Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce
Chapter 451 - Lu Ang and Qian Qingyu get married

Chapter 451: Chapter 451: Lu Ang and Qian Qingyu get married

Qian Qingyu didn’t know how to answer. She couldn’t let go of Lu Ang. She didn’t want Lu Ang to be unable to see his child, but she was afraid that Lu ang would hate her.

Qiao jinniang continued, “After you left Chang ‘an, the usually sensible Ang ‘er went crazy looking for you in Chang ‘an and mobilized the army to cordon off Chang ‘an.

Ang ‘Er had committed a serious crime. If Xi’er did not care about the brotherhood, she could have directly convicted Ang ‘er of treason!

“I don’t know what happened between you and Ang ‘Er.

“But I think Ang ‘er has already regretted it after you left Chang ‘an. Qingyu, are you willing to give Ang ‘er another chance?”

Qian qingyu nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Then after the mid-autumn Festival, when you leave the courtyard, I will take you back to Chang ‘an. If ang ‘er is still muddle-headed and is not willing to give you a title, I will give you the title of first-class wife. No one will use the identity of a child to argue. You can rest assured.”

Qian qingyu bowed to Qiao Jinniang and said, “Thank you, Empress Dowager.”

Qian Qingyu looked at the Moon that was getting more and more round. She still had that piece of mooncake that she was reluctant to eat. She sealed the mooncake with wax so that it would not have a bad smell.

Now, she could eat as many mooncakes as she had in the restaurant, but she missed the mooncakes that Lu ang brought back from the palace every year.

On the night of the mid-autumn Festival, Qian Qingyu was brought by Lu Weiyang to have dinner with Lu Chen and Qiao Jinniang. Qian Qingyu was very reserved.

Soon, she saw Lu Xi returning with Tang Yuanyuan. Beside them was a gaunt, much thinner Lu ang.

Qian Qingyu had just stood up when she fell into an embrace. Lu Ang hugged the person in front of him fiercely. “Qingyu.”


What happened next made Qian Qingyu feel like she was dreaming.

Lu ang actually said that he wanted to marry her as a princess consort. Ever since she got together with Lu Ang, Qian Qingyu had never dreamed of being a princess consort. She knew that the gap between them was too big.

After the banquet, Lu ang took Qian Qingyu to a nearby palace. He hugged her for a long time and refused to let go. If she had not just given birth, Lu ang would never be willing to just hug her.

Qian Qingyu was hugged by Lu ang and said, “Your Highness, do you really want me to be a princess consort? But my identity...”

Lu ang slightly let go of Qian Qingyu. He looked at her eyes and said, “Qian Qingyu, listen well. The moment I kissed you in Merlin, I had already decided to have you as my princess consort.

All these years, I thought you knew my intentions, but I didn’t know that you actually had such a stunt double in your heart!

How did I treat you badly? How could I let you think that I have made you a stunt double?”

Qian qingyu lowered her head and said, “You have never made me a stunt double for Miss Nichang?”

“Of course not. If I really like Nichang, why don’t I fight with Qian Yu and let the people in front of me go and find a stunt double instead? Besides, if I really love her, why would I find a stunt double?”

Lu ang pointed at Qian Qingyu’s head and said, “Do you think you are stupid?”

Qian qingyu held Lu Ang’s finger and said, “So all these years of sweetness are real, not fake. I am not lying to myself!”

Lu ang once hugged Qian Qingyu with heartache and said, “It’s true. I have always liked you. You are the only one in my heart.”

Qian Qingyu leaned on Lu Ang’s shoulder and sobbed softly. “Me too.”

While the two of them were affectionate, Lu Weiyang came in with the child and said, “Second brother, Little Treasure can’t stop crying. He must be about to eat.”

Lu Weiyang came in like this and gave Lu ang a fright.

Lu Ang only thought of his child after a while. He got off the bed and took the child from Lu Weiyang’s arms. The crying child was now in Lu Ang’s arms, crying even harder.

Lu Weiyang said with disdain, “Second brother, be gentle. Let second sister-in-law carry him.”

Qian Qingyu took her son and held him in her arms to gently comfort his back. The child gradually stopped crying.

Lu Weiyang looked at Qian qingyu and said, “He is really cute. Second Brother, second sister-in-law, can you keep him in Lin ‘an?”

Lu ang asked, “What do you think? If you really like children, wouldn’t it be better for you to have one yourself?”

Weiyang sighed and said, “Who should I find to have one?”

Lu ang said, “You’re not young anymore. I think it’s time to find you a husband.”

Weiyang said, “No, no. After marrying the husband, he will use my money. I don’t want any husband.”

“Just be a miser for the rest of your life. Father and mother have so much money that you won’t be able to spend it all day and night. I don’t know where you get your stinginess from! For three coins, you caused me and Qingyu to be separated for so long.”

He had to be his own sister. He could only pamper her and not blame her. Otherwise, Lu ang would have taken action long ago.

Wei Yang said, “This is called being thrifty and frugal. I’m not stingy. Even if I have a mountain of gold and silver, I’m willing to use gold and silver to build a house of gold and silver, but I’m not willing to spend it.”

Lu Ang:”...”

It was October and autumn. The Prince of Pingliang’s residence was filled with red silk. It was very lively when Prince Pingliang married the Princess Consort. Those who had been pointing fingers at Qian qingyu were now filled with regret.

They only hoped that Prince Pingliang, who was holding a grudge, would not find trouble with them.

Although the wedding was rushed, the officials of the Ministry of Rites stayed up all night to complete the ceremony. Qian qingyu came down from the sedan chair in a bright red wedding dress. When she saw Lu ang in red, she smiled faintly.

Little Princess Weiyang and Tang Yuanyuan looked at them from below and bowed, she said, “The wedding is too extravagant. Second Brother spent 100,000 taels of silver to marry a princess. When you marry eldest brother next year, you won’t spend more taels of silver, right? I have to leave Chang ‘an quickly.”

Tang Yuanyuan held Weiyang’s hand and said, “You’re not allowed to leave. You said that you would accompany me until I married into the palace. Besides, the empress dowager and master and Master are both in Chang ‘an. Where can you go by yourself?”

The Empress Dowager’s marriage was a major event. It was not something that the ministry of Rites could complete overnight. It was announced to the world that the wedding would be held in April of the following year, so that all the small countries could come to great Tang to watch the grand event.

It was impossible for Lady Qiao not to be present for such a major event like Lu Xi’s marriage.

Weiyang held Tang Yuanyuan’s hand and said, “But I feel like I’m bleeding when I see all these extravagance and waste. “Do you know how many maids there are in My Princess’mansion? “There are a total of 300 maids in the Princess’Mansion!”

Tang Yuanyuan said, “It’s hard for you to give out monthly allowances to 300 people.”

“Good sister, you really understand me.”

Lu Xi came over and heard Wei Yang’s words. She smiled and said, “This monthly allowance will be paid by the palace. You still have to change your stingy habit. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to find a son-in-law.”

Wei Yang said, “Big Brother, if you continue to talk about the son-in-law, I will, I will become a monk!”

Tang Yuanyuan said, “It’s good to become a monk. It’s peaceful and doesn’t need to spend money. The Taoist temple is self-sufficient...”

Before she finished speaking, she saw Wei Yang leave. “The wedding banquet hasn’t started yet. Where are you going?”

“To become a monk!”

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Becoming The Real Rich Daughter After Divorce Chapter 451 - Lu Ang and Qian Qingyu get married