Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 8 Triplets on Mission

8 Triplets on Mission

They both actually finish drinking the bottle of wine and she also finish her food. They didn't stand up to leave but they stayed there both of them reminiscing their one night stand in New York. He bit his lower lips, when he had kiss and suck her skin on every part of her body.

He showered her fair skin with hickeys and everything that they shared back then wasn't a quickie. It was the whole night of fucking and if he just find out who she is, he would've take her back to his bed again no matter how much it cost.

Her phone is ringing another ring tone different from her ring tone few nights ago and she answer it. She type on her tablet after hanging up and he look down on to see the white Lexus in front of the restaurant.

"Who is he?" He look at him.

"None of your business." He look at her coldly but it seemed that they are both stubborn. She pick up her tablet and put her phone on her purse. He stood and corner her on her seat as he lean down.

"You are now my fiancée, so your business is my business now. Who's that man?" He asked coldly.

For others, they are already intimidated and shudders in fear. But she never even blink at him. To his surprise, she pull his tie and kisses his lips. The she pushes him and stood.

He wrapped his arms around waist and kisses her more passionately. It takes at least thirty seconds for him to let her go.

"You little troublemaker, don't forget that I am your fiancé." She patted his chest and pushed him.

She was so annoyed on her fiancé. That's right. She was going to get married. It seemed that her father sold her off. She was so annoyed and mostly Marga almost throw a tantrum that she couldn't have him. But since it makes Marga and her step-mother annoyed, she has no choice but to play along and just marry the man.

He's not that bad after all. He got complete eight packs of abdominal and she can still see it through since he look so fit and lean. Marga couldn't have a man like that body. And not just that, he's good in every aspects of certain thing. It was a great sex for her first time and his size down there wasn't the one to be bully.

Whiskey open the passenger door for her Lexus and he drove the car to Elite bar. Since the three of them are having meeting on Elite bar, they use the secured door. They also have a special underground parking lot and the exclusive parking was secured.

She went to the special room. It is a big room like a suite that is only for the owner of the Elite. She owns Elite with her brothers but she was the one who built it, with her sidekicks as well. Beside of it, it is the only meeting room where the three of them could talk about their business. She doesn't really talk. She has to encode for her to communicate.

"Our stocks on the Country Z had lost 10 percent than our usual income every night." Ethan analyze as he saw the reports from one of their trusted agents that managed the Branch of Elite Bar at Country Z.

She was after all the founder of Elite Bar since the lawyer of her deceased mother had turn over her own money at the age of 18. His father would never thought that she would be the founder of a prestigious Elite bar. Investors came from her agents who are working for their secret organization. The three of them are the founder of it as well because their mother had arranged few millions for her sons.

"Let's make a new gimmick then, exclusive in Country Z. Has a big opening and then we will bring it all around our branches."

Elite bar was expanding. Not just a simple bar. It also became a club and KTV. They will expand to the next City. Advertisement isn't very much a problem since their IT and also the family's hacker Enzo will just spread it around the internet in the country. Then he will next do it on the Country Z. Even if their father would throw all the shares to their step-mother and half-sister, they wouldn't become poor.

They have after all a lot of resources that will give them wealth more than 100 lifetime. They are expanding quickly and they choose their investor wisely. Everything are confidential and none of the interested investors had met the real founders behind it.

It take them 3 years to build Elite bar and three of them are still young at the age of 21. She was in a big training and her skills in shooting is like already on her veins. It took just a day when she mustered to be a sharp shooter. Her first handling of gun wasn't bad after all.

"What gimmick?" Ethan asked. He was good at managing and in PR but his brother was more of creativity. She was both since they all share the same blood and they are all together before they were even born.

"Gigolos are off limits." She type. Then a light bulb switch on their minds.

"F-ck! You are right!" She smack her forehead for announcing it. It seemed the off-limits will be a good choice. "We will of course choose them wisely… how about that?" Enzo asked excitedly and started encoding on his laptop.

"Go." She said it. "Elite Red Room." She said next.

"I am so much in love with my siblings right now." Ethan told. "You are right. We won't just sell drinks and the entrance but we could employ males that badly needed money."

"HIV, AIDs, Syphilis and STD?" She asked typing.

"The customers or gigolos?"


"We aren't that bad, right? We aren't going to spread something like that so we will use double protection." Enzo told.

"Well, we will open up an Elite Red Room exclusive only inside the Elite Bar. We will make it a little underground secret. And instead of gigolo--we'll use the word Escort."

She drink on her tea since she's prohibited of hard drinks. Lots of things keep flowing on her mind. They will at least expand the Elite Bar at the moment. They have to get a certain land and that land that she has been eyeing after she killed the gang recently.

So, after even killing them because they kidnapped her trusted man, she was efficient and told Whiskey to get the land. She texted Whiskey and Brandy.

Big Boss: I want the land that Snake owns. In an hour.

Her subjects are probably stressing out right now.

At the same moment, Jason Olivarez a.k.a Whiskey was having fun with women clinging on him. Totally prostitutes that can get in the Elite Bar. One was pleasuring him with a mouth down there while the other one was rubbing her head. There are at least three of them and he was on the VIP room. He was near and after he was finish while the woman wipe off her mouth his phone chimes and it was the sound of his boss's settled ringtone.

Big Boss: I want the land that Snake owns. In an hour.

"F-ck!" He almost stood from his seat.

"Babe what's wrong?"

He give each of them five thousand each and tell them to enjoy the VIP room as he left the room and almost bump into some tycoon. He notice him and he immediately apologize and left to do what his boss had demanded. They have been bidding on that land and he make a deal that now. He fix himself and Mark Aguilar A.K.A Brandy was on the crowd as well with Elite girls.

They both left and took their motorbikes. They won't waste a single thing and they contacted their people to ready millions of money for the bidding.

And at that moment back on Elite Bar at VIP 4.

Gabby was working while drinking. He couldn't sleep and he stayed there. He saw the man before that pick her up and had peek on the room, three women. He was still bothered. She isn't screwing with him, right?

It was a big bothersome. Damn that woman. He was working a lot right now so he could have a lot more time before he get married. He will totally take a week off for their honeymoon and make love to her all day and night.

He bit his lower lip. It is already 12 in the midnight and then his assistant call. He already dismiss him and now he is calling. He answer it immediately because it was surely an emergency.

"Boss, just now. The bidder called. The land was now sold."

"How is that supposed to happen?" He scowl.

"I asked the buyer but they keep their mouth shut. It seemed that they are not the one to mess up. He said not to ask further or even investigate. The buyer isn't the one to be mentioned."

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 8 Triplets on Mission