Chapter 11: Space-Folding Magic Array!

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Jia Wei’s gaze landed on the other blacksmith, his expression filled with anticipation.

The other forger immediately stepped forward. He held a light green backpack in his hand, and the surface of the backpack emanated a faint glow. It was also a Rare-grade equipment.

Jia Wei’s eyes lit up, and he anxiously asked, “What effects does this equipment have?”

Han Cheng, the Forgemaster standing next to him, noticed that the young man from the academy was still keeping Jia Wei in suspense. “Jing Yuan, don’t waste his time. Hurry up and explain,” he urged immediately.

The other Forgemaster was called Jing Yuan, and he was also one of the geniuses of the Divine Arms Academy. However, his mastery was different from Han Cheng’s, and it was impossible to compare who was stronger. Jing Yuan stopped showing off when he noticed it.

“The equipment I forged is called the Light Feather Backpack. The back of it is embedded with the feathers of the Green Crane’s wings,” he said in an indifferent tone.

“It can lighten the user’s load and increase the speed of his movement by a medium amount. Moreover, I’ve also added a Space-folding Magic Array into the backpack, so my Light Feather Backpack can hold more materials than you can see on the surface!”

Jing Yuan had a confident expression on his face. He took the backpack and walked directly to the horse carriage at the side. Then, he opened the backpack and filled it with the cloth materials on the horse carriage.

He ended up loading half of the materials on the horse carriage into it. 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

After seeing the effects of the Light Feather Backpack, the two gray-haired elders who had vouched for him immediately showed a surprised expression.

In the field of casting, spatial arrays were the most difficult to cast. They required extremely strong knowledge of casting, and even many Five-star Forgemasters were not able to fully grasp it.

Yet, the Forgemaster in front of them, who was not even 20 years old, was able to achieve such a feat!

He had almost tripled the space inside the backpack!

Han Cheng, who was standing at the side, had an ugly expression on his face. He had thought that he could easily win with his Wind Spirit Belt, but when he saw Jing Yuan’s backpack, he immediately realized that he was going to lose this time.

Not only did Jing Yuan’s backpack have all the functions of the belt, it also had a Space-folding Magic Array. He was completely crushed!

If not for the fact that he could not forfeit before the transaction ended, he would have found a hole to hide in right now.

They were both Four-star blacksmiths, but the difference between the two was clear even to laymen.

Worse still was the effect of Jing Yuan’s demonstration, which had been too shocking. It had attracted many customers, who were visiting Treasure Pavilion to buy things.

By then, there were already more than a dozen people standing around, causing Han Cheng’s face to burn painfully.

“D*mn it, that backpack doesn’t look too big, but it can actually hold so many things!”

“Amazing! Forging is indeed a profession that turns the rotten into the magical!”

“I wonder how much it will cost for such a good backpack. Mr. Jia is really generous!”

At that moment, many customers were drawn to Treasure Pavilion’s courtyard, especially when they saw so many items being stuffed into the backpack. Everyone was shocked!

Jia Wei, who had traveled extensively and gained a lot of experience, was extremely excited too.

As a businessman, he knew better than anyone else how much convenience the Light Feather Backpack could bring him. Jia Wei originally thought that the Wind Spirit Belt was pretty good, but he was a little dissatisfied. He only found the effect to be normal. There was nothing amazing about the belt, and paying ¥350,000 for it was not worth it.

When he saw the Light Feather Backpack, though, the depression in his heart was immediately swept away!

If he could actually buy the Light Feather Backpack for ¥350,000, it would be a great deal!

Jing Yuan swept his gaze across the crowd. When he saw the shocked expressions on the faces of everyone around him, the corner of his mouth instantly formed a proud smile.

Among the Four-star blacksmiths, he believed that his skills had already reached the peak. The fact that he could easily defeat Han Cheng with his product was the strongest evidence.

“I believe that everyone can clearly see the effects of the Light Feather Backpack. However, regarding its quality, I would like to request the two older blacksmiths to appraise it.”

Jing Yuan’s lips curled up, and he threw the Light Feather Backpack to the two elders standing at the side.

When they saw that, one of the appraisers immediately took two steps forward and caught it. Then, he began to carefully inspect it.

A moment later, the two appraisers, who were over 60 years old, revealed astonished expressions!

They had used their spirit energy to examine the product and found that the energy within the Light Feather Backpack was extremely stable. Moreover, the Space-folding array was not disturbed in the slightest.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, the appraisers would not have believed that such a skilled piece of work had actually been produced by such a young blacksmith!

“The energy within the Light Feather Backpack is balanced and the array is stable. It is indeed a Rare-grade equipment. Mr. Jia, please try it yourself.”

The appraiser handed the backpack to Jia Wei. The latter accepted it excitedly and immediately carried it on his back.

At the next moment, he felt his entire body become lighter, and his spirit was lifted!

The effects of the Light Feather Backpack were far beyond his imagination. It could even reduce his body weight by 80%!

Even though there was a large amount of supplies in the backpack, Jia Wei could not feel the weight. It was as if he was carrying a baby!

“Good... As expected of a genius from the Divine Arms Academy. I’m very satisfied with the effects of this equipment!”

Jia Wei was so excited that even his beard was shaking. He was highly satisfied and felt that it was very worthwhile to buy this equipment for ¥350,000.

Standing opposite him, Jing Yuan could not help but look down on the investor when he saw how excited he was. The man had only used 80% of the item’s capabilities, yet it had made this group of people look at him in a new light.

Thinking of that, he immediately took a step forward and proudly said, “Since that is your opinion, please make your choice, Mr. Jia.”

“This Light Feather Backpack of mine is the best solution. No other Rare-grade equipment can achieve such an effect!”

“So, Mr. Jia, you don’t have to compare it with other plans. You can hand the forging fee over to me now!”

Jing Yuan’s words led many of the surrounding spectators to exclaim in admiration.

“As expected of a genius blacksmith from the Divine Arms Academy. He’s truly ambitious.”

“It’s normal for skilled people to be arrogant.”

“I’m really envious. It would be great if I had a son who knew how to forge.”

The discussions of the surrounding people continued, causing Han Cheng, who was standing at the side, to turn red from embarrassment.

He felt that his luck was simply too bad. To think that he would encounter a genius like Jing Yuan, whose strength had entered the realm of top ten in the academy. If it had been another Four-star blacksmith, he would not have lost!

Seeing this, the staff of Treasure Pavilion quickly walked over to Jia Wei to inquire about the investor’s intentions.

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