Beast Evolution
Chapter 14 14 First Evolution: Demi Beast

Ray sat down and rested his back on the wall as he heard the last system prompt,

Quest completed

Wolves: Defeat a pack of wolves

Reward: 100 Exp 1 Ap

Experience (430/500)

Name: Ray

Race: Beast

Level: 4(430/500)

Evolution crystal: (10/10)

Health: 20/40

Stamina: 6/21

Mana: 11/11






Free attribute point(s):[0]

Skill(s): [Power punch] [Inspect][Night vision]

Free skill(s) point:[0]

Weapon: Blood spear

Weapon skill(s):[Ownership] [Blood swap] [Blood rage]

"Still haven't leveled up", Ray sighed, his body was screaming in pain due to the attacks of the wolves. He took off the top he was wearing, the back had been torn and blood stained the cloth.

"How will I regain my health?" Ray was thinking, he stood up and continued on the path, he walked slowly because of his injuries. He remembered that he had a skills that trade HP but had to be low on HP first.

"System how do I exit this dungeon to the real world".

[Defeat a dungeon boss to exit dungeon]

"Shit, why didn't you tell me? I missed my chance to kill a low level dungeon boss" Ray sighed.

Ray kept walking till he reached a large room, "this must be where the wolves are staying", Ray saw swords on the ground. "When did wolves start using swords?" Ray said clearly surprised.

He saw a door on the other side and opened it, "what!" to Ray's surprise, goblins and wolves were fighting each other, the battle was intense but the wolves were clearly stronger than the goblins.

The wolves were killing the goblins easily, but the goblins were much in numbers, Ray saw a large rock by the side of the door and hid there watching the battle.

"what should I do" Ray muttered to himself, *thud* a goblin hit the wall near Ray, the goblin wasn't dead as it stood up and saw Ray.


The goblin's neck was slashed by Ray and it fell to the ground.

(You've earned 10 Exp for defeating goblin)

Experience (440/500)

Ray dragged the body of the goblin close to him, "this is how am going to level up", Ray looked at the battle, there were only a few wolves left, 3 to be precise but the goblins were still 20 in number.

Ray watched what was going to happen from where he was, the goblins charged toward the wolves but were slaughtered one after the other, two of the wolves were killed leaving only one wolf and two goblins.


A spear pierced the body of the wolf, the goblins were shocked and looked up to see a beast flying with a spear in its hands or so they saw.

Let's rewind a bit

"Shit all the wolves and goblins are almost dead, I need 60 Exp to level up and evolve" Ray muttered as he watched the battle, when the battle was almost over Ray found his chance.

He threw his spear towards the last wolf and it pierced it, using the rock Ray jumped towards the wolf to land the finishing blow, "increase" Ray said as he slashed off the head of the wolf, Ray also lost his balance and fell to the ground.

(You've earned 40 Exp for defeating ice wolf)

Ray ignored the prompt as he stood up and looked at the two goblins, (tuy%&$#) the goblins spoke to them self but ray didn't understand what they were saying.


Two of the goblins charge toward Ray, Ray's movements were slightly slow but he could still defeat both goblins.

(You've earned 10 Exp for defeating goblin)

(You've earned 10 Exp for defeating goblin)

Experience (500/500)

Leveling up

+1 to all attribute

+10 to health

+4 to mana

+4 to stamina

+1 Ap(Attribute point)

+1 Sp(Skills point)

(You've reached level 5)

(Evolution crystals (10/10)

(Opening up evolution path)

(processing information....)


(Two evolution paths detected)

(Demi beast)

(Full beast)

Choose Evolution path

1- Demi beast: Ability and skills of both human and beast.

All Attribute +10

2- Full beast: Full ability and skills of a beast.

All Attribute +20

"Both of the options are tempting," Ray said, I should go with demi, so I can blend into human town I don't want to spend the rest of my life in the forest.

"Demi-beast" Ray said inwardly.

(it would take one minute to finish evolution)

A white light appeared and it covered his body like a cocoon. Ray felt warm energy cover him. it felt comfortable contrary to his convulsing muscles and injuries. He didn't feel pain at all.

After about a minute Ray heard the system prompt.


(Evolution complete)

Demi beast: A very rare species of beast, only a few high level beasts achieve this. Powerful and verse in all fighting styles including magic.


(Level +5)

(All attributes increased by 10)

(Health increased by 50)

(Stamina increased by 25)

(You've received 5 free attribute points)

(You've received 2 free skills points)


(Each level up add +5 to all attribute)

(You've learned the beast language)

(All skills leveled up!)


(Traits detected)

Alloy body

Mana manipulation

Extraordinary body

You can pick only one of the traits

Ray read the notifications one by one. The increase in his stats and power was great. The increase in his attribute at every level was also higher. Also, all of his skills leveled up.

Then he looked at the traits, he pondered while looking at the three traits. He could only choose one of the three.

(Alloy body) This was focused on the defensive ability of his body.

(Mana manipulation) This was the ability to manipulate mana to perform magic

(Extraordinary body) This was focused on his strength and recovery rate

All three traits were great but sadly he could only choose one, in the end, he chose mana manipulation because Ray wanted to see what magic was like.

(Mana manipulation)

Mana +15

Ray felt his strength increase and his injuries healed, then he quickly opened his stats.

Name: Ray

Race: Demi beast

Level: 10(0/5000)

Evolution crystal: (0/500)

Health: 100/100

Stamina: 50/50

Mana: 30/30






Free attribute point(s):[6]

Skill(s): [Power punch] [Inspect][Night vision]

Free skill(s) point:[3]

Weapon: Blood spear

Weapon skill(s):[Ownership] [Blood swap] [Blood rage]

Ray looked at his stats with a satisfied expression. This will do for now, he picked the mana manipulation because he knew his attribute would increase by leveling up but he would not get another chance to learn magic.

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Beast Evolution Chapter 14 14 First Evolution: Demi Beast