofa, she wound her arms around my neck and brought me close while hugging.


“Ufufu~ Reiji-san, where are you going-?”

“Where – the store.”

“Even though you made me like this?”

“The medicine made you like this, not me.”

“Either is fi-ne.”

Mina gave my cheek a kiss.

“Ah, hey. Stop that. I won’t hold any responsibility even if you’re so embarrassed you want to die later on, okay?”

“I’m already de-ad.”

I,it’s hard to respond. The ghost’s masochistic joke.

“It’s fine even if you want to mess – me- up.”

I’m feeling like, no- thanks-☆

“Saying something like that, you’ll regret it later, you know?”

“... I’m dead, so there are all sorts of things that I’ve been regretting for tens of years... adding one more after all this time is -”

“You’re words are too heavy.”

Seeing Mina entangling herself with me, Noela nodded.

“Mina, energetic. Energy, important. Very important.”

Noela made to leave the living room while still carrying the bottle with some liquid left in it.

“Oooooooi! Tha, wait, Noela! Noela-chaaaaan-!?”

Click; she shut the door and went into the store.

“Again with ‘Noela’-san. Noela, Noela, Noela, Reiji-san is always going on about Noela-san. Please look at me as well...”

Looking at me with upturned eyes is unfair.

“If you don’t, I’ll curse you-☆”

She declared her curse all preppy-like.

“I got it, I got it, I’ll do whatever you want later.”

So saying, when I made to go to the store, Mina hugged my arm and came with.

“Reiji-san, Reiji-saa~n ... ufufu.”

Anyway, I have to get the passionate Mina to drink the detox agent.

When I returned to the store, Anabel-san the mercenary leader was there with Noela.

The bottle with the vigor boosting agent was already clasped in Anabel-san’s hand.

“Energy taste. Energetic, important.”

“Oh, thank you. I’ve been a tad tired recently...”

Anabel-san took a swig and drank the bottle’s contents.

“Ah-! If you drink that then -”

Clatter; Anabel-san dropped the emptied bottle.

Her sharp looks gradually softened and her sharp eyes became absentminded.

“Pharmacist ... I wonder what happened to me ... I’m kind of, feeling weird...”

“As expected!”

Before I knew it, everyone from the mercenary brigade are outside the store watching the situation.

“Wh,what happened to the Le,Leader...?”

With an expression of bewilderment you wouldn’t usually see, Anabel-san looked at me with upturned eyes.

“Am I, as expected, am I no good...? I’m just a muscle freak... I might be all, you know, hard and lumpy but ... I,I’ll do my best......!”

Right through the heart.

All the watching mercenaries clutched their chests.

“Our rough Leader with a bad mouth has a maidenly side ... guha... damn cute......”

“You guys, go do your job.”

What are you guys doing, skipping out on the patrols?

“It’s the one who always comes to pick up the potion every morning, isn’t it? Just because you want to see Reiji-san’s face, you take the trouble to come.”

“Y,you’re wrong ... I have spare time in the morning ... so coincidentally I just happen to...”

Her voice is so tiny.

As if she was trying to brag to Anabel-san, Mina puffed out her chest and said,

“Reiji-san is going to do perverted things with me later, so.”

“We aren’t.” (Reiji)

“It’s fine if you let me join for a threesome, right -?” (Anabel)

“No it isn’t.” (Reiji)

“Ah, that would fine, wouldn’t it~” (Mina)

“Don’t just go with it!” (Reiji)

While being clung to by two shameless women, I scanned the shelves.

– Thank goodness, I’ve got two detox agents in stock.

I’ll need to have these two drink it.

“Noela, there’s detox agents on that shelf! Bring them over!”

“Got it. Master, leave it to me.”

Noela stood on tiptoes in front of the shelf I pointed to and stretched her hands towards the bottles.

It was the instant her hands seized the two bottles.



The detox agents Noela held slipped out and fell from both hands.

Crash; the two bottles burst open and the liquid splashed onto the floor.

Crap, what am I going to do about this; Noela seemed to be thinking that as she met my eyes.


“.................. Master, Noela remembered, have something to do.”


Whoosh; Noela displayed the agility of the beastkin and ran away.


Of course, Noela didn’t come back.

Silence fell inside the shop.

“We-ll then ... I also remembered I have something to do outside -”

Squeeze; both of my harms were being firmly held.



Afterwards, I made detox agents with the two clinging to me like that and successfully made them drink it somehow.

I think I just want to mention here that I’m pretty tired mentally ...

The next day.

“Hau~~~~~~ just why was I like that.......”

With both her hands covering her face, Mina was rolling from left to right on the ceiling.

“I’m so embarrassed I could die ... k,kissing, on my own in,initiative...-. Hau~...”

Even if I say, ‘I told you so,’ her consciousness was kind of fuzzy, so it seems she can’t remember what I’d said very well.

Anabel-san didn’t appear to receive the potions and a member of the mercenary brigade I knew came to receive it instead.

According to that member, it seems she can’t show her face for awhile.

And that’s why, for the present, someone other than the Leader will be coming, it seems.

“I’m not sure what happened, but if we talk about yesterday’s matter she’ll lash out without question; Medicine God, please also be careful about it.”

He returned while leaving those words.

Noela returned a while after all that and apologized for breaking the bottle, so I forgave her quickly.

While I was watching over the store, Jiral entered, together with a pathetic wail.

“Reiji-kun, listen to this-!”

He came, the victorious riajuu.

“Before you complain, I have a medicine to hand over to Jiral.”

“Eh? What? A dangerous medicine?”

“What the heck do you mean by that?”

I explained that it was something to be drunk when he’s together with Ferris-san, a medicine that replenished energy, and handed it over.

“This is medicine that makes you energetic, so ...”

Sniff sniff; Jiral smelled the scent.

“If it’s just making me energetic, I don’t have to necessarily be with Ferris, right?”

Gulp; he drank the entire energy drug.

“Huh ... my body is, hot.......”

“Like – I – said – ! Listen to what someone’s saying-!”

After that I had him drink the detox drug right away.

When I remade it and gave the medicine to Jiral to take home, ever since, Ferris-san hasn’t come to consult with me.

If this solved the problem, then I guess it’s fine.

On the occasions where I see the two getting along, I think, “Just get married already.”

btw, in Japan premarital sex isn’t taboo, and sleeping with someone you’re dating is considered normal (as long as you’re both adults. Underage sex is still culturally bad).

So Reiji isn’t concerned that Jiral and Ferris are sleeping together before marriage, he’s actually commenting on how having children before marriage is out of order.

That’s also why he ‘understands’ Ferris’ insecurity about the relationship just because they hadn’t had sex recently, though I’m betting with that kind of yandere it’s probably, like, 2 days no sex or something.

I forgot to point out “muku” is an sfx that indicates “getting/sitting up,” both the innocent and not innocent implications, so using a plant with that name is probably also linked in to the ED drug joke. And I only know the dirty meaning from City Hunter/Angel Heart, so one of the random times when I actually understood the innuendo...

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