CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 807

Hearing this, Xu Lan was so frightened that her legs went soft. She instantly kneeled on the ground, "Aunt, you ... You want to drive me away? Why? "I ..."

"I’ve said it before, I’ll give you one last chance. Right now, you no longer have the chance, so this family won’t be able to keep you." Tang Yingyue said.

"No ..." Aunt, listen to me, Jiabao Ge won’t have She Meixin anymore, he definitely won’t have her. Don’t chase me away, I’m confident that I can obtain his heart, and make him fall for me. " Xu Lan cried as she pleaded.

"Xu Lan, you still don’t understand? If the family treasure had taken a fancy to you, he would have taken a liking to you a long time ago, instead of waiting until today, when you used all sorts of methods, he would still look down on you. I only treated you as my niece to begin with. Although you are not related by blood to the family heirloom, but what kind of family is our Huo family? If your brother Bao is really with you, I wonder how the rumors will go out. "So, Xu Lan, just give up." In order to make her give up, Tang Yingyue decided to make things clear with her.

Hearing her words, Xu Lan’s face was filled with disbelief, "So ... So from the beginning, you only wanted to use me to deal with She Meixin. From the beginning to the end, you never thought about letting me and Brother Jiajie be together, right? Even if I really drove She Meixin away from Brother Jiabao today, you still wouldn’t let me marry into this family, right? "

"Xu Lan, you should know your own identity. I was willing to take you with me, because I only have a son, no daughter, so I want a caring girl to keep. Secondly, you seem to be quite obedient. I still quite like you. But your mistake is to think too much and have feelings for your precious brother. " Tang Yingyue no longer had any worries. As long as she could chase Xu Lan away, she would be able to say anything she wanted.

Although Xu Lan knew that it would be difficult for her to walk this road if she stayed with Huo Jiuyue, she had never thought that Tang Yingyue would not stand on her side from beginning to end. This woman who said that she liked him and doted on him was actually just a selfish person who only knew how to think for herself.

Because she had no daughter, she kept her by her side.

And because she was born into a poor family, she could not accept her as her daughter-in-law.

In the end, she was just a pet kept by Tang Yingyue. She was like a dog that accompanied her when she needed it.

Now, Huo Jianji had found the woman he liked. That woman could marry into the Huo family at any time. This way, her pet didn’t seem to need to exist anymore.

From then on, their entire family had lived a happy life together for three generations, and all of that had nothing to do with her.

"Aunt, are you really going to be so cruel as to kick me out?" Xu Lan’s eyes were red from crying as she looked at Tang Yingyue.

Tang Yingyue turned her head to the side, her expression cold. "It’s fine if you don’t want to leave, but tomorrow you’ll go on a blind date. Last time, Mrs. Yu said that her husband had a nephew who was not bad and almost married him."

Hearing this, Xu Lan immediately shook her head, "Aunt, I’ve seen that nephew of Mrs. Yu’s. It’s no good, he’s fat and big, with just a single glance he’s full of fat. Also, I heard my friend say that guy was very generous, spending money to find women outside ..."

"He is, after all, the Deputy General Manager of the Yu clan. The Yu clan is a family business, and he has quite a bit of shares in the Yu clan. Men do not need to be good-looking, as long as they have money. " Tang Yingyue patiently advised.

"It won’t work ..." I don’t like him, I don’t like him at all, and it’s a little disgusting... " Tang Yingyue shook her head. If he told her to marry that damn fatty, she might as well die.

"Xu Lan, how old are you? What do you like or not? It would be good if they took a fancy to you. Let me tell you, their family is willing to agree to this marriage because of me. Once you return to the Tang Family and become their burden, even if you want to find them, they might not even think much of you. I’ll give you one night, you think about it. " Tang Yingyue didn’t want to talk too much with her. She believed that her words had already reached this point. What kind of life Xu Lan would have in the future would depend on what she decided tonight.

Watching Tang Yingyue leave her room without looking back, Xu Lan felt a chill that she had never felt before.

Looking at everything around her, this bedroom that she had lived in for more than ten years suddenly seemed so unfamiliar.

She didn’t belong here, never had been.

The next day, early in the morning.

She Yimeng was used to waking up early. After getting up, she would eat breakfast in the living room.

Tang Yingyue also woke up early to take care of her granddaughter, accompanying her in the living room.

After they finished their breakfast and were about to go into the garden to paint, they saw Xu Lan coming down the stairs, just in time to see them.

"Good morning, Auntie Xu Lan." He Yi Meng greeted her politely.

Xu Lan looked at He Fumeng for a moment, then turned her gaze to Tang Yingyue, "Aunt, I’ve thought it through."

Tang Yingyue roughly guessed her choice upon hearing this and nodded. "It’s good enough that you’ve thought it through. I’ll make an appointment with my wife later and discuss your marriage with her."

"Then I’ll have to trouble aunt." Xu Lan nodded expressionlessly at her.

As She Yimeng listened to their conversation, her big cute eyes blinked a few times. She asked in confusion, "Grandma, is Auntie Xu Lan getting married?"

"That’s right, also dream. Hurry up and congratulate her." Tang Yingyue smiled and pinched her cheeks as she spoke.

"Auntie Xu Lan, congratulations." He Yi Meng congratulated him with a smile.

Hearing this congratulations, Xu Feng could not smile no matter what.

She knew that from now on, she could be considered to have truly entered the upper class. However, when she thought of Young Master Yu’s face that was as long as a pig’s head, she felt a wave of disgust in her heart.

Could she really spend the rest of her life with a man like that?

However, when compared to returning to the Tang Clan, not to mention the fact that the other party only looked like a pig head, she would probably make the same choice even if he was a pig.

After all, she was determined to marry into a rich family.

"Grandma, I suddenly remember, I haven’t watered my family’s flowers yet. They were planted by my own hands, so I have to go back and take care of them myself. Let my driver uncle drive me home." He Yi Meng looked up at Tang Yingyue.

"What flowers?" "Just let the servant help you pour the water, that’s all." "Tang Yingyue wanted to keep her granddaughter at home for two more days, so she asked to stay.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 807