Beast Evolution
Chapter 3 3 New Skills

"No one says I'm not allowed to fight dirty," Ray said inwardly.

The goblin was now in front of ray, Ray's heart beat loudly in his chest, if anyone was near him he could swear that they would hear it.

The goblin attacked Ray but before the goblin could swing its sword Ray threw the sand into the eyes of the goblin and rushed toward it to attack it.

The goblin was thrown off balance because of the sand that was in his eyes, when he regained his sight Ray was already in his front and hit the goblin's head with the stone.

The goblin fell down and the swords fell off his hands, "Yea victory is mine" I knew I could do it, "huh!" Ray said as the goblin he thought he killed was standing up with blood trickling down its head.

The goblin's movements were staggered as it picked one of his swords, " I can do this, I just need to land another hit and it is all over".

The goblin attacked Ray and he dodged the attack, 'Woah! I am quite fast' Ray thought, he dodge another of the goblin's attacks but the stone he was holding onto fell to the ground.

The goblin attacked him more and more as it starts to regain his strength, Ray could only dodge, there was no way he could run, the goblin lifted his sword to cut Ray, and Ray dodged and fell to the ground causing the sword to get stuck in a tree.

The goblin struggled to get the sword out of the tree, Ray looked at the goblin and stood up, he immediately punched it in the face, and the goblin fell to the ground, Ray was surprised to see that his punch had some effect, "Maybe the goblin is weaker than me after all".

The goblin stood up only to be punched right in the face by Ray again, this time when the goblin fell down Ray rushed it on the ground and punched it till he confirmed that it stopped moving.

A heavy sigh escaped Ray's lips as he fell down, he felt like all his stamina had been drained off, he was tired from all the punching he was doing.

A dinging sound pierced Ray's mind and the blue screen appeared before him and Ray smiled at what he saw.

(You've earned 10 Exp for defeating ordinary goblin)

Experience (10/100)

Quest Completed

Reward: 20 Experience and New Skills (Power punch)

Experience (30/100)

'Hmm! What is power punch' Ray thought, how do I even bring the main screen out, as soon as Ray thought of the main screen in his mind the blue screen appeared

Name: Ray

Race: Beast

Level: 1(30/100)

Evolution crystal: (0/10)

Health: 10/10

Stamina: 3/5

Mana: 5/5






Free attribute point(s):[3]

Skill(s): [Power punch]

Free skill(s) point:[0]

[Power punch] level 1: when activated makes the first punch of the user 10% stronger than his normal punch. stamina cost: 3

This skill is somehow nice but 3 stamina is too big considering the maximum stamina I have at my disposal is 5, and just the punches that I gave that goblin consumed 2 stamina.

I will have to rest up before I can continue exploring this place, just then Ray looked over at the goblin and discovered that it was disintegrating, Ray moved away from it quickly and watched what was happening.

When the body of the goblin was gone only a green shiny looking crystal remained, Ray picked it up and looked at it, the light blue screen appeared again.

Ordinary goblin crystal

+1 to evolution if absorbed

"So this is how I will evolve by feeding on other beast evolution crystals, at least I know with this I can be a little stronger". 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

Ray didn't think twice as he swallow the crystal, it went down well like it was some sort of supplement, "this is great I thought it would be difficult".

"Argh!" a sharp pain engulfed Ray's entire body as he fell to the ground, it felt like all his body was on fire and a metal bat was hitting his head.

Almost a minute had passed and Ray felt like he was going to die, gradually the pain began to subside and his breathing became stable once again and Ray opened his eyes, "I knew something like this was not going to be easy" Ray said as he stood up.

Ordinary goblin crystal absorbed

Evolution crystal: (1/10)

Stamina +1

Stamina refilled: 6/6

Ray was happy at what he saw, "so if I keep this up by the time I evolve my stamina would be at 15," nice I should look for another ordinary goblin to defeat.

"I still have 3 free attribute points" so what should I improve ray said inwardly, "I should improve my strength first so I would be stronger", no no I have made this mistake once when playing a video game battling online, I improved only my strength and ended up slower than the last boss.

"So I should improve both strength and agility then later I would focus on the remaining," Ray concluded and improved his strength and agility.

The blue screen appeared

Strength: [3+1]

Agility: [5+2]

I should focus on finding out more about this world Ray said as he continued moving forward.

Ray walked for almost 20 minutes before he discovered an old building more like a castle the door was locked, 'Why does this look familiar?' Ray thought I feel like I have seen this building somewhere, Ray walked towards the building and tried to open the door.


Ray struggled to open the door but the door was stuck, why does everything seems so hard around here, Ray sat at the edge of the door and sighed.


The sound of the door opening made Ray jump up and moved back from the door, the door opened fully and a portal was opened right in front of the door.

"What is that!" it looks like a portal but to where.


Ray was getting drawn towards the portal with full force, he tried to run but was lifted off his feet and the portal sucked him in.


He landed with a thud as his body felt like it was dropped from a skyscraper, "Argh!" I hate this Ray shouted then he looked around himself and noticed his surrounding.

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Beast Evolution Chapter 3 3 New Skills