Chapter 18: Quiniel Felt the Malice of the World

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What Monn said was indeed true!

Even from Barlow’s point of view, Prince Burton, this idiot, was also not worthy of a grand welcome!

If King Aldrich came, then no matter how grand the welcome ceremony was, it would not be too much!

That was the wise monarch known as the “Luck of the Kate Kingdom” and the “Iron Thorn King”!

The well-deserved soul of this kingdom!

But what the hell was Prince Burton?

To use the truest and most impartial evaluation, he was only worthy of the word “Stupid”!

For such a fool, why did you, Quiniel, have the welcome ceremony?

This time, Burton originally knew that everyone was here for official matters.

So, he didn’t even bring his “trusted aides”!

In the end, this idiot, Quiniel, actually once again instigated Prince Burton’s addiction to face and ostentation!

Therefore, even from Barlow’s point of view, he was very dissatisfied with Quiniel!

And it was precisely because of this that when Monn said Quiniel should be beaten up, Barlow’s eyes revealed a trace of solemnity.

He realized that the calm cardinal in front of him, who was neither servile nor overbearing, had some substance!

At least, he was not a boor or an idiot!

Ignoring Quiniel’s ashen face, Andrew looked at Monn with admiration.

Then, he said calmly.

“Today’s matter really shouldn’t have developed into such a situation.”

“However, for his own selfish desires, Cardinal Quiniel actually deceived Prince Burton and humiliated Monn, who was also a cardinal

“This is unforgivable!”

“From today onwards, the position of cardinal will be removed and handed over to the Judicial Department for trial!”

As he spoke, Andrew looked in the direction of Barlow and Prince Burton.

He continued to speak loudly!

“Prince Burton is the Luck of the Kingdom of Kate. He is the younger brother of the Great Iron Thorn King Aldrich. His dignity can not be offended!”

“Quiniel deceived Prince Burton and caused a rift between the cardinal and Prince Burton!”

“After the trial at Judicial Department, Quiniel will be handed over to the royal family for handling with full authority.”

After saying that, Andrew looked at Quiniel who was like a walking corpse with a blank expression and snorted coldly.

Then he walked towards Barlow.

“Teacher Barlow, Prince Burton, are you satisfied with this outcome?”

Prince Burton raised his eyebrows and was about to step forward and say something.


Suddenly, Barlow let out a cold snort from the side, directly scaring him back!

One had to know that even his older brother was respectful to this old man!

Although Burton was stupid, he could still barely distinguish between those who could be provoked and those who could not!

Prince Burton did not speak, and Barlow took two steps forward.

“Of course I’m satisfied!”

“Quiniel lied to Prince Burton, disregarded the dignity of the royal family, and even insulted his colleagues. The is unforgivable!”

“The dignity of the royal family can not be lightly insulted! But on account that Cardinal Monn is also a victim, the royal family has decided not to pursue the matter anymore!”

“All the responsibility lies with Quiniel”

“The royal family, would like to thank Pope Andrew for enforcing the law impartially!”

Andrew smiled gently, but there was no hint of a smile in his eyes!

“It is my duty as the Pope! The royal family’s deep understanding of righteousness is engraved in the hearts of the Orthodox Church!”

“In that case, I would like to invite Prince Burton and Teacher Barlow to the Holy Church. I have something important to discuss with both of you!”

“Alright, Pope!”

Barlow and Andrew were like two old foxes. They looked at each other and smiled without saying anything!

Then, the bishops and archbishops behind them were all dumbfounded!

What was going on?

Wasn’t Pope Andrew here to punish Cardinal Monn?

In the end, why did he put all the blame on the Cardinal Quiniel?

Could there be some hidden reason behind this?

An archbishop said mysteriously.

“I didn’t expect this outcome in the end!”

“l guess Pope Andrew must have known about this long ago!”

“Cardinal Quiniel must have acted on his own accord and didn’t tell Cardinal Monn that he was coming to welcome Prince Burton!”

“Then, when he went over to stop Cardinal Monn, he deliberately provoked him!”

“That made Cardinal Monn angry, and in the end, he vented his anger on Prince Burton!”

When the other bishop heard his words, he suddenly understood!

“That’s right! It must be so!”

“Usually, cardinal Monn is quite a kind person!”

“He doesn’t even beat the dark creatures, so why would he attack the guard in front of the palace so recklessly?”

“It must be Cardinal Quiniel who instigated it!”

“When Cardinal Monn and Cardinal Quiniel were talking just now, we didn’t hear what they said in detail!”

“It must be that Cardinal Quiniel smeared the royal family, Prince Burton, and even insulted Cardinal Monn!”

“That’s why Cardinal Monn lost his mind!”

A priest also joined the discussion.

“I think what the two of you said makes a lot of sense!”

“This Cardinal Quiniel seems to be a villain!”

“I wonder what kind of deep hatred he has with Cardinal Monn that he would do such a thing!”

“If it wasn’t for Pope Andrew’s keen observation, he would have exposed the conspiracy of Cardinal Quiniel!”

“I’m afraid even we would have been kept in the dark!”

These three people analyzed for a moment, and suddenly, the others couldn’t hold it in any longer.

No one wanted to admit that they were an idiot!

Thus, they slowly revealed the “truth”, one after another!

In everyone’s perspective, Quiniel had a personal grudge with Cardinal Monn, so he didn’t even inform Cardinal Monn about Prince Burton’s arrival!

Moreover, he deliberately chose this small path as the place to welcome Prince Burton!

Moreover, the time also happened to be the time when Cardinal Monn got off work!

In fact, everyone knew that Cardinal Monn had always got off work on time!

Quiniel took advantage of this and led Prince Burton and the others to block the Cardinal Monn on his way home from work!

Then, when he met the Cardinal Monn, he went forward and repeatedly said bad things about Prince Burton, slandering him!

In the end, Cardinal Monn vented his anger on Prince Burton!

So, at the end of the day, this was a conspiracy meticulously planned by Cardinal Quiniel!

The aim was to make the royal family bear a grudge against Cardinal Monn!

To stir up the conflict between the royal family and Cardinal Monn!

“Cardinal Quiniel has evil intention!”

“That’s right,?it’s too dark in his hearts!”

“Pope Andrew is observant! Wise and Mighty!”

“Cardinal Monn is too innocent!”

While the bishops and archbishops were discussing fervently, one of the bishops appeared to be out of place.

He looked at the calm Monn with a blank expression.

He was the bishop who had reminded Monn this morning and asked Monn if he wanted to rehearse the welcoming ceremony with them.

At this moment, in the midst of everyone’s discussion, he felt that his worldview had been shattered!

That’s not right!

I had clearly told Cardinal Monn this morning that Prince Burton was coming!

He said that he would not attend!

How could it be that Quiniel deliberately did not inform him!

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