Beast Evolution
Chapter 5 5 Leveling Up

Stone golem crystal absorbed

Evolution crystal: (2/10)

Stamina +1

Stamina refilled: 7/7

Ray felt rejuvenated as he absorbed the crystal, he had no idea why it was painless, unlike last time, "I have to learn more about the system" Ray said as he exited the iron door.

He once again continued his quest and was walking toward the end of the path.

Ray checked the Exp that he received from killing the stone golem

Level: 1(40/100)

He only needs to kill one more stone golem before he levels up, killing a low-level beast gives you 10 Exp and his task required him to kill two stone golem and he would obtain 50 Exp, so his current Exp is 40 plus 10 Exp and 50 Exp from his task he can be at least level 2.

It's easy to increase his level at his current level but it would be much harder in the future.

Ray arrived at the end of the path and saw that they were two dark paths, one to the left and the other to the right.

He pondered what path he should choose, both Look the same and these two paths probably have monsters waiting for him. But he didn't want to run into a high-level monster or the boss of the dungeon without proper preparation.

In the end, he chooses to go on the right path. He couldn't describe it but it felt like something was calling him to go there, so in the end, he trusted his gut and went right.

He walked carefully as he stepped forward and entered the right path. The path was dark, the ground was filled with dried black soil, and the torches on the wall could barely illuminate the area.

A cold breeze blew from the path ahead and Ray couldn't help but shiver when it caressed his body. He couldn't help but look back every now and then, as he didn't want to be killed.

He wasn't sure if his luck would shine and reincarnate him somewhere else, so if he died this was going to be his last life and he wasn't going to die in a stupid dungeon.

That's why he had to be cautious of his every step as it could lead him to his death.

He wasn't sure if this was a high-level dungeon just from seeing one stone golem, they could be many more high-level ones, But... the reward the system gave him was 10 Exp when he defeated the golem and it was the same Exp he got when he fought the ordinary goblin outside, so he concluded that it was a low-level dungeon.

He kept walking till he reached a door just a few meters ahead of him. He approach slowly as if he was afraid of the door, he placed his palm on the door and opened it slowly.

He took a peek inside and saw that they were only one stone golem inside the room, "yes just what I was looking for" Ray said to himself, time to level up.

Ray's stamina was still at its peak so he could use his power punch twice before running out of gas, "Activate power punch" and immediately the same feeling he felt came again as if his hands were strengthened.

He pushed open the door and before the stone golem standing in the middle could react Ray already threw a punch, right to the heart of the golem.

He knew a golem wouldn't have a heart but he just decided to go for it.


The moment his punch contracted with the body of the golem, a hole was made and a brown shiny crystal flew out of the body of the golem, immediately it began to disintegrate.

"Whoa! what a punch that was, Ray was surprised at the power of the punch, this skill is so powerful I wonder how it would be in level 10" Ray said smiling.

He moved to pick the evolution crystal dropped by the golem then the system prompt came in.

(You've earned 10 Exp from defeating a stone golem)

Experience (50/100)

You have completed the first quest

Quest: Defeat two stone golem

Reward: 50 Exp and 1 Ap(Attribute point)

Experience (100/100)

Leveling up

+1 to all attribute

+10 to health

+2 to mana

+3 to stamina

+1 Ap(Attribute point)

+1 Sp(Skills point)

The notification ding in Ray's head many times but that only made him happy, "finally level 2" Ray said as he held the golem crystal and stretch his body, "I feel stronger already" Ray said to himself, *gulp* he swallowed the golem crystal and again the pain didn't come.

Stone golem crystal absorbed

Evolution crystal: (3/10)

Stamina +1

Stamina refilled: 11/11

'I should check and see' Ray thought of the main screen and immediately the light blue screen appeared.

Name: Ray

Race: Beast

Level: 2(0/200)

Evolution crystal: (3/10)

Health: 20/20

Stamina: 11/11

Mana: 7/7






Free attribute point(s):[2]

Skill(s): [Power punch]

Free skill(s) point:[1]

[Power punch] level 1: when activated makes the first punch of the user 10% stronger than his normal punch. stamina cost: 3

Ray glanced at the screen, 7 more evolution crystals to go, and then maybe I can be stronger, Ray remembered the dragon he saw in that cave.

"I wonder how many evolution that dragon has gone through?", I still have more attribute points but that would be later and maybe I can upgrade my power punch to level 2 with my skills point.

"Finally, things are falling in place" Ray smiled, and he turned to leave the room but something caught his eye, one of the stones on the wall was not in place, Ray moved closer to the stone.

"Maybe it is a secret door," Ray said excitedly, Ray pushed the stone inside, and immediately a loud sound echoed throughout the room like some chain reaction was going on.

More cracking sound was made as Ray looked around the room, then the door locked with a loud banging sound, "shit" Ray shouted as he ran and tried to open the door but it was shut.

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Beast Evolution Chapter 5 5 Leveling Up