Chapter 18: Discussion Group, the School Belle Discovers That Wu Mo Has Changed!

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There were all kinds of materials on the first level of the store, and there were also various rarities on the second level. Out of curiosity, Wu Mo opened the Legendary materials column.

When he saw those materials shine with a pink light, he immediately appeared extremely interesting!

Refined Bluestone, a material that only existed at the bottom of a glacier crack, required 10,000 points.

Legendary Essences, a necessary item for forging Legendary or even higher-grade equipment, required 15,000 points.

The core of a spirit vein, a place where extremely dense spirit energy could be born, required 20,000 points.

Even within the system, there were only two rows and twelve types of Legendary-grade materials. As for the real world, there would definitely be more materials, but those items would not be circulated in society at all. They were objects that could not be measured by the Blue Star currency.

Nevertheless, Wu Mo was not without gain. At the very least, he had a clear understanding of the ratio between the system points and the Blue Star currency.

It was about 1: 200.

A hundred and eighty-four points were only equivalent to thirty-six thousand yuan. It was not a pleasant surprise at all.

However, only a few dozen people had seen the Interspatial Ring at this point. In the future, there would be many opportunities to show off in front of others.

Closing the system page, Wu Mo stood up and looked out the window.

Although his current self had not been able to improve his predecessor’s condition, he believed that after a period of time, he would definitely be able to amaze everyone. Regardless of whether it was his strength or his predecessor’s long-cherished wish of a few years, he would make a breakthrough at the same time!


Time flew by quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was already the next morning.

Wu Mo had only slept for three hours last night. As for the rest of the time, he had done some physical training in his dormitory besides entering the Forging Space to consolidate his knowledge.

After he ate breakfast and waited for the alarm to ring, he put on his clothes and went to class.

He could not always skip classes. Yesterday, he had sneaked away one more time because of the ring.

However, last night, Professor Zhou Yan made it clear in the group chat that all students needed to be present the next day. He was not brave enough to skip the professor’s class.

A few minutes later, he arrived at the classroom.

There were still seven to eight minutes before class started, but more than half of the students had arrived in the tiered classroom.

Wu Mo walked into the classroom and went straight to his seat. The students around him were already used to it.

At eight o’clock in the morning, Professor Zhou Yan arrived at the class on time with her lesson plan.

The chit-chat came to an abrupt end, and everyone sat in their seats with straight faces.

“Hello, students. Everyone, please quiet down. We are starting our class.”

Professor Zhou Yan glanced at the students, and her gaze froze on Wu Mo. But she immediately returned to her senses and began to explain the lesson for the day.

Wu Mo lowered his head and looked at the textbook. In reality, his thoughts had drifted away. He planned on going to Treasure Pavilion again today. He wanted to pay off his entire debt in one go.

He did not notice any gazes from Zhou Yan and the person behind him.

A girl of his age was sitting behind him.

The girl had long black hair that fell over her shoulders. Her skin was fair, and she had a standard oval face.

She also had a pair of clear and beautiful eyes. Meanwhile, her nose was straight, and her lips were slightly curved. She looked very cute.

The girl who was observing Wu Mo secretly was called Jiang Mengyao. She was known as the Divine Arms Academy’s belle. She was also a Dour-star blacksmith.

“Alright, now it’s time for a group discussion. I hope that you can humbly learn from each other. Before the graduation assessment, you can share your experience in forging. Of course, you can also exchange your graduation designs. Learn each other’s strengths and make up for your weaknesses. Try to display 120% of your strength when the time comes!” Professor Zhou Yan seriously said right after she put down the control pen for the projector.

In a few minutes, the thirty students in the class were divided into ten discussion groups, and they had an exchange.

The young students did not dare to offend Professor Zhou Yan, so all of them were incredibly cooperative.

Wu Mo was not let off the hook either. The young man in front of him and the young woman behind him were assigned to his group. The girl was Jiang Mengyao, who had shown concern for him previously.

Unfortunately, Wu Mo did not know about it. Under the professor’s supervision, he was the first to break the silence.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Wu Mo. Looking forward to your guidance.”

Wu Mo’s self-introduction was insincere. If it were not for his professor’s supervision, he would not have gone along with such a boring thing.

Making money and increasing his strength were his main goals.

However, the girl, who was standing at the side, responded, “My name is Jiang Mengyao... Wu Mo, did you forget my name?”

Jiang Mengyao felt a little wronged. She had always cared about Wu Mo, but the latter never paid her any attention, which made her extremely frustrated.

Wu Mo stood there awkwardly. The truth was he knew more than just the girl’s name. It could have been from the memories of his predecessor or the unread messages on his phone.

Even so, he did not like to maintain such a meaningless relationship.

“Haha. Mengyao, don’t you know? This person’s brain is completely broken. Having a discussion with him is a waste of my saliva. Mengyao, let’s have our own discussion.”

The boy standing next to him saw the situation and quickly spoke with disdain.

Wu Mo was simply an abandoned and useless piece of trash in his eyes. He did not deserve to talk to Mengyao at all.

“Wei Jiaming! If you dare to slander Wu Mo again, don’t blame me for being impolite! I’ve warned you twice now!”

When Jiang Mengyao heard what he had said, her petite face instantly turned cold as she spoke without any regard for his face.

Wei Jiaming felt a wave of pain in his heart when the girl he liked called him out with such a hostile expression. On top of that, she acted as if she was defending another man. The way he looked at Wu Mo became even more sinister.

However, in front of Jiang Mengyao, he could just shrug his shoulders and apologetically say, “Um... Sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Jiang Mengyao’s expression softened a little. She looked at Wu Mo and asked with concern, “Wu Mo, how have you been lately? Why haven’t I seen you in class? Have you been unwell?”

Hearing the girl’s series of questions, Wu Mo subconsciously looked at her. He suddenly felt touched.

After such a long time on the blue planet, other than those people who sent him messages every day to ask for payment, the girl in front of him was the first person to show concern for his safety.

Wu Mo was slightly taken aback. He was surprised about having such an emotion, but out of politeness, he immediately replied, “Sorry, I just stopped chasing unrealistic ideals recently. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Jiang Mengyao opened her mouth a little. She was astonished to find that the Wu Mo standing in front of her had gone from self-indulgent to the young man who shone with confidence!

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