As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 51 - Holy Artifact

Chapter 51: Holy Artifact

Monn clucked his tongue, thinking about how troublesome it was.

He looked at the sky and saw that it was getting late.

He looked at John and said calmly, “Don’t waste time.”

Without waiting for John to say anything, the bearded uncle jumped down from the beam and put his arm around John’s shoulder. He said cheerfully, “Cardinal Monn, you must have made a mistake.”

“John came from the same village as me. I know how he is the best!”

“Besides, John is just an ordinary person. That farmland was obviously done by a cultivator. It can’t be John’s.”

The bearded man patted his chest and promised.

Hearing that, John nodded his head. His eyes were proud as he pretended to be innocent and said, “Cardinal Monn, I really am a–”

Boom! !

Before he could say the word ‘good man’, John was instantly kicked aside by Monn.

The wall that had just been built was smashed into pieces.

The bearded uncle standing next to Monn had a terrified expression on his face.

Just a moment ago, he had even placed his hand on John’s shoulder!

The other villagers retreated in fear, afraid that Monn would suddenly attack them.

They even thought that Monn was crazy!

Could it be that he wanted to use them as collateral for his performance? !

“Cough cough!”

Just as the air was about to calm down.

A cough was heard in the rubble.

“It’s John!”

Someone could not help but shout. He looked at Monn with some lingering fear.

In the rubble, a hand covered in gray fur stretched out.

He exerted some force, and his entire body was pulled out of the rubble.

His body had also changed greatly. Other than his head, his entire body had turned into a werewolf.

The dark green eyes looked at Monn with fear.

With his amethyst rank strength, if he had not undergone the werewolf transformation during that attack, his entire body would have been destroyed!

Saint rank!

Absolute saint rank strength!

Moreover, he was very high in the saint rank stage!


This was his only thought at this moment!


The bearded man’s voice rang out in disbelief.

John, who was contemplating his escape route, looked over and his dark eyes instantly lit up.

His face also started turning into a wolf. The wolf stuck out its tongue and grinned, “Thank you, uncle.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the wolf charged rapidly towards the bearded man.

The moment the bearded man called out to him, John thought of using him to threaten Monn.

As he watched the bearded man get closer and closer, his beastly eyes became brighter and brighter.

Just as he was about to succeed, a hand suddenly crossed his path.

That hand seemed to have an unstoppable momentum as it gently waved toward him.

John was stunned for a moment, and then he wanted to laugh.

He thought that something would happen, but in the end, this was it?

In the next moment, John could not laugh anymore, because he realized that his lower body had suddenly appeared in front of him.

Monn withdrew his hand and dispersed the power of the dimensional slash.

Did someone just try to take a hostage in front of a saint-level elite?

Monn was somewhat confused.

He took out his broken watch and saw that there were still a few seconds left before work ended, so he said to the villagers, “I’m about to get off work. I’ll have to trouble you to transport this werewolf’s corpse to the Holy Church.”

After he finished speaking, he did not wait for the villagers to reply and directly disappeared from the spot.

The villagers were left looking at each other in dismay.

“We… seem to have wronged Cardinal Monn…”

After a long while, someone said weakly.

He sat on the ground and was forcefully hammered to the ground by the whiskers, who had nearly peed in fear from the scene just now.

In his heart, he had the regret of seeing the wrong person.

“I’ll go and send this werewolf’s corpse to the church. At the same time, I’ll thank Cardinal Monn for saving my life!”

Everyone looked at it and said, “We’ll go too!”

Thus, everyone rushed to the church with gratitude towards Monn.

Unfortunately, Monn had already left work.

After work, Monn would not go to the church.

The next day, in the Holy Church.

Andrew looked at Monn, strolling over.

Helplessness flashed through his heart.

“Pope Andrew, I’ll report the work situation yesterday.”

Andrew waved his hand and said helplessly, “There’s no need. The villagers from yesterday have already explained the situation in detail.”

The things that they accomplished at the Holy Church, however, he had yet to hear from the others.

Andrew really didn’t see this coming. .

Monn said calmly, “Oh, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go out first.”

“Wait a moment!”


Andrew said unhappily, “There’s still business to be done!”


Andrew took a deep breath. If this continued, he was afraid that Monn would make him sick.

He slowed down and said, “Last night, the Holy Church found very useful information on the remnant soul of that werewolf.”


For a moment, Monn wondered if he had heard wrong.

“Soul search?”

Monn said in an uncertain tone.

Andrew said with certainty, “Yes!”

Monn was silent for a moment, and then he said with suspicion, “Are you sure that you joined the Orthodox Church and not some demonic church?”

Andrew didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing that. “Of course you joined the Holy Church!”

“Then this soul search is…”

Andrew waved his hand and said very righteously, “Soul search is just a means to an end. it depends on who’s using it!”

Monn: “…”

Why did it sound like a robber theory?

“In short, don’t worry about soul searching.”

Andrew said seriously.

Then his face became serious, “According to the information, there are probably no less than 50 werewolves in Saint Selvan City.”

“Once this power all erupt at the same time, it will be very troublesome for us.”

“Moreover, they also have a holy weapon that can seal the life force. Only with it, the crops in the city will grow again.”

Munn nodded. “Well, then?”

He looked like he was going to continue.

Andrew’s stern aura was immediately deflated. He said casually, “Then I have already sent the paladins to go door-to-door to investigate. If we encounter any difficult people, we will need you to take action.”

“I’ll take action during office hours,” answered Monn calmly

Office hours…

Hearing this phrase, Andrew’s expression became very complicated.

He sighed and said, “The pope heard about this and sent the Saintess to assist in the work. She’s expected to arrive in the afternoon. You should expect her then.”


After joining the Holy Church for so many years, this was the first time he had heard of such thing as a Saintess.

Monn had no objection and agreed.

Anyway, during office hours, he’ll listen to the orders.

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 51 - Holy Artifact