Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 109 Extremely Jealous Hubby

109 Extremely Jealous Hubby

Veronica was severely injured and her left thigh was bleeding too much. She pull out a gauze band that they always have with them and wrapped it tightly around her leg. Whiskey move closer to her and wrapped another gauze on her right arm.

Brandy is already inside. Veronica pushes Whiskey and told him to follow inside.

Veronica was now mad for getting scratches. She doesn't want to leave any scar on her since she love wearing bikini and going to beach. She pull out two of her guns and start shooting. Each of them was directly shot on their heads. She carefully chooses the people she's killing.

"Ohh." Brandy hissed like he's the one who's getting killed. "Vicious Lily."

"Wild Lily." Whiskey commented.

Soon, they found where they took the agent. The agent shook his head and Whiskey already know what's going on. The agent twist his foot and pointed few things. It's a real trap. They even uses physics for booby traps.

Whiskey warned Enzo.

"Centaur, we are trapped in a room full of booby trap."

"Roger, I'll do something about that. Police are on their way."

The agent isn't moving, it seems once he move—he'll die.

Veronica went to the room where the boss is. He had lots of body guards with them and it seemed like he's planning to escape using a chopper. She remove the magazines from her gun at the same time using both thumbs and loaded it with the magazines on her belt. She started shooting before they even shower her with bullets.

Each of them has been targeted right in the middle of their brows. Then she left two persons. That would be the big boss of the syndicate and his right hand. The big boss was laughing as he sipped on his Tabaco.

"He's right. Agents from EPUA are all good." The man known as Black Lion said. He was calm and she knows that he had trapped her though she killed his men. She still have four bullet on each of her gun.

She glance at her clock. It's already five in the morning. Tony might have woken up or something. She's busted. She pointed her gun to the Black Lion. He lifted a device.

"Do you know what this is? If I click this—all of the kids and women we have will die instantly and you will die with me."

Sabrina has been detecting the people that they kidnapped. They had been detecting the shipment that they have been transferring to another country. Veronica put down her gun and toss it in front of the man. Like she's surrendering. It was a trap after all. They are all in a trap. Even if the police come here—they will still die.

She can't die right now. Like Catriona said 'at least I wouldn't die a virgin'. She's still a virgin and Tony satisfy her. And her main task wasn't to give away her virginity and enjoy sex with a man but to torture a certain person.

"Giving up too early?"

She didn't blink and watch as Brandy shoot the man's wrist and the device flew to her direction. She caught it like a lightning and Brandy release his tranquilizer bullets toward the two people. Before they know it, they pull the pin and other pins hit them. Both of them fall down on the floor.

Veronica look at the phone. It seemed like its a transmitted device toward the bomb. If the bomb receive the message it will explode. Soon, something explodes on the other side wing of the building.

"Whiskey!" Brandy run to the direction and soon, police came and pick up the two people that they put into sleep.

Veronica followed them and found Whiskey clutching the agent.

She was relieved that they are both fine.

They went back to EPUA and her wounds get treated. It will cost few money to make the cut and the shots are not going to give her a scar. If she didn't scratch it or something but there's a laser thing to remove the scar. She's just going to undergo it.

After she took her prescription. She took the grocery that was brought for her a while ago so that she could make an excuse to Tony. She went back to the unit and found him sitting on the bed with a phone in his hand. He look up at her.

"Where have you been? I've been awake for three hours and you aren't here."

"Grocery." She lifted the bags.

"Three hours of grocery? It's too early for grocery—"

"I have other things to check instead of grocery." She put it in the kitchen and start settling it.

Tony followed her and wrapped his arms around her. She winced a little. He kisses her top head since he's taller than her.

"Anyway—I'll make breakfast you can take a shower. Or if you want—I'll bath you." He mutter.

"No. I can bath myself. You make breakfast."

She went to the bathroom and remove her clothes. She put a silicon cover on her bandages for it not to get wet. Then she take a bath. She locked the room so he wouldn't barge in and see her bandages. She put her office clothes on and dry her hair. Then she got out and found him settling the table. He kiss her lips and smile.

"You smell so enticing as ever."

"Shut up. I'm hungry." He pull a chair for her and look at her oddly before serving her. Tony notice that she locked the room. What is she hiding?

He ignore it for a while and serve his woman. In the house, she is the boss but in the office he was the boss. He kiss her more and sat down to eat with her. Suddenly her phone chimes and she answer it immediately.


Sabrina call Veronica and Veronica answered it.

"What's with your wounds?" She asked her. Veronica was silent on the other line. "Are you with Tony right now?"

"Y-yes." It was the first time that Veronica hear her voice and she was totally shocked. Sabrina doesn't care about their reactions. But she was lazy to type messages.

"Get well soon. You shouldn't have wounds before entering your mission."

"Okay. Thank you."

"And—Tony… don't fall too hard Veronica. Remember the contract."

"I understand." Sabrina hang up and go back to her husband's arms.

"You still jealous over Ignacio?"

"Not just him but to Veronica and Tequila. You just talk to them. I don't want anyone to hear your voice but me." He turn his back to her. She giggle and reach him down there. His buddy there cannot lie.

"Are you still mad at me?" She tease. He groan and turn to her.

"I will hear you moan and scream tonight."

"Ohh, yes you will." She said naughtily.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 109 Extremely Jealous Hubby