Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 110 Babies are coming!

110 Babies are coming!

Ethan was resting on the sofa while his wife is preparing something for him to drink. He called many times for her not to do it but she insists.

"Love, just come sit here." He pat the sofa. He took the tray from her and put it on the coffee table. She slowly sat down with sigh. Her stomach is so big and he notice that her feet are a little swollen so he told her to lay down. He help her and he start massaging her feet. "If you keep this up I will get mad." ๐š’๐“ƒ๐˜ฏ๐™ง๐šŽ๐—ฎ๐š. ๐’„๐จ๐“‚


"Look. Your feet are swollen and you look so tired carrying the twinsโ€”you know that I am worried sick about you." He started lecturing her. She yawns.


"You keep saying that but you are always stubborn. I don't know what to do with you."

Aria was guilty. Really guilty for being stubborn. She just couldn't take it. She want to serve him but it turns out that she is the one who's making a big problem.

"I'll just slack off then."

"Do that." He sipped on the tea that she prepare and it give him warmth. She had fallen asleep quickly from his massage and he watch as she sleep. "Aria, you stubborn woman. You make me really worried." He bend down and kisses her big stomach."

She suddenly woke up and he saw from her stomach that there's a little bump. She gasped and look at it too.

"Did the baby just kick?"

"Both of them seemed to kick after the other one." She said and smile. He kisses her stomach again and there's another kick.

The happiness from both of them are priceless. They both giggles and Ethan's tiredness and stress from works seemed like washed out after seeing the baby kicks. He even put his palm on her stomach gently and feel the babies moving. Ethan move to her side and kneel beside her. He kisses her lips and wait for the baby to kick again.

"These rascals are surely active."

"Just like you." She told him. He laugh sexily and kiss her nose then her lips hard.

"If I wasn't active there won't be twins coming in this world." He told her sexily. She put her palm on his face and pinch it lightly.

"You work hard, Ethan." He chuckle and hold her hand on his cheek. "I'm sleepy."

"Let's eat first, okay?"

"I love you, Ethan." She said as her heart ache a little because she love him too much that it hurts. He kisses her palm and put it on his chest where his heart is located.

"Baby doll, I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus."

She giggle and look into his face once again. Then he help her up and led her gently to the kitchen. He always eat and sit close to her so he could feed her. She still eat a lot and looks so healthy. He make sure that everything she ate meets the right nutrition that she and the twins needs. He also help her exercise and maintain her diet.

"Sir," The maid interrupted.

"Mr. and Mrs. Lawson are here."

"Set some plates for them." Ethan said as he make sure that she chew her food carefully.

Sabrina and Gabriel are just back from New York with boxes and paper bags. Aria eyed the blue and pink bags with a branded name for baby products. Her eyes just lit up.

"Can I see that?" she asked Sabrina.

"Sure." Sabrina said and Aria stopped for a while. Did she just speak? Sabrina brought it to her. "I don't know if they are boys or girls so I bought both."

Aria was still surprised. Sabrina's voice was warm, alluring and sound a little hoarse or sexy. Though she sound so sweet, there's still a hint of power from it.

"It's beautiful." She commented though she's half dazed from her voice. She had an extremely beautiful voice and she love hearing it. "Thank you."

"No problem at all. We are just dropping off a few goods and we are going back to our house." Sabrina kisses her brother on the cheeks. "Don't work up, Aria." Ethan laugh and wave her off.

Sabrina and Gabriel just pass by Ethan's house and their valet drove off back to their villa.

"Sabrina just talk, right?"

"Uhuh, she can only talk to people she trust."

"She trust me then?"

"Of course, you once save her life. In exchange, she will protect you and save you as well."

Aria feel lucky that there are people who are willing to protect her. She was happy and contented. She could sleep well that night. While they are preparing for bed, she suddenly feel a little contractions on her back. She ignored it at first but then she felt another contractions and she call him.

"Ethan! Ethan!" she shouts. He immediately come out from the bathroom naked. "I feel the contractions at my back."

Ethan immediately responded and run to the walk in closet and start putting on his clothes. He then call the maids and the driver. He's panicking but still manage to arrange everything. The maids also took the bag that she prepare for her labor and Ethan carried her.

"Hey, careful, okay?"

"It was supposed to be next week."

"Hmm. But I feel like our rascals are too excited."

Ethan carefully place her to the backseat and Ethan called Sabrina and Enzo at the same time from their group message that are connected at each other.

"I think Aria is going to give birth anytime soon." He said.

"Hey chillax bro. We are on our way. Right Brina?"

"I'll follow you guys." Sabrina hang up.

It seemed like Sabrina is up to something. Ethan ignore it and hugged his wife protectively. He even put the pillow beside her on the window shield and for her to lean or if ever she get bump to it.

"Breathe in, breathe out."

The driver is carefully driving but on the normal speed of the car. Aria was wide awake and can feel the babies.

"I am fine." She said and start breathing to relax. "You breathe in and out with me so you can relax as well."

"Baby, I am relaxed." He said. She glare at him. "Okay, I am so nervous right now. Look," he lifts his shaking hand. "My hands are shaking and my heart is pounding." She rolled her eyes.

"I am the one who's going to be taken to the hospital."

They are near the hospital and her water hasn't broke yet. A loud sound of beep alarmed Ethan to turn on his protective instinct, he cover himself, his wife and his babies. A four-by-four car was on its way directly to their car. The driver hit the break and they were blinded by the headlights.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 110 Babies are coming!