Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 111 Proud Parents

111 Proud Parents

i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

Ethan waits for the big pain that he will receive but when he lifted up his head, he saw that the four by four car that was about to hit them has been hit by another four by four. The person in the four by four got out. The man approach the driver of the white four by four that was going to hit them.

"Baby," He call and scoop her face. "Are you okay?" She nods and look down at the wet dress that she's wearing.

"Our rascals are coming out." She said.

A woman knock on the door and the driver rolls it down. It's Sabrina. Gabriel with his body guards was trying to make the person inside the car come out.

"Brina, babies are coming!" He panics. Then she get in the passenger seat and the driver drove to the hospital that is only 500 meters away.

Soon she's in the delivery room. Ethan was pacing back and forth and hesitating if he should get in or not. He didn't want to see her get hurt or suffer but he impregnate her so its still his responsibility. He got in and put the headdress and other stuffs that's needed. He kisses her and since she said she wants to deliver in a normal way—he was supportive yet he still feel nervous.

Outside the delivery room, Enzo was waiting patiently while playing Mobile Legends on his phone. Sabrina was tapping on her phone giving instructions to her agents. Gabriel was on his phone telling his people not to let the man who tried to kill Ethan and Aria together with their babies off.

Someone is indeed trying to break up the two. Good thing that Sabrina was a supportive and protective woman. She's calculative and always in action. After what seemed like four hours, Enzo had fallen asleep on the bench, Sabrina is sitting on Gabriel's lap and like a child she's sleeping in his arms.

Gabriel had thought to himself, what if Sabrina is in that condition? After all of the fuzz and the nervousness—inside the delivery room, it will be a beautiful feeling for the couple. To be a real parents.

Enzo had woken up and rubbed his eyes. The first thing he saw was an eyesore. Sabrina and Gabriel looking too intimate and sweet with each other. He almost snort and check his phone. He get lonely when Catriona's face appear. Damn, he almost forgot her face. He keep missing her and his heart is not beating anymore like it was beating for her to breath but not beating to give him a real life.

His heart will never be in the same euphoria without Catriona around. His heart is like a living dead.

The door from the delivery room opens and the doctor came out. The nurse led them to the private room and they all went there. They saw Aria lying on the bed, she look exhausted and happy. She had the twins in both hand. A boy and a girl.

Enzo's heart melted and suddenly his undead heart came alive.

"Can I? Can I?" He asked excitedly.

"Of course." Ethan took the boy and let Enzo hold it. Sabrina is looking down at the adorable baby girl that's yawning.

Her heart just can't take it. She wanted babies and those twins are so adorable.

"What's their names?" Enzo asked.

"That's Ezekiel James Alvarez." Ethan said. "And this little princess will be named after our mom. Anastasia."

Sabrina smile and the little girl's small hand capture Sabrina's forefinger when she's about to touch the little princess's tummy.

"They are wonderful." Gabriel said. Then his phone rings. "I have to take this."

Gabriel left the private room and his body guards are standing outside. He then talk to Aria's doctor that there will be only two nurses that could get in and the attending doctor. It will be his way to protect his niece and nephew.

"Who is he?" he ask them and they gave him an ID. Then a police came and they gave the footage to the police. Soon the police are investigating it.

Sabrina and Enzo came out and said that Aria has to feed the twin.

"So what's up with the accident a while ago?" Enzo asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"It's just some random man but I am looking to it." Gabriel said. "Brina and I are leaving, how about you?"

"I'll stay for a while." Enzo patted Brina. "Sis, are you still mad at me?"

"No. Why would I be mad at you?"

"Please, just tell me once." He pleaded.

"Catriona is fine. She's with Tequila. Okay? Tequila wouldn't let anything happened to her." Sabrina didn't talk further about the man who almost killed Catriona and the team. The man who was once part of EPUA and became their enemy is now working with the enemy. If she tell this to Enzo, Enzo will be crazily worried over his lover.

"Okay." He turn back.

"Enzo." She call him. He turn back to her. "They can't get married until their contracts are void." She told him. "I hope you understand that part." He nodded.

Gabriel drove their car back to their house. Sabrina change into her sleeping clothes and crawl to him. She shove her face on his bare chests and wrapped her legs on him like a koala.

"You want babies?" Sabrina asked him.

"I want them. But I haven't doted you enough. I promise you that you'll have your revenge first before babies." He kisses her top head. "We can always make babies. Focus on your plan first. I'll just stay behind you and protect your back anytime."

"Thank you, Hubby." She said sincerely with shinning eyes. He smile and patted her head dotingly.

"Anything for my wife. I will always be here for you whatever happens." He kisses her forehead. "Sleep now, my koala. We'll see the twins later."


Soon, Sabrina fall asleep in his arms. Gabriel never thought that Sabrina had predicted something that is going to happen a while ago. He thought that she was just a little paranoid because when she had fallen asleep after they came back from visiting Ethan and Aria, she woke up from her sleep and was panting before they receive a call from Ethan that the babies are coming out soon.

He and Sabrina catch up Ethan's car and it seemed like the four by four has been waiting at the subdivision. Like he knows that Aria is going to give birth. Is there someone inside the house spying on the couple? Or do they have a spy living in the house?

Suddenly her phone chimes and he reach it. From the notification, there's a name Alanis on it.

"You found my gift dear?"

Gabriel's face darkens. This bastard is still texting his wife and he doesn't like it. Then another message came from him.

"I am sure that you'll love it than your diamond ring."

Gabriel remain calm and put the phone away.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 111 Proud Parents