As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 58 - Give the Sixth Prince An Explanation

Chapter 58: Give the Sixth Prince An Explanation

Andrew pretended to be confused.

The Sixth Prince’s face instantly twisted.

He didn’t want to bother with Andrew anymore, so he dragged Old Bowen up.

“Explain to our Pope!”

Old Bowen, who had someone supporting him, was not afraid. He immediately added fuel to the fire and told him the truth about last night.

After Old Bowen finished speaking, Andrew nodded. “And then?”

“You!” the Sixth Prince almost had a heart attack when he heard Andrew’s words.

He did not put on a fa?ade and said coldly, “I need an explanation.”

Andrew was expressionless. He turned around and walked towards the church. Because of the Sixth Prince, he had not done his daily morning pray.

He only left a simple sentence for to the Sixth Prince.

“When the Cardinal Monn arrives, I will naturally give you an explanation.”

When the Sixth Prince heard this, he almost fainted from anger.

They had said so much, and in the end, they only received such a sentence?

Finally, it was nine o’clock.

The figures of Monn and Ace appeared at the entrance of the Holy Cathedral.

The Sixth Prince saw the two of them, he started laughing and snorted. “This cardinal is too arrogant. You dare to make me wait until nine o’clock!”

Although he was pissed, he couldn’t care less now that he had finally met her highness the Saintess.

He hurriedly put on a dog-licking smile and said, “Greetings, your highness, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You have become even more beautiful.”

Without even looking at him, Ace followed Monn’s footsteps and walked straight into the church.

The smile on the Sixth Prince’s face froze, but it was a small problem for him, he had long been used to it.

But the cardinal just now really made his blood boiled.

The Saintess Ace, who had always been distant to others, was actually so close to him and was even talking and laughing along the way.

Thinking of Andrew’s previous words, the Sixth Prince’s face instantly darkened.

“That cardinal, stop right there!”

Monn, who had walked into the church, heard a noisy voice but ignored it.

His task today was to use the black mud on the two-headed wolf yesterday to find the mastermind behind the werewolves’ infiltration. He did not have time to care about anything else.

It just so happened that Andrew prayed late, so he saw Monn and Saintess Ace walk in.

Just as he was about to speak, the Sixth Prince ran in, panting heavily.

Andrew shrugged and said to Monn, “The Sixth Prince wants an explanation. You can handle it.”

Monn raised his eyebrows. “Is this also today’s work?”

Andrew was slightly stunned.

He was still not used to the word ‘work’.

After a second, he nodded slightly.

Monn nodded, indicating that he understood.

Then, he turned around and looked at the Sixth Prince, who was holding his knees and panting.

When the Sixth Prince saw the cardinal looking over, he thought that Pope Andrew had spoken to him.

He straightened his body and looked at Monn who was walking over, with a smug look in his eyes.

So what if you are a Holy Rank powerhouse? In order not to offend our royal family, the Orthodox Church still used you to appease my anger.

He was pleased with himself and was about to ask the little cardinal to kneel down and kowtow to him to apologize.

Otherwise, he would not forgive the cardinal.

Oh, and told him to stay away from Saintess Ace.

As he was thinking about this scene, the Sixth Prince nodded in satisfaction.

Suddenly, a feeling of weightlessness came from the bottom of his feet.

He looked down and for some reason, his entire body suddenly floated in the air.

Old Bowen and the guards around him seemed to have seen something terrible, their faces filled with fear.

The next moment, he felt his world suddenly turn upside down.

His entire body flew out of the church.

The last thing he saw was the red-robed cardinal clapping his hands, his face filled with disgust.

“Alright, the work is done.”

Monn turned his head and calmly reported to Andrew.

Andrew’s eyes twitched. He never thought that Monn would deal with the problem in such way.

But it had to be said that this was probably the simplest and most efficient method.

But Ace secretly smiled. In fact, she had wanted to do this for a long time.

But because of her identity, she had been enduring it.

Today, Monn’s action could be considered to have helped her vent her anger.

At the door, Old Bowen’s face was filled with fear.

He was not only afraid that Monn would have the guts to throw the Sixth Prince out.

He was even more afraid that something would happen to the sixth prince. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

If the sixth prince were to be injured, the servants would be in trouble when they returned.

He pointed at Monn shakily. “You, you, you!!”

The piercing voice made Monn turn around.

He saw the trembling Old Bowen and the other guards.

Monn came to a realization. “I forgot about you guys. Shall I give you a ride too?”

The guards immediately waved their hands in panic and hurriedly ran out of the church.

Old Bowen looked at the surroundings that had been emptied in an instant and was so angry that he almost jumped up.

Then, he grabbed his long robe that was sweeping the floor and hurriedly ran out.

On the ground, only Smith, who had been carried in, was left lying on the stretcher.

When Monn looked at him, he only revealed a pair of frightened eyes. At the same time, he was sobbing, not knowing what to say.

In the next moment, a perfect arc suddenly appeared in the church.

Smith, who was covered in bandages, flew out together with the stretcher.

They accurately hit the Sixth Prince, who was bleeding from his nose and had just gotten up from the ground.

With a scream, Bowen and the others fell into a panic again.

In the church, after all the unrelated people were ‘chased’ out.

Monn and the other two finally got down to business.

“You said that you found the black mud that hasn’t been used yet last night?”

Andrew’s expression was serious.

Monn nodded and said calmly, “When Saintess Ace uses this black mud to find the holy weapon carried by the werewolves, the matter of the farmland will be settled.”

“Alright, I’ll leave this matter to you. Some scouts of the kingdom have discovered that there are many werewolves in the Suva Mountain range east of Saint Servant. The food issue must be resolved as soon as possible!”

After a while, Monn and Ace took black mud and walked out of the Holy Cathedral.

Behind them were the Sixth Prince and the others.

It was as if they wanted to pierce Monn with their resentful gazes.

But Monn did not feel anything.

He controlled the holy power to float the black mud in the air.

With such a heavy smell, it was impossible for Monn to hold it in his arms.

“Ace, I’ll leave it to you.”

Ace nodded and resisted the stench to activate the tracking spell.

Affected by the spell, the black mud floating in the air seemed to be given life.

It struggled gently, as if it wanted to escape Monn’s control.

But no matter how hard it tried, it could not move at all.

Feeling the control of the holy power, the black mud made a slight struggle.

Monn decisively withdrew the holy power,

He let the black mud fall to the ground.

The black mud fell to the ground like a jelly.

It bounced back and forth on the ground.

It swayed slightly twice, as if it was confirming the direction.

Then it jumped toward the center of the city.

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 58 - Give the Sixth Prince An Explanation