Chapter 23: Please Pay Me Double Overtime Salary

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Andrew handed Quiniel directly to the Judicial Department a day ago.

Then, he took Prince Burton and Balo to the Secret Chamber of the Holy Church for a meeting.

The content of the meeting was the possibility that the werewolves would invade the Kingdom of Kate, of course.

Monn had somewhat guessed about that.

Previously, Andrew had already gathered them and told them about that matter.

Another matter of the Pope’s parade being brought forward other than the werewolves’ possible invasion.

He had gathered everyone for a meeting again that day. So it must be about that matter.

Monn discovered that other than Quiniel, the other two cardinals had also arrived when he arrived at the Holy Church.

“Good morning, Monn.”

Previously, those bishops and archbishops were indifferent towards Monn because Monn did not have a strong sense of presence, and he did not go out to fight with everyone.

But since Monn had angrily attacked Prince Burton, Quiniel, and even received the support of Andrew the day before.

The attitude of the other two cardinals and the other bishops and archbishops within the Orthodox Church towards Monn had changed greatly!

The most obvious result was that they would no longer ignore the existence of Monn!

For example, the person who greeted Monn warmly was a cardinal!

His name was Lille, and he was powerful. He was usually responsible for hunting dark creatures and so on.

“Good morning, Cardinal Lille!”

Monn smiled and nodded as he greeted Lille in return.

Andrew and Balo walked out from behind after they waited for a while in the Holy Church.

The two of them chatted in the secret room for an entire night!

Of course, Andrew himself was a Holy Rank, so it didn’t matter even if he didn’t sleep or rest for a few days.

But Balo was an ordinary person.

Balo looked a little tired at that moment.

However, his eyes were still shining brightly.

“Monn, Lille, Rolt, you are here.” inn𝘳e𝑎𝘥. co𝐦

Andrew greeted the few of them in a deep voice and then waved his hand.

“Let’s go. Let’s talk inside.”

Andrew took the lead and walked towards the meeting room after saying that.

Andrew sat down at the main seat in the meeting room, followed by Balo, and the cardinals sat opposite the two of them.

“Last night, we’ve decided on a few things after a secret discussion between Mr. Balo and me. I’ll talk to everyone about it so that everyone can be mentally prepared.”

The few strongest people in the Orthodox Church’s St. Selvan Cathedral, other than Vernal, who went to the temple to report the news were all there.

Andrew paused for a moment and continued.

“First, it’s about the werewolves that might invade the Kingdom of Kate.”

“Seventy to eighty years ago, there was an invasion by the werewolves and the bloodsuckers. That invasion was called the Dark Calamity.”

“The Orthodox Church suffered countless casualties in the Dark Calamity. The werewolves and the bloodsuckers suffered great losses, too.”

“This time, a werewolf expert who was advancing to the Holy Rank was discovered in a place so close to the capital city, St. Servant City. We have reason to believe that this is a sign that the werewolves are about to make a comeback.”

“Therefore, after discussing with teacher Balo, we have decided that the capital and the Orthodox Church will put on an alert from today onwards.”

“The responsibilities on the shoulders of the three cardinals will be heavy from now on.”

“Lille, you have been in charge of hunting dark creatures in the past. This time, all the people in the Judicial Department will be under your command.”

“You must ensure that when the werewolves make their move, you’ll be able to obtain the latest information on time! It would be the best if you can find out the werewolf’s lair!”

“The god has sent his decree. Orthodox Church will protect the country!”

Lille stood up and placed his hands on his chest, solemnly shouting a motto of the Orthodox Church.

Andrew nodded his head in satisfaction and looked at the other cardinal.

“Rolt, you were the leader of the Holy Choir before you became a cardinal. This is an emergency. I will gather all the Holy Choir Knights in the church and let you lead them. You must ensure that the Holy Choir can appear in any corner of the battlefield at the beginning of the war!”

“Yes! Your Holiness!”

Rolt’s expression was solemn. He placed his hands on his chest and bowed solemnly.

“The god has sent his decree. Orthodox Church will protect the country!”

“Finally, Monn.”

Andrew looked at Monn with a smile of praise in his eyes.

“Monn, although no one has known about your strength for the past two years, that kick yesterday surprised me a little!”

“This time, all the Holy Knights from the branch churches will rush over. Perhaps the other two Holy Knights from the main churches will also rush over to support in an emergency!”

“Monn, these Holy Knights will be under your command from now on!”

“You must ensure that there will be warriors from the Holy Knights wherever there are dark creatures!”

“Yes, Your Holiness!”

Monn placed his hands on his chest and replied solemnly.

He had to work seriously, since he treated the cardinal as a job.

Monn would not run away from the invasion of these dark creatures with the salary of the Orthodox Church.

Moreover, wasn’t there a reward for killing the dark creatures?

Monn had been worrying about why the werewolves, vampires, and other dark creatures did not attack during his working hours.

Now, there was a chance!

However, that was still a job after all.

Monn stood up and looked at Andrew with an indifferent expression.

“Your Holiness, I will do my best to resist the dark creatures, but if they attack outside of normal working hours, I will need double overtime pay!”


Andrew frowned.

“Overtime pay?”

“That’s right, from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon is my normal working hours. My salary of 37 pounds per week is only enough for me to work hard during normal working hours.”

“Logically speaking, it should be my private time outside of this time. No one can take it away from me.”

“But since dark creatures are attacking, I will not stand idly by as a cardinal.”

“So, I demand double overtime pay outside of normal working hours!”


Andrew’s eyes revealed his thoughts.

Of course, the Orthodox Church did not lack such a small amount of money.

In fact, the Orthodox Church and the Kingdom of Kate were existences of the same level.

Every year, the number of gold pounds they received from the Kingdom of Kate because they killed the dark creatures was not a small amount!

A little overtime pay was nothing in Andrew’s eyes.

What he hesitated was that no one had ever made such a request before!

Wasn’t fighting the dark creatures a job of the cardinal of the Orthodox Church?

Did such a job require overtime pay?

However, Andrew remembered how Monn was before that when he thought of the kick the day before.

In the end, he still nodded.

“Sure, I’ll give you double overtime pay outside of normal working hours!”

“Not just you, all the warriors of the Orthodox Church who participated in this war will receive double overtime pay!”

Balo pondered for a moment and suddenly spoke.

“The royal family will bear the cost!”

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