CEO's Secret Lover
Chapter 785

"Yes, in the future. I hope you took the initiative to cancel the wedding yourself, not to let me do it. " He accidentally brought up this matter again. His attitude was very unyielding.

"What do you want? I can’t... "I’ve already promised Wu Wei that I will be his bride. I can’t hurt him." When She Meixin heard him say that he might appear, she immediately tensed up.

Hearing that, Huo Jiabao put her down from his back. Then, he turned around and looked at her seriously, "I won’t let you marry him."

"You ... Don’t be like this, if it’s just a dream, you want to give her a whole family, you don’t need to do this, I believe that the woman you marry in the future will definitely be very gentle, a woman who really likes your child. "

Huo Jiu suddenly laughed when he heard this. "So, you think I want to marry you because of my daughter."

"Isn’t it?" She Meixin did not dare to guess the meaning behind his words. Right now, she was a little afraid. She was afraid that if he told her, he would also accidentally fall for her.

"She Meixin, listen carefully. In this lifetime, I, Huo Jiu, have never felt wronged because of anyone, especially when it came to marriage. When I said I wanted to marry you, it was definitely because I wanted to marry you. " His tone was extremely serious. This was his confession, was it? Forget it!

"Yes... So, you mean, you want to marry me because you’re in love with me? " She Meixin felt as if she was dreaming. Huo Jiu actually fell in love with her? Are you joking? 𝒊n𝙣𝓻𝚎𝒶𝚍. 𝑐𝗼𝓶

"Well, you can understand that I probably thought I couldn’t find a more stupid woman in this world, so I decided to marry you." He laughed again.

With her recently, he seemed to have become very fond of laughing, and not as often as he used to do with his coffin face.

"What?" That she was the stupidest woman in the world?

"Isn’t it? "If a good person like me is not chosen yet you choose to marry Wu Wei, then what is the stupidest thing that you can do?" He pinched her depressed face with his big hand, just like how He Meixin used to ravage He Yi Meng, with a doting look on her face.

"Huojiao, you... Do you really like me? When did it start? "You know Wu Wei and I, we ..." She Meixin still did not dare to believe this was true. She always felt that this must be a Huo Jianji’s prank, and that he just wanted to tease her.

"I thought you were stupid, but at least you were able to see something. I didn’t expect you to really be stupid. She Meixin, what exactly did you eat to grow up?" Huojiao sighed. Facing such a retarded woman, even he couldn’t believe that he had actually fallen in love with her.

In fact, he didn’t know when he had fallen in love with her.

The first time he saw her wearing the engagement ring that Wu Wei had given to her, he felt as if his toy had been stolen away by someone else. Although this wasn’t his favorite toy, it was his and he didn’t want anyone else to get their hands on it.

The second time, he threw away her ring. Seeing how sad she was crying, he suddenly had an idea and flew to Hong Kong to buy her a ring. He wanted to see the happy smile on her face when she put the ring on.

Third time...

Fourth time...


It was unknown when everything had quietly changed, but she had already occupied his heart. Only when he knew that she had been kidnapped in Q City and that he had unhesitatingly flown over to save her, even willing to use his own life in exchange for her life, did he clearly see his heart.

He had chosen to let Wu Wei take her away first because he knew that if he was the one taking her away, she definitely wouldn’t leave. She would definitely be willing to stay with Wu Wei.

Thus, under such circumstances, he endured the pain and released her once more. It was fine as long as she was safe.

However, now that everything was over, all the difficulties had been eliminated, and he didn’t have any scruples. This time, he only had one goal, and that was to make her his woman. A woman with a real name.

"She Meixin, listen carefully. There are some things that I will only say once in my life. Remember, as long as I am alive, I cannot let another man take you away from me. Do you understand?"

She understood, how could she not understand? But, big brother, is there anyone who would confess to it in such a manner? Are you confessing or threatening a warning? You don’t have to play like this.

"Then... That... "I think the night in Tokyo is really beautiful. Look, that light is so bright ..." If she pretended to be stupid, couldn’t she do the same? Deliberately looking away, she tilted her head back to look at the neon light behind him and said with a smile.

"She Meixin ..." He gritted her teeth and shouted her name.

"CEO, let’s hurry up and leave. After the party is over, Darling is looking for us again." There was an embarrassed smirk on her face, and she dragged the Hooligan by the hand as she walked forward.

"She Meixin, did you hear what I just said clearly?" he asked as she dragged him forward.

"I heard, I heard ..." She Meixin’s mind was in a mess. So what if she heard it? What could it change?

"I have to remember this in my heart." He stressed it again.

"Got it, got it ..." No matter what, he would first agree to it, then he would not want money.

Seeing her so sure of herself, Huojiao didn’t waste any more time with her. He grabbed a taxi and drove off in the direction of the hotel.

When he arrived at the hotel, it was already the climax of the press conference. A group of brightly dressed models appeared on the T platform, holding onto the newest smart product of the Holdings Newsletter.

It was unknown who carried He Yimeng to a clean table and asked a bunch of reporters to come over.

"Miss He Yimeng, I heard that your mother is about to marry Mr. Young Master Dong Wu Wei of the Wealthy Class Green Light Corporation. What do you think of this matter?" A Japanese journalist, not too low-key in Chinese, was gossiping in his quirky Chinese.

"There is an ancient saying in our country, called, according to hearsay, ’The Abandonment of Virtue’, which comes from ’Yang Goods’. "Since it’s a matter of catching the wind and catching up with the shadows, why do you need to take it seriously?" He Yi Meng stood in the middle of the crowd, using her refined style to deal with all sorts of strange questions from the reporters.

She Meixin pondered in her heart. Why were the Japanese reporters so gossipy as well?

Also, when did her daughter start studying classical literature? She even knew something Yang and could even drag out a bunch of ancient characters. It seemed that this time, the Japanese reporters were going to die.

He was in a hurry to answer all sorts of strange questions, but he seemed a bit distracted later on.

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CEO's Secret Lover Chapter 785