Chapter 29: Re-establish Military Discipline

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These late knights had already been scared out of their wits by Meng En’s cold-blooded killing.

Now, Troy’s voice was like a life-saving straw to them!

For a moment, they couldn’t even tell the meaning behind Troy’s words!

People followed one after another!

Troy frowned.

But he still chose 100 of the knights who raised their hands first.

These 100 people stood behind him submissively.

Troy was silent.

From today on, he would be the sharpest knife in red robe Meng En’s hands!

Troy would not show any mercy to these 100 cowards under his command!

On the high platform of the military parade.

Meng En’s expression was still calm.

As long as there were still people below the stage who had not been chosen to leave.

He would continue to kill!

Only in this way could everyone remember.

The consequences of disobeying orders!

Only in this way could an invincible army be trained!

Once again, Philip brought up a knight who was late.

With an expressionless face, Meng En was about to swing his sword and chop down!

“Ref robe Meng en! I want to follow you! I am willing to charge at the front!”

A voice sounded from the periphery again.

Mon stopped the sword in his hand and looked up.


From the time Meng En called everyone to the school yard.

Two hours have already passed.

On the parade stand, forty or fifty miserable-looking heads were quietly piling up.

Below the stage, 5,000 late riders.

With the exception of the dead, they’ve all been assigned to the 49 teams. 𝒾𝐧𝚗𝙧𝙚𝐚d. 𝗰o𝓶

The captains of these 49 squads.

They were all brave people who had voluntarily stepped forward and were willing to follow Meng En to charge at the forefront!

Among them, there were ordinary knights like Addison whose strength was only at gray-iron level.

There were also knights like Troy who were at mithril level.

There were even close to 10 black-gold knights!

They were originally the small commanders of the paladins. The number of knights under their command was much more than 100.

However, at this moment, they gave up their rights without hesitation.

Then, they saved these late knights from Meng En!

Meng En appointed all 49 brave men as the captains of the new iron-blood knights!

Under Meng En’s order, 5,000 iron-blood knights stood in front of the parade platform in a neat line.

The remaining 25,000 paladins stood on both sides of the parade platform.

“Today, I killed more than 40 people

“Each of them has family, parents, and children

“The pension for these people will be paid according to the highest standard

“In the next week, I will teach you everything I can so that you will survive and kill the enemy on the battlefield

“And I only have one request for you

“That is, you must obey my orders

“From now on, anyone who disobeys my orders will no longer be killed

“Instead, they will all be executed

“Please rest assured that the pensions for those who are executed will still be paid according to the highest standards. However, I hope that your families will not receive this pension

“In a while, someone will give you 50 pounds each to settle down

“At noon, your meals will also be the most sumptuous meal

“After the meal, everyone will have two hours of free time

“At two o’clock in the afternoon, the drill ground will gather on time. Those who are late will all be executed!”

Meng En looked at everyone below the stage and asked calmly.

“Do you understand?”


The unified voices were deafening!

Meng En nodded and said.


After that, he called Philip, his deputy, Toan, and the 49 captains of the new iron-blood knights.

They came to a tent not far away from the parade stand.

Sitting at the head seat, Meng En asked the guards to bring a bench.

“Everyone, please take a seat.”

Looking at the solemn and respectful gazes of the crowd, Meng En sighed slightly.

If it wasn’t necessary, he really had no interest in killing people.

He was even less interested in sitting here and talking about battle formations and military tactics with these people.

He wasn’t an expert in those things either. He only knew a little about them.

However, if Meng En didn’t do this, many, many people would die in the times following!

In fact, he might even die himself!

A bad nest cannot keep the eggs unscathed.

Of course, Meng En understood this principle.

“Everyone, your have the strength

“In a one-on-one fight, even the werewolves and vampires of the same level are not your match

“That’s because all of you have cultivated spells that can cause tremendous damage to the Dark Creatures. You also have mithril swords and spears in your hands

“But to be fair, if it were a large-scale war, would you be able to defeat those fearless werewolves and vampires?”

After Meng En finished asking, everyone in the tent, including Philip, fell silent.

These people were truly brave.

They were also a group of people with real brains.

They might have already seen through the shortcomings of the paladins.

But they were helpless.

Because this was not something that could be changed in a short period of time!

Any change in the army, even if it was just a small matter like adding an egg to the lunch menu,

Wuld still meet resistance from all sides!

Some knights would not understand, some commanders would not be willing...

Not to mention a major matter like re-establishing discipline that would be difficult even in the afterlife?

Meng En sighed, his heart heavy.

Who knows when the werewolves would attack.

Time was tight.

If he could not complete the reorganization of the paladins in a short amount of time.

Then Meng En would have to think about running away!

In any case, the [9-to-5 clock system ] only required Meng En to work hard.

The specific work unit was not important.

After recalling the battle formations and military tactics, Meng En’s final thought was to re-establish the army’s discipline.


The paladin soldiers were not ordinary soldiers.

The weakest among them had gray iron strength!

While carrying out orders and training.

As long as discipline was captured.

Their operational limits were much higher, and their endurance was much higher!

“Next, all the knights will have to set a fixed time every day!”

“I will take out a schedule, and everyone will have to strictly follow it.”

“The daily training will also have to be doubled. For this matter, I need commander Philip and Toan to work out together with me.”

“Yes! Red robe Meng En!”

Philip and Toan stood up and bowed solemnly.

Monn nodded and looked at the other 49 bravehearts as he spoke.

“As for the new iron-blood knights, the training tasks will be doubled. This includes all of you!”

“Is there a problem?”


Everyone stood up at the same time and replied loudly!

They also understood that they would have a higher chance of surviving on the battlefield if they were to be stricter with themselves during normal times!

“Hmm, I will give you all the power to kill your subordinates in the following time.”

“As long as there’s a legitimate reason, I won’t forbid you to kill!”

A faint killing intent flashed across Meng En’s eyes.

“The threat of werewolves is very close at hand. We don’t have much time!”

“If these knights can’t understand their mission in a short time, let them remember the taste of fresh blood.”

“As for the battle formation... I will bring it to you two days later.”

“I hope that by then you all can show me a different iron-blood knight regiment!”

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