Chapter 16: Becoming a Special Consultant

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After he heard that, he immediately frowned and fell into deep thought. He had traveled far and wide and seen many things as a businessman. He possessed his own unique vision and adept thinking.

Therefore, when he heard Wu Mo’s words clearly, the emotions that had gradually calmed down in his heart were immediately stirred again.

With the Interspatial Ring’s effects, if he were to find an organization to mass produce it in the future and conduct an auction, he would surely be able to sell the ring at a high price of more than ¥2,000,000!

As for Wu Mo, it was reasonable for a blacksmith to take 70% of the profits. Excluding the materials and labor prices, he could earn at least ¥300,000 for each of them.

He just needed to sell 10 of them to earn a profit of ¥3,000,000, which was equivalent to a month’s income for his profit-making business!

It was a business that was guaranteed to make a profit. After some consideration, Jia Wei agreed.

“Mr. Wu, I agree with your idea to collaborate. I promise you that you will receive the first sales fee within three months. You can count on me for everything.”

Wu Mo immediately smiled and extended his hand, the two of them reaching an agreement.

The manager of Treasure Pavilion, Gao Yue, looked at Jia Wei with envy. In his opinion, Jia Wei would undeniably earn millions of dollars in a year if he worked with this blacksmith. His reputation and connections would definitely grow later on.

It was a pity because if it had been left to Treasure Pavilion, they would be able to do better.

He could only sigh silently as he watched the blacksmith and Jia Wei sign the agreement.

Soon, Jia Wei left with the documents in his carriage as Wu Mo waved goodbye to him.

By then, aside from Wu Mo, only the store manager and the receptionist, Yu Qing, were left in the courtyard.

Han Cheng and Jing Yuan had disappeared long ago.

The security guards had also escorted the merchants who had been watching the show away. The courtyard was suddenly much emptier. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

“Uh, Mr. Wu, you signed a contract with Jia Wei. I suppose the blueprints used for the casting haven’t been patented yet, right? I think you should register your intellectual property just to be safe.”

Gao Yue kept quiet for a few seconds before he spoke in a timely manner.

Wu Mo nodded. The Interspatial Ring that he had cast was unique. If he could register it as a patent, others would not be able to cast the same equipment in the future without his approval. That way, Jia Wei’s mass production plan would be unimpeded.

“In that case, can I complete the trademark registration for my blueprints in Treasure Pavilion?”

“Don’t worry. We will definitely help you take care of the matter. As long as you sign the relevant papers, everything will be ready!” Gao Yue lowered his head and said humbly.

Yu Qing, who was standing next to them, covered her mouth with her hands. Her face was filled with astonishment.

This blacksmith had earned ¥1,000,000 in one day, and his status had risen to a level that she could do nothing but look up to. It was simply inconceivable.

When she first received Wu Mo, Yu Qing had already sensed that he was not an ordinary person, and his status would eventually rise.

But the strength that he displayed so far exceeded her imagination. Even Treasure Pavilion’s manager had to treat him with respect.

Seeing Wu Mo follow the manager for his trademark registration, Yu Qing gradually calmed down.

The blacksmith named Wu Mo had already displayed such formidable strength on his first day of working with Treasure Pavilion. She believed that he would probably become even stronger in the future!

He was so formidable that most people had to admire him!


On the other side, Gao Yue brought Wu Mo out of the courtyard and walked toward the trademark registration office under Treasure Pavilion.

“Mr. Wu, was that your first design order from Treasure Pavilion?”

Looking at the extremely young face beside him, Gao Yue felt a little nervous, but he still tried his best to strike up a conversation.

In his opinion, the blacksmith was no doubt a potentially worthwhile investment. Even the appraisers with extremely high standards had sung his praises, so he had to seize the opportunity at this critical moment.

“I guess so. I haven’t been too busy recently, so I wanted to get some practice.”

Wu Mo inserted the ¥1,000,000 check into his pocket and responded expressionlessly.

“Um... if there’s another opportunity in the future, I hope that you can work more with Treasure Pavilion again. An outstanding blacksmith like you is an extremely rare existence in the whole of Shanglin City!”

Gao Yue had a gentle smile on his face as he spoke earnestly.

“Mr. Gao, you must be joking. Treasure Pavilion branch stores are spread throughout the entire continent, and there are over a thousand chains. How could you care about a basic Four-star blacksmith like me when your net of influence is so wide?”

A bright light flashed across Wu Mo’s face as he replied in jest.

“I’m not joking!”

Gao Yue immediately waved his hand, looking a little embarrassed.

“Our Treasure Pavilion is only one of the branches. In fact, we don’t have any power in Shanglin City...”

After that short explanation, he fell silent.

Wu Mo slowly stopped and curiously looked at the store manager before him. The man was only in his early thirties.

“Actually, I’ve said so much just to invite you... to be Treasure Pavilion’s special consultant. Are you interested?” Gao Yue raised his head and helplessly asked a moment later.

He had initially wanted to exchange a few more pleasantries with the blacksmith, Wu Mo, but unexpectedly, the young man was not “playing along.”

His plan was disrupted, and his mind was a little frazzled. He almost did not know what to say next.

“What are the benefits of being a special consultant?” Wu Mo asked.

When Gao Yue noticed that the blacksmith was actually a little curious, he immediately perked up and spoke non-stop. “If you’re willing to be Treasure Pavilion’s special consultant, you will receive a platinum VIP card that is limited to our chamber of commerce.”

“The VIP card not only allows you to enter and exit the VIP room at will, but it will also allow you to customize rare materials in advance and purchase precious materials at a very low discount price!”

Once Gao Yue finished speaking, he looked at Wu Mo with a face full of anticipation. He was hoping to get a definite answer from the other party.

“Hmm... That’s it?”

Wu Mo rubbed his chin and wore a smile that was hard to read.

“Also... as a specially-invited consultant, you’ll receive a salary of... ¥300,000 every month!”

Gao Yue gritted his teeth and quoted the highest price possible.

Their surroundings gradually quieted down, and Wu Mo frowned slightly as he gave it some thought.

There was no actual work content for a special consultant, so he did not need to pay anything for it. Since that was the case, it would not affect him if he became a consultant.

Taking that into consideration, Wu Mo immediately said, “That sounds good. Let’s proceed then.”

Gao Yue’s face immediately revealed a happy smile following Wu Mo’s reply. He subconsciously quickened his pace and quickly processed the trademark registration information in the affiliate store.

Next, he added Wu Mo as a special consultant on Treasure Pavilion’s bulletin board.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon by the time everything was done. Wu Mo left Treasure Pavilion as the store manager bade him farewell, and he returned to the academy.

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