CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 824

"There’s no need for thanks. If I really helped Boss Huo, I also have a presumptuous request. I hope that Boss Huo would help me." Jiang Zhi thought.

"What is it? Tell me." Huo Jiabao did not refuse, but asked.

"It’s like this. I wonder if Director Huo has ever heard of Heavenly Entertainment?" Jiang Zhixin asked.

Huo Jiabao nodded, "I heard that Shengtian Entertainment has recently planned to acquire the Zhou Film Industry. The help you asked me to help you with is related to this matter?"

"The development of the film industry in the past few years has been very intense. Every year, there will be several blockbusters selling movies, and there are also a lot of first-tier artists in the industry ..." Jiang Zhixin introduced.

When She Meixin heard this, she immediately interrupted, "Wait a minute, Jiang Zhixin, you can’t be thinking of having Zhou Yi invest his family heirloom and have him complete an anti-acquisition business, right?"

Jiang Zhixin did not deny that this was her goal.

Having been in the entertainment circle for so many years, although he knew quite a few rich people, no one would help him for no reason in this circle. Everyone only saw benefits. She did not think that with her connections, she could find someone to invest in the circle. However, Huo Jiujiao was a very good candidate for her.

"Are you crazy? Have you forgotten what he did to you? You still have to help him. This kind of scum, you can just let his company be acquired. Why are you asking for someone for him? " He Meixin could not understand. Zhou Yi had almost forced her to commit suicide, but she still wanted to help him.

"Beautiful, it’s not what you think. Zhou Yi just had a misunderstanding with me before, but now our misunderstanding is resolved. It’s all in the past now. I was the one who hurt him first. " Jiang Zhixin knew that He Meixin had a deep misunderstanding about Zhou Yi, so she immediately explained.

"You’re crazy, I think you’re crazy." She Meixin shook her head repeatedly. No matter what, she could not understand Jiang Zhixin.

Jiang Zhixin turned and cast a pleading gaze at Huo Jiabao, "Mr. Huo, you don’t need to rush to reply to me. I can have the information on Zhou’s film industry shown to you first. If you have confidence in Mrs. Zhou, and you feel that the investment will bring you benefits, can you then make a decision?"

"This won’t do, we definitely won’t help that scum. Back then, he abandoned Qingyun, and later on he treated you like that ..." He Meixin refused on behalf of the Huo Family.

Huo Jiu didn’t wait for her to finish her sentence. He reached out his hand to grab her small hand that was on the table, and gently pinched it, signalling to her not to continue, "Miss Jiang, I will consider your suggestion. I will get someone to send the information over later. Businessmen do not go against money. "

"Jiao, you don’t know who Zhou Yi is ..." He Mei was still unwilling.

"Beautiful heart, you don’t believe in the way Miss Jiang sees men, but do you not believe in the way I do business?" Huo Jiabao said.

"I just don’t think people like that are worth helping at all." She Meixin pouted and said unhappily.

"If this investment can bring benefits to me, then it’s not helping him, but making money."

"Well, what you say is what it is." She Meixin no longer persisted. She turned to Jiang Zhixin and said, "Jiang Zhixin, you should worry about yourself. Don’t be so silly as to let him take advantage of you."

"Thank you, Beautiful Heart." Jiang Zhixin knew that He Meixin had rejected her in such an indignant manner because she was worried that she would be bullied and bullied again. Thinking that she actually had a friend who truly cared for her, she felt touched and her eyes reddened slightly.

"No need to thank me. I’m just afraid that you might commit suicide again. I don’t have the time to save you." She Meixin raised her head proudly.

Huo Jianji patted her shoulder and the two of them stood up. He did not look at Jiang Zhixin as he said, "Then, I’ll be counting on Miss Jiang to take care of father’s matters."

"Don’t worry, as long as I find any new information, I will immediately inform you." Jiang Zhixin nodded.

After watching Huo Jiu and He Meixin leave, Jiang Zhixin immediately called Little Ice and had her send a nanny car to pick him up.

When they got in the car, she saw that Xiao Bing was holding a contract and studying it, so she asked, "By the way, Xiao Bing, did Tian Yufei go to the company today?"

"Tian Yu Fei? She’s still in the company, having a meeting with Director Peng, you don’t know how exaggerated she is today. Lily from the office poured her a cup of coffee, and she almost scolded him into crying, saying that she couldn’t drink coffee, only juice. It’s hilarious. I don’t know what’s wrong with me now. I don’t even want coffee anymore. " Little Ice vividly described the gossips in the office.

Hearing that, Jiang Zhixin frowned slightly, "You don’t drink coffee? I remember she used to like iced coffee. "

"Isn’t that so? I later heard from Vivian at the Artist’s Propaganda Department that not only had her tastes changed, but so had her dress taste. A few days ago, during a promotional event at a movie meeting, when everyone else was dressed up beautifully, she went up on stage wearing flat shoes and a light makeup. She was asked by a reporter whether she was pregnant. What a joke, she really knows how to mess things up. Don’t you know that once she does that, the male and female protagonists will be left to the side, everyone will be staring at her stomach to ask. "He also knows how to start a conversation." When Little Bing mentioned Tian Yu Fei, her tone was filled with disdain.

When Jiang Zhixin heard this, she immediately took out her phone and began to search for the news from a few days ago. The strange thing was, there was no news regarding her pregnancy.

Xiao Bing saw the situation and said, "You don’t need to look for it, all the scripts for her pregnancy have been withdrawn. I think it might have been Hollinger. This is something that only those who saw the live broadcast video know. "

So that’s how it is. Perhaps He Meixin and the others got the news from the live broadcast.

"Little Ice, do you think Tian Yu Fei is pregnant?" Jiang Zhixin asked again.

Little Ice thought about it and shook his head. "I don’t think so. Didn’t she just sign on for Director Peng’s new movie? You’re not allowed to use a substitute for an action movie. If she gets pregnant, wouldn’t that be courting death? "

"Little Yang, hurry, drive to the company." Feeling worried, Jiang Zhixin decided to go and check on Tian Yufei herself.

Xiao Bing saw that she seemed to care a lot about Tian Yu Fei’s matter, so she asked: "Zhixin, what’s wrong? Why did she suddenly start to care about Tian Yu Fei? You don’t have to worry, no matter how much hype she makes, it will never be as popular as you. Even if she had Huo Ling Zhi’s help, she wouldn’t be able to compare to you in terms of resources.

Jiang Zhixin wasn’t in the mood to explain things to Little Ice. She knew that if Tian Yufei was really pregnant, She Meixin and Huo Jiu would definitely have a headache. She had to think carefully about how to help them.

About ten minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of the Zhou family’s Shadow Industry building.

In the square in front of the building, many fans were holding up lanterns, waiting for their idols.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 824