As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 49 - Multiple Concerns

Chapter 49: Multiple Concerns

Saint-Servant, the Holy Church.

Andrew stood under the golden statue with his hands on his chest, eyes closed and his expression devout.

He prayed every night as routine.

Suddenly, an archbishop ran in in panic.

He shouted at the same time, “Not good, your Holiness! The entire Monster Forest is suddenly covered by a group of bats, I’m afraid a vampire has descended! !”

Hearing the words ‘vampire’, Andrew, who was praying devoutly, instantly opened his eyes.

He immediately activated his own Holy Power to sense. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

“This aura!” Andrew’s pupils shrank, and he exclaimed, “It’s that crazy woman, Miranda!”

After learning about the owner of the aura, Andrew immediately activated his Holy Power and flew towards the direction of the Monster Forest.

Monn and Lucius might not be able to block it!

Andrew was secretly anxious!

He wanted to fly to the Monster Forest immediately.

Suddenly, Andrew, who was flying, paused for a moment and stopped in the air.

His expression gradually became strange.

In his perception, Monn’s aura suddenly rose, and then, Miranda’s aura instantly disappeared completely.

It was as if it was erased by something.

Andrew stood where he was and carefully sensed for a while.

In the next moment, Andrew’s expression became even stranger.

“This Munn, why did he suddenly come to the city?”

Andrew was puzzled and began to fly in the direction where Munn’s aura had appeared.

Saint Selvan, market.

When Andrew arrived near Monn.

He saw him standing in front of a vegetable stall with a few green vegetables in his hands, arguing with the stall owner.

“Boss, the price is not right. Yesterday it was five shillings. Why Is it ten shillings today?”

Monn stared at the owner with an unfriendly expression, as if he was punishing the illegal shop owner.

The stall owner smiled bitterly, “Cardinal, I didn’t want it either.”

“A few days ago, I don’t know why, but almost all the crops have rotted by seventy percent.”

“The grain supply is almost insufficient now.”

“The market demand can’t keep up, so the price will naturally rise.”

The stall owner explained.

Hearing this, Monn reluctantly handed over ten shillings.

Beside him, Andrew saw Monn’s expression and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Monn looked over hearing the laughter. When he saw Andrew, he said calmly, “Long time no see, Pope Andrew.”

Andrew coughed lightly, “Long time no see, Cardinal Monn.”

After greeting him, Monn turned around and was about to leave.

Andrew hurriedly stopped Monn, “Cardinal Monn, can you tell me what exactly happened in the Monster Forest?”

Monn glanced at Andrew and said calmly, “Yes.”

Andrew nodded and his expression became serious.

Then, he heard Monn say, “I will go to the conference room to report in detail about the related matters in the Monster Forest after I go to work tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, Pope Andrew.”

After Monn bowed, he carried a handful of vegetables and walked past Andrew, heading straight home.

Andrew was stunned, not knowing what expression to make.

The next day.

Lucius also brought the Knights back to Saint-Servant.

He settled the Knights and then went to the Holy Church and explained the specific situation yesterday to Andrew.

After listening to the whole process, Andrew was so shocked that he could not close his mouth.

Although he thought that Monn’s strength was not simple, he did not expect that Monn actually had a divine level Spell that could not be mastered by at Saint level.

Moreover, from Lucius’description, that slash that could tear space apart could not help but remind him of the strange saint level aura that had suddenly appeared in the Suva Mountain Range.

At this moment, Andrew was very sure that the strange saint level before was definitely Monn.

Thinking of the stone platform and the corpse of the saint level Werewolves, Andrew felt that it was not strange that Monn killed the Vampire Count Miranda in an instant.

Although Andrew suddenly felt relieved, the others still could not believe it.

The usual unremarkable Monn was actually a hidden big shot?

This made them unable to accept it for a moment.

Everyone was clearly Cardinals, why were you so outstanding?

At nine o’clock in the morning, Monn arrived at the Holy Church on time.

As soon as he arrived, Monn noticed that something was wrong with the Holy Church today.

Why did everyone look at him strangely?

Although Monn was puzzled, he did not think too much about it.

He still had to go to the meeting room to report on his work.

When he arrived at the meeting room, Monn became felt even more strange.

The cardinals, who usually ignored him, greeted him one after another, with flattering smiles on their faces that could be seen at a glance by a discerning person.

Feinar stood in a corner and tried his best not to look at Monn, afraid of being noticed.

“Sigh, it’s all my fault for being too impulsive back then! How could meng en be the kind of person who doesn’t do anything!”

Feinar was regretful in his heart. The most important thing was why no one had told him about Meng en being so strong?

Andrew saw the cautious crowd after Meng en arrived and smiled silently.

“Monn, everyone knows about your achievements. I believe that the Pope will be very pleased when he knows about it. Maybe you’ll get a promotion in your position.”

Monn replied with an ‘oh’and asked, “Is there a bonus?”

Andrew was suddenly choked by Monn’s words. He did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, “I can try to apply to the Pope.”

Monn nodded. It was fine as long as there was a bonus. If there was a salary increase for the position, he could consider it.

While discussions went on about Monn’s strength at the Holy Church.

West of the continent, the Vampire Territory.

Prince Robert’s residence.

The cold, shriveled corpse of a female human was suddenly thrown out.

In the study, Robert was dressed in a black and red noble’s gown. He held a crystal goblet in his hand.

Fresh and rich blood was shaking.

On the table was a wooden bucket filled with freshly extracted human blood.

Robert tasted the blood and closed his eyes to enjoy it for a while. He asked, “Is Miranda still not back yet?”

Beside him, the vampire maid lowered her head and said respectfully, “Not yet, Your Highness.”

At this moment, a bat covered in blood flew in from outside the window.

It landed on Robert’s shoulder and let out a few soft cries.

In the next moment, Robert’s calm and pale face instantly turned ferocious. The crystal cup in his hand was also thrown to the ground.

It turned into blood-stained shards.

“What a waste!” Robert roared.

Seeing that her Master was angry, the vampire maid hurriedly knelt on the ground with her entire body trembling.

The bat standing on Robert’s shoulder suddenly let out a miserable cry. Then, out of nowhere, a faint black flame burned it until there was not even a residue left.

After calming down a little, Robert returned to his gentlemanly appearance and ordered, “Go and check on the more powerful Cardinal of the Zhengyi Sect.”

The vampire maid knelt on the ground and replied, “Yes, Your Highness!”

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 49 - Multiple Concerns