Chapter 16: The Conflict between the Church and the Kingdom

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He sighed in his heart, but the problem still had to be solved.

Andrew took his God’s scepter and put the thorn garland on his head.

He walked out of the Holy Church and headed to where everyone was.

At this time, the few people on the path were still confronting each other.

But the more they confronted each other, the more panicked they felt except for Monn!

After all, the man in front of him was a man who had seriously injured a black gold-rank with a kick and then healed him with a healing spell!

If such a person were to lose his temper, at least 80% of the people present, if not all, would be seriously injured.

After waiting for a few minutes, even the foolish Prince Burton started to feel panic!

“You... yes, it’s you! Go and take a look again. Why hasn’t Pope Andrew arrived yet?”

The last bit of dignity that he had as a prince made it impossible for Burton to just leave!

If that was the case, his older brother who was known as “The Luck of the Kate Kingdom” and “The Iron Thorn King” would probably rip his head off!

The dignity of the royal family could not be humiliated!

This was the only belief that could make Burton, who was filled with fear, persist in not running away on the spot!


“What happened?”

Andrew’s voice came from not far away!

Prince Burton suddenly felt a huge weight lifted off his heart!

He looked at Monn provocatively, and then met Monn’s cold eyes!

Prince Burton shrunk his neck and subconsciously turned his eyes away!

Then, his heart was once again filled with sense of incompetence and fury!

‘Just you wait... a little cardinal actually dares to treat me like this!’

‘Just you wait, just you wait!’

When Andrew, dressed in a white robe with golden edges, slowly approached from the end of the path, Burton immediately stood up from the carriage!

Then, he pointed at Andrew’s nose and cursed!

“Andrew, what kind of subordinate you have?!”

“I only asked him to come over to pay his respect, but he directly beat up my guards in front of the palace until they were seriously injured!”

“Andrew, you have to give me an explanation for this matter!”

“Otherwise, HMPH HMPH...”

After Burton shouted, he looked in the direction of Monn, his eyes filled with provocation!

It was as if he was saying, “I in fact can’t handle you, but now the person who can handle you has finally arrived!”

“I’ll see how you can still jump!”

Then, Burton heard Andrew’s faint voice.

“Prince Burton, otherwise, what will happen?”


Burton turned his head with a blank look and looked at Andrew who seemed to have a cold look in his eyes.

Straightaway he was stunned!

Otherwise, what would happen...

How the hell would he know?

Otherwise, he would only to return to his teacher and get beaten up by his own brother!


When others threatened people, didn’t they usually say in this manner ?

Burton felt that he was very innocent!

When he usually bullied men and women outside, he also said the same!

For example:

“I am Prince Burton. Send your sister to my bedroom tonight, or else, HMPH!”

“Apologize to me immediately, or else, HMPH!”

Just now, he merely said it subconsciously.


Why didn’t Pope Andrew react accordingly?

Didn’t everyone else nod their heads and agree to anything he said?

Looking at Prince Burton who was at a loss, Andrew cursed in his heart disdainfully.


Then, he still looked at Burton quietly and asked faintly.

“Prince Burton, you haven’t answered me. Otherwise, what would happen?”

“... You, you, you... It’s his fault. He should apologize to me... otherwise, uh...”

Burton stammered and didn’t know what to say.

He had never encountered such a thing!

In the past, the people he bullied were mostly commoners.

Under the leadership of his elder brother’s trusted aides who were proficient in “bullying”, such a situation had never happened before!

But today, because he had to go to the Orthodox Church, the King did not let him take the “trusted aides” with him!

Burton really wanted to cry. He wanted to ask his trusted aides what he should do under such circumstances. 𝚒𝓃𝘯𝙧𝚎𝗮𝚍. 𝒄𝐨𝓂

If his trusted aides were present, they would probably curse!

We brought you here to bully people. We had always targeted commoners who had no power or influence!

You’re doing great this time!

You’re directly bullying the head of the Orthodox Church!

What was the Orthodox Church? It’s the only true God church in the Kingdom of Kate!

That Pope was a true God, who could make you vanish into thin air just by looking at you!

Was the Orthodox Church something we could provoke?

However, his trusted aides were not here...

Burton turned his gaze to his subordinates in the team. Almost everyone lowered their heads when Burton’s gaze passed by!

Finally, an old man sighed softly and walked out of the team.

“Pope Andrew, long time no see!”

“Teacher Barlow, long time no see!”

When he saw the old man come out, Andrew did not show any surprise on his face.

Obviously, he had seen this person a long time ago.

The reason why he was interrogating Prince Burton was because he wanted him to stand up and solve it!

On his way, Andrew had already figured it out

One side was an outstanding subordinate, and the other was a prince whom he could not beat or scold even with his status.

It was not good to offend either one!

This matter could only be handled by the person whom King Aldrich had secretly sent to talk to him!

Letting him handle it was the best way to handle the matter!

When Barlow stood up, this matter was no longer a matter between Prince Monn and Prince Burton.

Instead, it was a direct dialogue between the Orthodox Church and the Kate Kingdom!

Some matters were easier to resolve by turning a big matter into a small one, but there were also some matters that were easier to handle by turning from small to big!

“Pope Andrew, this matter is indeed something we did wrong.”

The identity of the person whom Andrew called “Teacher Barlow” was not simple!

Strictly speaking, this person could be called the emperor’s teacher!

He was the teacher of King Aldrich when he was young.

During the process of Aldrich seizing the throne, he had contributed significantly and played a very important role!

Now, in that strict palace, there were only two people who could make Aldrich lower his head and show the courtesy of a junior!

One was the Blade Saint Errol, and the other was the emperor teacher in front of him, Barlow!

Being able to be trusted by Aldrich, Barlow’s mind was naturally very flexible!

After all, this was the Orthodox Church’s home ground.

As long as it didn’t possess absolute logic, then there was nothing much to say. Apologizing wasn’t something that couldn’t be accepted.

And he had witnessed the conflict between Burton and Monn...

There was no logic from either party.

In Barlow’s opinion, that foolish palace guard, Will, should be directly dragged out to feed the dogs!

If you were to be tough, then be tough to the end!

At that time, once Monn killed him, then the final solution to this matter would definitely be Monn apologizing!

Unless he betrayed the Orthodox Church!

However, after being saved by Monn’s healing spell, he actually kneeled in front of Monn like a dog and begged bitterly.

He really deserved to die!

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